Complaint Letter for Poor Facilities at School

Complaint letter for poor facilities at school


Re. Complain about the Poor Facilities at School

Dear Principal, with reference to the above-cited subject, I draft this letter to complain about the poor facilities given to the kids at school. Your school has been one of the best schools in previous years, but it has fallen into intensely serious issues because of the lack of multiple facilities. These facilities include subject diversity, domestic training, labs, and the absence of lockers.

Subject diversity is an important feature in the course outline that creates a difference among the schools. Subject diversity is the variation and profundity in offering different subjects. Hence the subject selection is one of the biggest distinguishable aspects. It has been noticed that your school do not offer many courses or subject. The present courses lack contemporary inculcations and research-based concepts. All the courses have outdated course outlines and older topics that are no more in use in modern educational programming.

Domestic training is another important aspect of the schools. The school has no proper place for the domestic training of the younger students. In the wake of current scenarios of extremism, lack of tolerance, and raising children with complex cases have to be put under strict consideration and proper training sessions have to be conducted.

Unfortunately, your school keeps no instruments for domestic training like proper units of the building to carry such sessions, the absence of trainers who can equip the students with moral standard teachings, and other significant themes for life.

Labs, let it be for physical, biological, chemical, or mathematical sciences, are also outdated. The school does not take measures to update the labs and meet the modern and advanced equipment needed. The students work on the outdated and old equipment in the lab that has no use anymore. The absence of lockers is another problem in the school facilities. School keeps a few lockers that are rusted and most of them have no locks. Therefore, a student cannot keep his/her stuff in the locker for its safety.

I shall be very grateful to you if you look into this matter and make me aware if there is any work ongoing to resolve these matters. Thank you.


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Re. Poor Facilities at [NAME OF THE SCHOOL]

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am [NAME] from the [AREA NAME]. Two of my kids are studying at your school. I have noticed a few issues in your school as an educational institute. The purpose of writing this is to let you know about a few discrepancies at your end as management plays a crucial role in the functionality of the rules.

Accordion to the Federal Regulation of School Federation, schools are liable to ensure the holding of extracurricular activities and other learning programs to make them better citizens. Schools play a pivotal role in the upbringing of a child as more than 70 % of culture, the child adopts from the school. Even if it is not the case, the role and importance of school as an upbringing institute cannot be denied.

Extracurricular activities and other fun activities for the learning of the students are cardinal to the mental and physical growth of the children. There has been seen a reduction in such activities in your school. It is noted that there have been no sports activities in the school since [MONTH-YY].

It would be appreciated if the school conducts proper events for extracurricular activities to frame the hidden talents and competencies of the students and build them to race in the competition of getting better careers. I should be grateful if you consider my complaint regarding the poor facilities at school. Thank you.

Size: 16 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

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