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Emergency loan application letter

Emergency Loan Application Letter Samples

#1 Re. Emergency Loan Application Dear Sir, this letter has been inked to request an immediate release of $[X] in my name as a loan that would be paid back in monthly installments. This letter serves as an application letter. An urgent situation has led me to such circumstances. On [DATE], I was encountered with a crime scene in which robbers snatched my phone, laptop, watch, and money from my...

Application for Name and Address Change in Bank

Application for Name and Address Change in Bank

Whenever an individual goes opts for opening a bank account, he is required by law to provide all necessary documentation needed to carry out the account opening process. Apart from other information required by the bank, the major details include your name with the correct spellings, your address, and your contact number. These details along with others must be provided by the applicant to the bank. Once provided the bank...

Leave application letter for death of grandmother

Leave Application Letter for Death of Uncle/Grandmother

1- I am writing this letter to inform you that my uncle passed away last night due to a sudden heart attack. He was a nice person and the news of his death hit me like a bullet. I remained very close to him throughout his entire life. Now I must attend the funeral ceremony of my uncle. Currently, I want nothing but to see my uncle’s face for the...