Letter to Criticize an Employee for Excessive Telephone Usage

Not all employees are responsible employees. Employers sometimes have to deal with irresponsible employees. Such workers need notifications quite often in order to force them to keep their attitudes in compliance with the rules and regulations. But be sure that the twisted attitudes are not tolerated anywhere for long if they are not corrected after being criticized. This letter can be used to criticize an employee for excessive telephone usage.

Letter -1

I am writing this letter to you to remind you that the use of an office phone is for official purposes only. The employee handbook explains the clause and I hope that you have had a chance to read the handbook. You are seen busy with the phone quite often which I am sure is not for official purposes always. Apart from using the office phone, you have been observed using your own phone during office hours. You must know that the use of the personal phone during office hours has been allowed only for important or emergency calls.

In response to this letter, you either have to improve your attitude and avoid the use of the phone or otherwise mention a valid reason for why you are doing so. I don’t want you to come up with an argument though. In the end, I would again suggest you reread the office rules as you seem to have forgotten them. Thank you!

Letter -2

I am writing this letter to criticize Mr. XYZ for the excessive usage of the telephone. I am observing you for the last few days. I noticed that you are absent from your workplace and always busy using your mobile phone. 

It also comes to my attention that you did not meet your deadlines for the last two days. Also, you are not attending any meetings related to new projects. This level of negligence is not acceptable in my office at all. You are a hard-working employee of the XYZ Company but this attitude is not good for your job. 

You always keep busy yourself by using your mobile phone and playing games instead of working. If you are not interested in doing your job then please stay at your home and play games on your mobile phone. There is no place in my office for those people who wasted their time doing unnecessary activities. 

As you expect the best facilities and good salary package from me I also expect your good work and attention to your work. This is the last time I am warning you otherwise I will take strong action against you. Kindly change this attitude and pay attention to your work. I am giving you a second chance to improve yourself. I hope you will not disappoint me again in the future. Wishing you the best of luck. 



Letter -3

I am writing this letter to criticize Mr. [X] who is working as an assistant manager in our XYZ Company. It has come to my attention that you are no longer responsible for your duties. You spent all your working hours using your mobile phone. I am not expecting this kind of childish behavior from you. 

Instead of doing work you are always busy using your mobile phone and chit chat with people on different social media platforms. This attitude is not acceptable at all in my office. Moreover, it also comes to my knowledge that you did not complete your tasks and you are not attending the meetings. You are not complete the project that the company assigned to you. 

If you want to continue your job like this then there is no need to come into my office. I cannot afford your salary without any effort or hard work. You were the hardest worker employee of the [Company] but now you are totally different from that person. You become so lazy and irresponsible due to excessive usage of mobile phones. 

Also, I received so many complaints about your bad behavior and attitude. Your attitude is very bad towards your junior employee. Instead of doing your work on your own, you carry out the given task by giving it to junior employees. I hired these employees to work for the company, not for your work. Kindly change this attitude otherwise your job will be at stake. I hope you better understand my saying and will never disappoint me again in the future. Best of luck.



Letter to Criticize Employee Demanding Undue Reimbursements


I [Title] [Name] am writing to you on behalf of the [department name] regarding the application we received from you to reimburse you for your car repair. You were sent on a work trip to [city name] on [date]. The fact that you had an accident on the way back is very unfortunate but it is not the company’s fault and it is very inappropriate of you to make a claim for the damages.

We are very sorry for your loss and inconvenience but to demand the company pay the damages as it happened on a work trip is preposterous.  We don’t want to set such a precedent as your personal loss is not the result of the task assigned to you. It was a perfectly normal job and has nothing to do with your accident. You are now in a senior position and your subordinates look toward you. Such an irrational demand would misguide them and create unnecessary commotion and ill will.

We are rejecting the claim and expect more responsible behavior from you in the future.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr. [name]

I [Title] [Name] am writing to you on behalf of the [department name] regarding the application we received from you demanding the payment of your internet bill. This is highly irregular. You claim that since you were working on the [name] project, your internet bill has doubled and hence the company should reimburse you.

We do not agree with this claim as the said project was not assigned as a task to be done at home. You were welcome to stay in the office for as long as required to complete the task. However, if you want to go home and complete it there, for your own convenience, we are not bound to pay your internet bill.

We would also like to mention that the rest of your team has in fact stayed back and worked on the project from the office. Working from home is a privilege we offer, for our employees’ convenience but if it leads to such unreasonable demands, we would be forced to stop this practice.

Please refrain from making such absurd demands as they characterize you as an irresponsible person. We did not expect this from a valued employee like you. We expect more mature and reasonable behavior from you in the future.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr. [enter employee name],

I did not expect this irresponsible behavior from you. I am also not convinced yet that it was a mistake. After your international tour last month to the [enter country] for business purposes, you were asked to submit the report of your expenses and the costs so that reimbursement could be made to you.

Your report mentions you stayed at [enter hotel] which is an expensive hotel of [enter country name] while according to our knowledge you stayed at [enter hotel name] which is not as expensive as the hotel that you mentioned. The mistake in writing the hotel name is understood. You possibly had visited that hotel to meet someone and might have confused the hotel name while writing, however; I am unable to understand why the dues of the hotel are mentioned more than expected.

Mr. [enter employee name] also stayed at the same hotel three months ago when he was on a tour and his hotel dues were totally different from yours. Interestingly, his stay was double the time you stayed.

Let’s hope that it was only a mistake. You’re requested to meet me at my office so that you may be given a chance to explain your point.

Letter to Criticize Employee for Decline in Performance

Employees need to be notified, appreciated, and criticized for their performance. The feedback from the employers helps employees in keeping their performance satisfactory and as per the business’s requirements. Employees may sometimes perform poorly due to work stress or personal issues but when the performance continuously goes poor, this is the time to notify the employee that he should get conscious of his output. This letter can be written to an employee for performing poorly at work.


I [name] [designation] from [department name] am writing to you about your performance in the last quarter. You were hired on [date] as [designation] and sent on the basic training course to [branch name]. Your credentials as well as your performance in the basic training was very promising. The projects you were assigned immediately afterward bore testament that our decision to hire you was not wrong. Your team leader’s report of your performance was also full of praise and he expressed high hopes for you.

However, we have observed a gradual decline in your performance after the initial [number] months. We have been ignoring your team leader’s recent observations but now things have come to the point where we feel that intervention is necessary.

The first thing we would like to address is your lack of punctuality. Being punctual is not only important so that you can complete your work but also because others have to work with you and if you are not present here on time their work also gets affected. Then there is the issue of office discipline. Without proper decorum, a workplace cannot run smoothly and everyone’s productivity gets affected by rowdy and unprofessional behavior.

You have failed to meet the deadlines for the last two projects assigned to you. This has delayed the submission of projects to the client and affected the good name of our company. You are required to see Mr. [name] from [department name] at [time] on [date] to give an explanation about the reason for these delays.

Looking forward to a more reasonable and responsible approach from your side,

Yours sincerely,


Dear Ms. [name]

I [name] [designation] from [HR department] am writing to you on behalf of the school. You started your job here as an ad hoc teacher on [date] you took grade [number] here. Your teaching style and the techniques you used to capture the student’s imagination were a credit to you. Seeing your dedication and the student’s feedback, you were made permanent and given a senior class i.e., grade [number] in this school year.

However, your performance this year has been consistently declining. If you take so many off days the gap would be detrimental to your student’s understanding of the subject. Also, children observe the grown-ups around them especially the one sin mentoring position, and copy their behavior, what would they learn from a teacher who herself is not regular?

We have received complaints from parents saying that you have turned up for classes without proper lecture preparation. The student’s concepts are not clear and they had no idea how to attempt the homework you gave. This is a very alarming situation as we pride ourselves on the fact that our students don’t need tuition. Their concepts are clear here at school.

The fact that their concepts are not clear was also reflected in the result of your class in the mid-year exam. Nearly 80% of the class flunked the exam and the remaining students barely managed to scrape passing marks.

Copy checking remains another sore point. Parents have complained multiple times that the student’s notebooks are not checked and hence when they sit down to prepare for the exam, they memorize the erroneous work for which you cut marks when checking the paper.

In short, we are not satisfied with your performance and if this continued we would start considering the termination of your contract. We have decided to start a zero period for your class. You will do a recap of all the topics covered before the mid-terms, in these zero periods and clear the student’s concepts. In addition, you are required to see Mrs. [name] the senior mistress of middle school at [time] on [date] to discuss these issues at length and how to address them.

Looking forward to responsible and sensible behavior from your side from now onwards.

Yours Sincerely,


Dear [recipient’s name],

It has been [enter period] that you are working at [enter company]. Your performance has remained satisfactory throughout this period. I remember having written a couple of appreciation letters to you as well. However, I am greatly disappointed with the performance that you have shown in the past [enter period].

I am unable to understand the reason for it. You know that in businesses one seeks to elevate his graph and should get conscious if it declines. I was expecting an improvement in your performance since I first observed the decline in it because I had assumed that it could possibly be due to the stress that you might be facing. To my utter disappointment, I am still observing a decline in your performance.

Mr. [enter name], if there is something that is bothering you, please discuss it with me so that a solution could be found. I want you to get conscious of your performance as I definitely don’t wish to send you another letter of the same type. Thank you!

Letter to Criticize Employee(s) for Smoking


I [name] from [department name] am writing to you on behalf of the incident that took place on [date] in front of the conference room. That day a progress meeting was taking place in the main conference room and our respectable clients [firm name] were here. The regional head was also here and as soon as there was a break in the meeting you were found standing near the front desk, smoking a cigarette. As you know that conference room opens in the lobby from where the front desk is clearly visible.

Needless to say, it left a very bad impression on the esteemed guests and a lot of them expressed their disapproval to the official representatives at the conference. Our office is a no-smoking zone but you not only disregarded that but also didn’t care about the presence of the guests in the office.

These things leave a very bad impression not only about the individual but also tarnish the overall impression of the office. Looking forward to more professional and responsible behavior in the future,

Yours sincerely,


I am writing to caution you about the incident reported to HR on [date]. We as a restaurant, are a service industry and it is our task to ensure that the clients visiting us are comfortable and can enjoy their food in a peaceful and calm environment. The ambiance is just as important as the food we serve.

You were found smoking around the men’s washrooms and the smoke had spread all over the serving area on the terrace. The harmful effects of passive smoking are known to all and since we serve families in that area, a lot of very young children were present there and their families complained at once to the management. We have also come to know about one family who left the hotel as they felt disgusted by the cigarette smoke.

This kind of unprofessional attitude has no place in our restaurant and we would not tolerate this. Consider this a warning, if a similar situation arises again, we would be forced to terminate your contract.

Looking forward to more responsible behavior from your side in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Businesses have to follow rules and regulations in order to reach success since it is only when the proper terms and values are followed that a usual business turns into an unusual and exceptionally professional icon.

Most companies follow smoke-free policies for their official environments. This policy is implemented differently in different workplaces as the employer allows. At some places, smoking within office premises is totally banned. This is usually practiced among flourished and exceptionally professional organizations. Unlike this, some employers implement the smoke-free policy only for work hours, which means, employers are allowed to smoke during break hours within the office.

Nonetheless, whether the policy is implemented fully or partially if employees are found breaking the policy, they should be notified to criticize them so that they could be brought within the boundaries. This letter can be used to criticize employees for smoking.


To [enter recipient],

I did not expect this violation after a clear notification about the implementation of a smoke-free policy had been made. I am greatly disappointed as many of you are still found smoking within office premises that too in-office hours. This shows that the notification has not been taken seriously.

I want to inform you all that this kind of open violations of office rules is not tolerable. I see no reason for smoking in the office when those who smoke have already been told to use the assigned smoking spots outside the office. From now onwards, I hope to not see anybody smoking in the office. In the case of violation, expect a salary deduction as a fine for violating the policy. Thank you!

Letter to Criticize an Employee for the Breach of a Policy

Letter -1

I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been in direct violation of a company policy. We have been informed that you have been using office stationery items for your own personal use and have taken several items home which were office property.

These items are missing from the inventory and were reported missing to HR by the relevant department. As you are aware it is mentioned in the contract that employees have no permission to utilize any office items for personal use and are not allowed to take office property to home.

Therefore, we are issuing you a warning letter for this breach of policy and after two warnings, you will be issued temporary suspension from the service.

We wish to see you in the HR office by tomorrow and discuss this matter. Please return all the office items to us or pay their relevant amount to the HR office.

In addition, we also want you to sign the document stating that you took the items from the office and will return them as soon as possible.

We advise you to be careful in the future regarding company policies as we have never been lax about them and expect our employees to take them very seriously too. We hope that this stern word of warning will be taken seriously, and this action will not be repeated.


Office Management.

Size: 26 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Letter -2

Dear Ms. Anna Blake,

I am writing to inform you that you have been found in direct breach of company policy and have been reported to HR. It was communicated that you have used the company vehicle without authorization and did not inform the relevant department either.

As a result, the asset had been reported missing for an entire day which has created problems for us. We are warning you to not repeat this action again as this is a direct violation of the company policies.

You have been communicated the policy in detail earlier as well, nevertheless, I have attached a copy of it with this letter too for your reference.

As a result of this breach, you have also been issued a warning letter. We must inform you that after two warning letters, your contract shall be suspended until further notice. We advise you to please take the company policies very seriously and to never breach them again or else strict action will be taken against you.

In addition, you must visit the HR office tomorrow and sign a document with us stating that you have been using the company asset without permission. You will also state that you take full responsibility for any damages that might have been incurred to the property during its unauthorized use.

We hope that you will pay heed to this warning and make amends. We hope to see you tomorrow in our office to discuss this.


Senior HR manager.

Size: 26 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Businesses can’t run without rules and regulations so when borders of policies are crossed, it affects the whole business. Since employees are bound to keep themselves within the rules of the company, they should be notified if they breach policies.

A company has to be strict here since it is not only the employee who will get the effect of it rather the whole company environment. Sometimes, the employees only have to be notified not punished. In a professional environment, being criticized is something serious.

A letter to the employee in order to criticize him for the breach of a policy should thus be written in a serious, formal, and a little warning tone. The advantage of practicing the use of such letters when required keeps the employees well within the boundaries of the company’s policies.

Letter -3

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

I hope that you were provided with the employee handbook at the time you joined the company and you must also have signed the statement of understanding with the company before joining so I have no doubt that you are well aware of the company’s policies and the ways our employees are supposed to behave.

You are continuously breaching the company’s policy of [enter policy]. You are not supposed to do this. This is affecting us and the work environment so please abstain from such behaviors as I don’t find myself tolerant enough to allow you this. I hope to not write such a letter to you again in the future.

Follow the company’s policies. Thank you!

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-

Letter to Criticize a Distributor for not complying with Terms

Your business can fly if you have a good distributor. The chances of success are higher when there’s a good distributor but at the same time, the chances of failure are even more when you rely on an irresponsible distributor for your business. While making contracts with the distributors, it is important to clarify the terms and conditions properly.

You don’t always have to cancel a contract with a distributor but there are times when there’s a dire need to reprimand or criticize a distributor for the good of your business. However, it should be kept in mind that the professional sphere requires you to remain professional as well as ethical even in the unpleasant situations. Therefore, while writing letters of criticism, apart from making mention of the weaknesses of the person, it is recommended to suggest him how he can improve his shortcomings. This letter can be written to a distributor in order to criticize him for not complying with the terms of the contract.


Dear [Recipient’s name]

Since you’re our year’s old distributor, I did not expect this irresponsible behavior from you. I’m sure you know quite well that we have never appreciated cheap publicity for our products. We pay heavily to our employees and distributors to make door to door campaigns in order to do a reliable and far-reaching publicity. We could have advertised our products using the commonly used tactics but we always remained ethical and in boundaries to do everything with quality.

I have been informed that to raise your sales, you have started doing the publicity of our products using the means of cheap advertisements. I’m certainly sorry to know this. The contract clearly prohibits our distributors to make such publicity on their own while they use the name of our company or products.

Though it was a serious breach on your part since you are our old distributor and this is the first time that we have a complaint from you, you deserve forgiveness. I am overlooking this mistake but am extending hopes that you’ll not give another such chance to write a letter of this type to you. Kindly stop all such advertising techniques that are prohibited as per contract and follow the contract fully. Thank you!


[Your Name]

[Your Title] -Optional-


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