Warning Letter to Tenant Regarding Noise


I want to remind you that according to our contract, it was decided that the noise level within the apartment will be kept within tolerable limits and it will not exceed the threshold level set by society management. The purpose of including this clause in the agreement was to provide a peaceful environment to every inhabitant around.

However, I am receiving continuous complaints from your neighbors against you regarding this matter. Many of your neighbors were complaining about your late-night noisy parties. I was told that you play loud music thereby disturbing the peaceful environment of the society. It was the fourth complaint during this month and you have made me worried through your attitude.

My dear, you must know that management of society can impose a heavy fine if your neighbors approach them. Therefore, you had better not disturb the mental peace of your neighbors through your noise. If you cannot control yourself, I advise you to look for another apartment elsewhere in the town and this is the final warning in this regard.

I am making you understand that you are in continuous violation of our rental agreement according to which playing loud music and creating so much noise at late-night parties is strictly prohibited after 11:00 P.m. because management is committed to providing a peaceful and pollution-free environment including noise. Therefore, I thought it necessary to notify you that if I receive any further complaint in this regard, you will be forced to leave my house without any prior notice.

Honestly speaking, I do not want to lose regular rent-paying tenants like you and I hope you will comply with society’s rules and regulations henceforth. Your cooperation will highly be appreciated.



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Subject: Warning to tenant regarding noise

Dear Henry,

I hereby remind you through this letter that you are in continuous violation of our rental agreement which was signed between us on [date]. It was decided in that agreement that the noise limit within your apartment must not exceed the tolerable range of surrounding inhabitants. However, I am noticing that you are not showing compliance with that agreement. I have received many complaints against you from a few of your neighbors regarding your late-night noisy parties coupled with loud music.  

Henry, it is the moral duty of a tenant to respect the peaceful lives of other tenants around him. You know that my apartment is in elite society and its management takes serious notices of those who disturb the lives of their neighbors by means of their disturbing activities. Such breach of terms and conditions is dealt with in a strict manner.

Now, you must assure me that no further complaint in this regard must be received against you. If it continues to happen, I will be forced to issue you an eviction notice. You are therefore warned to understand the sensitivity of the matter and refrain from such activities in the future. If you cannot take control over your habits, arrange another apartment for yourself.

I hope you understand the nature of the problem and will take the necessary steps to reduce the intensity of noise. Moreover, if you have any queries regarding the rules and regulations of this colony, let me know as soon as possible.



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