Unsatisfactory Work Performance Letter


The purpose of writing this letter to you is to give you a final warning about your poor performance regarding the official tasks. You were already under observation due to your consecutive ghastly routine, and it has been concluded that the performance still was unsatisfactory. The company has issued you several warning letters accompanied by verbal warnings as well, but it is probable that you did not pay much heed to any of them.

Being one of the finest firms in the country, we scrutinize the performance of our workers quite firmly to avoid any mishap to the company. We would like to advise you to take this warning letter as a final warning on this topic since afterward we will be left with the only option of dismissal. So, you are supposed to work with thorough zeal and zest and to show a performance that proves your worth for the welfare of the corporation.    

Looking forward to seeing a vivid and most energetic change!


Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



I am supposed to announce with a heavy heart that this letter serves you as a warning letter for we have already given you many verbal warnings which did not prove much fruitful in this regard. We have been working together for a long-time form now but for last some months the company has concerns about your way of dealing.

The orders we place for our company material are not being provided completely. The last time we placed the order of {Mention Details} but received only [X] that is totally unacceptable since we take orders from our clients and ask you to send us material accordingly. But this has now become kind of a routine matter that unfortunately is not going to work anymore.

This has been clearly mentioned in our contract letter that if the company faces such kind of a situation more than once, we preserve the rights of canceling the contract right then and there, claiming our loss from your firm. We are quite sure that this final written warning will make a good difference and we will be on greater terms once again.   

Waiting for a detailed written explanation from you to eradicate this cold phase amongst us.


Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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