Change in Pricing Policy Letter


Re. Change in Pricing because of Changes Brought about by Budget-20XX by Federal Government of USA

Dear Customers, this letter is drafted to communicate the recent hike in prices of mobile phones because of the changes in prices and taxation by the Federal Government of the USA. On 23rd July 20XX, the Federal Government in coordination with the Department of Budget and Pricing Policy (BPP) has announced the new rates of a myriad of items and introduces new tools in the production of various items in the county. The budget has also given out new tax rates and percentages that have ultimately caused a sudden spike in the prices of mobiles phones.

On 19th July 20XX, firstly, the government imposed new taxes on mobiles phones imported from other countries like Japan, China, and South Korea. The second hit was given in the draft of Budget 20XX in which all the items related to mobile phones, computers, laptops, LED TVs and many other went through a considerable hike in the prices.

The levy on various handsets has not been increased but most of the handset prices have been increased because of taxational changes.

Therefore, we are compelled to review and revisit the prices of mobile phones and their accessories. A new list of prices has been provided on the buy items section of the official website of I-tech Industries. Moreover, these prices are under concrete observation and analysis by the economic developers of the company.

Therefore, we expect a change in prices in the coming two weeks as well. To keep acquainted with the new prices, please stay in touch with the communication center of the company or visit our website [website] or call us at [cell#] to fulfill any of your queries.

We thank you for your constant cooperation with us. We are struggling hard in reconsidering the pricing policy to alleviate the burden on our customers and make their shopping easier and budget-friendly. We thank you for your love and support for the company.

Thank you


General Manager
I-Tech Group of Industries
Vale Chamber, Technology Tower, Orlando
Florida, USA

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Re. Change in Prices with the Change in Business Lurch due to Lockdown

Dear Customers/Clients,

I am Gabriel Herbert, the General Manager of the Oyster and Pearls, Florida. As you know our business has been scattered in the whole state of Florida, therefore, it has been put into public notice and letter of information to communicate the alterations in the pricing policy of the company.

The company has been going through a rationalization of price regulations to meet the company’s expenses and the loss imparted by the unfortunate outgoing fiscal year of 20XX-20XX. As the documents show that the company had to suffer from a lot of financial loss due to repetitive lockdowns and business shutdowns.

As this is in your notice that the third wave of coronavirus has proved itself more disastrous, traumatic, and damaging than that of the first and second wave. In the preceding waves of COVID-19, we did not change any pricing policy of the items despite considerable loss and damage brought about by the business shut down. Now, the third wave has hit the company hard, and it is almost impossible for the company to run on the preceding prices and policies.

The department of Planning and Development has devised various changes in the policies to meet the outgoing expense of the company. We have prepared our company budget for the upcoming fiscal year in accordance and coordination with the budget changes announced by the Federal and State governments.

To avoid any trouble in the taxational legitimacy of the Inland Board of Revenue, we are on the board to get it authorized from the Federal Consumer Court of PCSD, USA. After submitting the report to the court by one hand, we are on the board to deliver and communicate the changes with our policies with other hands.

We believe in delivering and yielding quality instead of quantity. Our manufacturing team leaves no stone unturned to qualify and complement our products in their best ways. Thus, we expect a good deal of cooperation at your end. No spike in prices has been done for personal interest, rather it has been impelling to be done because of overall and holistic changes by the announcement of Budget 20XX-20XX. Moreover, older products and manufacturing have not been addressed for the price changes.

We thank you for your support, love, and cooperation. To check the updated prices on the new items, please visit our official website or follow the link [Link]. You can also ring us and talk to our Customer Care for Sale in person to inquire about anything at [cell#]. Thank you.


Gabriel Herbert
General Manager
Oyster and Pearls
Florida USA

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