Poor Services Apology Letter


My name is [name] [designation] from [telecom company name]. I am writing to apologize for the inconvenience you faced on [date]. As you know that due to the storm there were very strong gusts of wind and a very heavy downpour of rain which damaged our infrastructure resulting in no signals. The cell phone and internet services were completely shut down and we fully realize that this made a time of crisis more difficult for everyone.

Due to environmental changes and global warming, we cannot ignore the possibility of natural disasters. We can only ensure that we are better prepared for them in the future. This incident has made us see the vulnerabilities in our system and we have already started to work on more resilient backup systems which would kick in if any such incidents happen again.

We are currently working on the cell towers that were downed and as the roads are being cleared of the debris, it is becoming easier to access the destroyed structures and restore them. The services have already been restored fully in some areas and partially in others.

In the end, we would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation. We aim to serve you better in the future.


I am [name] from [parlour name]. I am writing to you in reference to the incident that took place on [date] when you came to our [name] branch to get your hair cut and dyed. We sincerely apologize for all the trouble you faced. You had shown our hairstylist a picture but she couldn’t give you the exact cut and when you informed her that you don’t like the haircut, her response was not polite.

She shouldn’t have argued with you, as we believe that the customer is always right. Rest assured that she has been severely reprimanded as we have zero tolerance for such behavior and all our employees are duly informed about our customer service policy at the time of hiring.

You had come to the salon with an image in your head that you had clearly shown to her. She should have delivered the same. We are extremely sorry that your hair was not cut in your desired style and that you left the salon in a bad mood. We realize that this problem will not end in a day as you would have to wait till your hair grow long enough to be cut again and you would have to live with our stylist’s mistake till then.

Trust me this is an exception and not a norm as we pride ourselves on our customer service and our client’s satisfaction is our main goal. As a token of our regret and goodwill, we are sending you a coupon worth [money]. You can avail of the services equivalent to this amount at any of our salons. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Looking forward to serving you again.

A poor service apology letter is written by the management to apologize for the poor service delivered. These letters are normally written as a response to a complaint made by a customer. Senior personnel or a senior manager is responsible for answering the complaints of their customers by means of such letters. The letter should state any steps taken by the management to deal with the complaint.

An apology letter should:

  • Have a very polite tone
  • Mention some actions taken as a remedy to make the customer feel valued
  • Include a brief description stating the reasons for providing poor service
  • State that the company accepts their mistake and will take measures to not repeat the mistake again


Your anger over poor performance on our service contract seems absolutely justified. If I were in your position, I would have been equally or more upset. We have been in conversation with our staff responsible for providing you with the services. Your objections are genuine and your words are our bond. We will inspect the services each time the service personnel attends to you. We are keeping a close eye on our shortcomings and lack of attention will not be accepted by any service personnel.

I would like to hear your feedback the next time you receive our services. We are determined to rectify our mistakes, making sure they never happen again.

Customer Services Apology Letter


I am [name] from [hotel name] and I am writing to you about the incident that took place on [date]. We understand that you had booked room number [number] in our all-inclusive resort in [location] on [date] but when you reached the resort, you were told that the room you had requested for, is not available. We want to apologize for this mishap. It was a case of double booking due to some software glitch but we highly regret the undue stress and inconvenience you had to face.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service and efficiency of our staff. This incident is very embarrassing for us and we really want to make it up to you. We are sending you a coupon for two days free stay at any of our hotels. This coupon is valid for the next six months and is all-inclusive meaning it covers all three meals and Gymnasium, swimming pool use, and any other in-house facilities available at the branch you choose.

In the end, we would like to convey our regret over this unfortunate mix-up and assure you that you would never face any such issue in the future. Looking forward to serving you again.


I am [title] [name] from [department name] of [bank name]. I am writing to you to apologize for the incident that took place in our [name] branch on [DATE]. You came to collect your checkbook at [time] and you were made to wait for [time] in the end, you were told that your checkbook is not ready. This created a bad taste and led to an argument between you and the manager.

We highly regret this and want to apologize on behalf of the manager and the bank administration. The manager has been severely reprimanded as we do not tolerate such rude and inconsiderate behavior with our valued clients.

We are very sorry that your time was wasted and you were made to wait for so long. Also, we can comprehend the complications that the extended wait for your checkbook must have caused you. Also, we have looked into the problem and are expediting the procedure so that your checkbook is delivered to you ASAP.

Also, the checkbook charges would not be deducted from your account. We want to assure you that you wouldn’t have to face any such issue in the future. We would like to thank you for your patience and your kind patronage.

When a service provider fails to maintain a reasonable standard of service, a service apology letter can be used to express regret over the inability to perform well. The best customer apology letter is one that is received before actual failure or error sets begin. A customer apology letter should:

  • Free of any technical or business jargon
  • The content of the letter should be straightforward
  • Express the feeling of regret over the inconvenience caused due to the issue
  • The letter should indicate that such events are not common and they occur rarely
  • If the letter is sent after the error has occurred, the occurrence should be explained briefly
  • The letter should end with a rectification as a solution to the issue that occurred


We have come to know of an issue faced by you in the last few days. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you faced because of our conduct and poor service.

Customer service is not only our norm but also our highest priority. We regret that we were not able to meet your expectations. We reviewed the situation to analyze the causes of the inconvenience. We would always strive for perfection. So, we have taken steps to rectify this situation and make sure that this situation never happens again.

As a sign of regret and apology, we would want to present you with [discounted prices, upgraded services]. We understand that our customers deserve the best and we deeply value your relationship with our company. Please accept our sincere apology and feel free to discuss any further concerns regarding this issue.

Bad Customer Service Apology Letter

Service industries have to be very keen on the services they offer to their clients. The clients deserve the best service in exchange for the money they pay. Uncertain circumstances can result in poor services being offered to the clients.

Writing an apology as a result of bad service is very important. The best way is to write an apology as soon as you find out that a problem has occurred. Writing an apology letter even the customer didn’t complain can leave a lasting positive effect on the client and for the business.

Explain what the problem was, why did it happen and when did it happen. Try not to make any excuses for the mistake done as it will upset the client further. Include a reassurance that such mistakes will not take place in the future.

Offer some sort of compensation. Be proactive and make sure that the client relationship is maintained. The language of the letter should be short & simple.


I am [name], owner of the restaurant [restaurant name] and I am writing this letter to apologize for the inconvenience you faced at our restaurant on [date]. I understand that you had ordered our special Moroccan Steak in medium rare but when the order arrived it was fully done and you had to send it back and wait for it to be remade. This caused an unnecessary delay and spoiled the experience for you.

We really pride ourselves on our customer service and it is a matter of great concern and humiliation for us that you did not enjoy your dinner. We have investigated the matter and the guilty party has been reprimanded. We want to assure you that you would never face any such thing in the future.

Our customer satisfaction comes before everything else and we believe in giving the customers a memorable and relaxing experience.

As a token of our regret over this incident, we would like to offer you a gift card worth [amount], you can avail this to enjoy a free dinner at our restaurant any time within the next six months. Looking forward to serving you better next time,

Yours sincerely,


I am the owner of the [salon name] and I am writing to apologize for the bad service you received at our parlor on [date]. I have come to know that you wanted your hair to be dyed in a particular shade of Ash Gold but our hair expert could not give you your desired shade. We deeply regret the stress and the inconvenience you faced.

We have discussed the matter in detail with our hair expert and we have figured out why we could not give you the desired shade. We want to invite you back to the parlor and give us one more chance to have a go at it. This time I would be personally present and ensure that you are satisfied. Our customers come first to us and their satisfaction is our goal.

Looking forward to serving you again,

Yours sincerely.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for writing to us and bringing up the matter to our eyes. With sincere regret, we want to tell you that we feel very embarrassed that we were not able to provide you with the service you were looking forward to.

The situation was very uncertain and it is very rare to come through such situations. We have taken your feedback very seriously. You have faced an inconvenience due to our products/services and we would take every step to improve our services. We take full responsibility for our mistake and we would want to make sure that it will not happen again.

We value our customers a lot and we would like to retain you as our customer. Please accept our apology and we would like to thank you for understanding us.


[Manager Name]

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Shipping Delay due to COVID Messages


Dear customer, it is with great regret that we would like to inform you that the shipment for your order ABC1234 has been delayed for 5 working days because of unpredictable COVID circumstances. We apologies for this inconvenience and hope you will bear the delay with us. We, however, assure you that the quality will not be affected because of this. Thank you for your cooperation.


Respected customer, we are extremely sorry to announce that the shipping for your order XYZ098765 has been delayed because of a sudden closure of borders amid COVID. However, we assure you that you will receive it in 14 working days with all the same details you ordered. If you wish to cancel your order, please write an email to [EMAIL] or call us at [X]. We are thankful for your cooperation.


Dear customer, it is with utmost regret we would like to bring it to your attention that your order’s shipment (mention order # here) has been delayed owing to unprecedented COVID circumstances. You will now receive your package within 5 working days. We understand if you want to cancel your order. Please go through our refund and cancel details on our webpage. Nevertheless, we will truly appreciate it if you could wait for 5 days until your package is delivered to your doorstep. Thank you!


Hi Mike, we are sorry to announce that the shipment for your order has been delayed because of covid-19. The new date for your package’s delivery now is [X]. You shall receive it by 12 pm. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope you understand these days are quite unpredictable. Thank you for your cooperation.


Dear Max, we would like to apologize that due to covid-19 restrictions, it will not be possible for us to deliver your package by the due date we gave you. You will receive your order now by [X]. We will appreciate it if you could cooperate with us.


Valued customer, we are informing you with deep regret that due to covid-19 impositions and lockdown, your order’s shipment is likely to be delayed for 5-days. Your new date for delivery is now [X]. Your cooperation would mean a lot to us. Thank you!


Valued customer, owing to uncertain circumstances amid covid, we regret to inform you that your order’s shipment has been delayed. You shall expect your order to be delivered now by [X]. We will appreciate your patience with us. Thank you for understanding.


Dear, on account of the strict measures taken by the authorities in the best interests of the public, the shipments of all orders have been delayed for 7 working days. You will receive your order now on [X]. Should you have any queries or if you wish to cancel your order, please refer to [EMAIL]. We will truly appreciate it if you understand our condition.

Letter to Inform Customer for Late Delivery due to COVID

Being in the services business is not an easy task. You need to be very careful with respect to what kind of finished product you are to deliver to your respected client and also the time is taken for delivery. Delivering on time adds a lot to your reputation. People speak good of you whereas if you deliver late then people do not wish to hire your services. But apart from being late as a matter of routine, there are instances where you cannot help.

In these situations, you need time to reach your respected customer or client. The same is the situation when it comes to pandemic overruling you. In these circumstances not only an individual’s life is disturbed but it affects the whole of mankind. It disrupts the overall economic situation of the world.

Coping with these natural disruptions one still has to move on. Companies tend to work at a lower scale but still manage to earn some livelihood for themselves by serving their customers. In this situation, everything goes online. Whatever you do is performed electronically without you being a reason for spreading the ongoing calamity. Here, companies tend to become more careful of their customer’s needs.

They may offer you products at low prices so that everyone affords to buy them. They take responsibility for delivering you the product in time but if due to some reason things get delayed, it is always good in your interest as well as your clients to inform him of the late delivery. This will certainly not upset him but it would rather may him speak good of you.

Sample letter

TCS Sentiments express
WEST London.

Mr. John
Street 11, House number 4.
Alpine building, West London.

Respected Sir,

You had placed an online order at TCS Sentiments. You had requested for a birthday gift combo package number 2 to be delivered to your place by 24th June 20XX. Unfortunately, due to the current situation of COVID, we won’t be able to deliver the parcel at the said time. You may experience a late delivery of 2 to 3 days as we are currently operating with only a limited number of workers.

Moreover, the delivery people are also not available at large due to COVID 19 Virus. The current situation is not easily manageable and all of us will have to work together and fight against the pandemic and this will surely not be possible without your co-operation.

You are one of our favorite clients with whom we have always had a healthy relationship. It is a request that please wait for your order and excuse us for the delay which will be caused. I hope that you will understand our situation and co-operate with us because at this time all we need is your co-operation and support which will help us better serve our customers.

Take very good care of yourself and everyone around you. Thank you for choosing TCS Sentiments express.


TCS Sentiments express

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Letter Informing Customers of Price Increase

Any business agency or a corporation can write this letter to their clients in order to notify them of the price increase of a relative product, stating the effective date and upraised cost of that product. The customer is given the assurance of not failing the company’s standard and giving the best services on behalf of the team members.

Moreover, evident reasons for upraised costs are justified that may be anything related to the increase of manufacturing goods, product price not meeting the market value, or simply when one organization wants to increase their business.

Sample Letter

[Sender’s name]
[Name of Organization]
[Address of Organization]
[City Zip Code]


[Receiver’s name]
[Residential Address]
[City Zip Code]

Subject: Letter for Increase in Price of the Product

Dear Clients,

It always pleases our company to be a reason to serve you the best of our products and making you satisfied from our services but unfortunately, this letter highlights the notification of our revised policy on price lists of our bestselling product [Product name], effective from the date [Mention date].

Serving our customers has always been delightful and making them happy regains our enthusiasm to serve you our best conduct. This company was established on some ground rules which stated to please and serve the customers with our best abilities but now in order to maintain the past standard the upraise of our product [XYZ] is necessary.

Our company policy states that the appraisal form of a product is revised after [Mention the period] years in order to increase the cost over the time, therefore, changing the price of our product, from [Previous price] to [New price].

Hereby, declaring this policy, we will make sure to not degrade the quality of our product and maintain the high standard already set for our clients. Since the rate of other manufacturing products is increasing and our prices were already far behind the original market value, therefore, the need of increasing the price has drastically invoked. Meanwhile, the service charges are rising, and we have gained a lot of popularity in our clients due to which we have increased our business and hired new professional workers. This allows us to increase our rates for us to compete in the market.

This letter also provides assurance to never compromise over our quality and stick to the motto for our excellent services. Hence as an open notice, we welcome new customers to use this product on a trial basis for [mention days] days until they feel satisfied to purchase our subscription package. This letter is attached with our revised sales list which not only contains the product you have subscribed for, but also the rest of our on-demand products. You can feel free to contact us at our email and phone number [Provide communication details].

Thank you for being a part of [Organization name] family. We look forward to serving you our best products.


[Your name]
[Your Signature]

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