Emergency Loan Application Letter Samples


Re. Emergency Loan Application

Dear Sir, this letter has been inked to request an immediate release of $[X] in my name as a loan that would be paid back in monthly installments. This letter serves as an application letter. An urgent situation has led me to such circumstances.

On [DATE], I was encountered with a crime scene in which robbers snatched my phone, laptop, watch, and money from my wallet. I reported this incident to the nearby city police services who have started investigating the incident. All my important stuff was snatched in a few seconds. Robbers did not leave anything with value and left me with nothing. The event has soared my financial instability that was caused by the ongoing medical treatment expenditure of my mother.

This letter aims to request a loan through which I would be able to get my everyday expenditure run and buy the important stuff I lost in the robbery.

I shall be greatly thankful to you if you direct the relevant authorities to release the amount of the loan as soon as possible otherwise I will be in the ditch of financial crunch with nothing in my hand. The loan will be paid back in monthly installments plan-2 which is a ten-month plan. If I need to submit any documents for the issuance of the loan, please let me know. I have attached the copy of the First Information Report by the Local Police Authority of [NAME THE CITY] and the installments plan draft for your convenience.

Please respond to me on [EMAIL] or call me at [PHONE]. I am looking forward to your kind response. Thank you.


Emergency loan application letter

Size: 16 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Re. Urgent Loan Application

Dear [NAME],

I am [NAME], the [POST] from the [DEPARTMENT]. I have been working in the [COMPANY] since 20XX. My job provides me ample to get through the financial liabilities of my life. I am a permanent employee of the mentioned firm and have been working there for [X] years. During these years, I have been dedicated and determined to my work. Therefore, my job’s security is higher, and my workplace owns my presence and my work.

This letter aims to apply for the immediate issuance of a loan of $[X] that I need on an urgent basis. I have to repair my house building’s interior and exterior both. My main roof has the problem of leakage, and this is linked with the main walls. This repair has been estimated by the constructor company’s repairer to be repaired by the cost of $[X]. As I have a job and get paid monthly, it is not possible for me to invest once. Therefore, I can repay the loan in monthly installments.

I have enclosed my financial review by the bank of [NAME] and my credit report with the exact credit score. I have also enclosed the report from another lending company with whom I had been a client from [DATE] to [DATE]. Please respond to me on the matter as soon as possible. I can be reached through [PHONE] and [EMAIL]. As the case deals with an emergency loan, I request you to process this promptly. I thank you in anticipation for your kindness.


Emergency loan application letter

Size: 16 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


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