Letter to Inform Customer for Late Delivery due to COVID

Being in the services business is not an easy task. You need to be very careful with respect to what kind of finished product you are to deliver to your respected client and also the time is taken for delivery. Delivering on time adds a lot to your reputation. People speak good of you whereas if you deliver late then people do not wish to hire your services. But apart from being late as a matter of routine, there are instances where you cannot help.

In these situations, you need time to reach your respected customer or client. The same is the situation when it comes to pandemic overruling you. In these circumstances not only an individual’s life is disturbed but it affects the whole of mankind. It disrupts the overall economic situation of the world.

Coping with these natural disruptions one still has to move on. Companies tend to work at a lower scale but still manage to earn some livelihood for themselves by serving their customers. In this situation, everything goes online. Whatever you do is performed electronically without you being a reason for spreading the ongoing calamity. Here, companies tend to become more careful of their customer’s needs.

They may offer you products at low prices so that everyone affords to buy them. They take responsibility for delivering you the product in time but if due to some reason things get delayed, it is always good in your interest as well as your clients to inform him of the late delivery. This will certainly not upset him but it would rather may him speak good of you.

Sample letter

TCS Sentiments express
WEST London.

Mr. John
Street 11, House number 4.
Alpine building, West London.

Respected Sir,

You had placed an online order at TCS Sentiments. You had requested for a birthday gift combo package number 2 to be delivered to your place by 24th June 20XX. Unfortunately, due to the current situation of COVID, we won’t be able to deliver the parcel at the said time. You may experience a late delivery of 2 to 3 days as we are currently operating with only a limited number of workers.

Moreover, the delivery people are also not available at large due to COVID 19 Virus. The current situation is not easily manageable and all of us will have to work together and fight against the pandemic and this will surely not be possible without your co-operation.

You are one of our favorite clients with whom we have always had a healthy relationship. It is a request that please wait for your order and excuse us for the delay which will be caused. I hope that you will understand our situation and co-operate with us because at this time all we need is your co-operation and support which will help us better serve our customers.

Take very good care of yourself and everyone around you. Thank you for choosing TCS Sentiments express.


TCS Sentiments express

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