Complaint Letter for Return Policy

Advertisements are shown on the media to attract customers and all the features of the product are highlighted so precisely that viewers are forced to think about the said product. These features are elaborated such as this is the best product than any other company.

Moreover, these advertisements include attractive sale packages, warranty, guarantee, and home delivery along with a return policy. The viewers are brainwashed with these catching packages but terms and conditions reveal the truth. For example, the warranty is valid for fixing certain components of the items, and the return policy is valid if the box is not open or the tag is not dismantled.

Therefore, it is always advisable to read terms and conditions first then you need to believe in the advertisements or salesman charming words. However, if a problem arises when one’s should avail the warranty or return policy after reading the terms and conditions. If the company is not fulfilling its promise about warranty or return policy, then a complaint letter can be written to it.


I want to complain about your return policy. I ordered an electric kettle from your website on [date]. At the time of purchase, I was told that you have a return policy for up to seven days after receiving the product. I received the kettle on [date] and upon opening the package I discovered that it had been damaged during the delivery and the electric cord had broken rendering the kettle unusable.

When I mailed to know the return address, I was informed that the return policy does not cover the damage done during delivery. This is very unethical and highly unprofessional. The product got damaged before reaching me. Safe delivery was the company’s responsibility and I should not be expected to bear the damage done in delivery.

Please take this product back and either refund my amount or deliver a replacement.

Looking forward to a positive response.


I want to register my complaint against your return policy for the clothes I ordered from your website. I had placed an order on [date] for [order details]. However, today when I received my order the fabric quality was very poor and the colors were completely different than shown in the picture. When I contacted your customer service to inquire about the return policy, they informed me that the return policy does not cover this issue and a refund was not possible only due to poor fabric quality.

This is very unfair as the fabric quality displayed in the photos is much better than the actual quality. Before ordering I was assured that you have a 7-day return policy but now I am not being given this option. I am a very old customer and I have never faced these issues with your brand as the fabric quality has always been excellent but I am very disappointed with your customer service. Instead of making this process convenient for the customers, they have made it so difficult and cumbersome.

I am open to the idea of a voucher too. If you cannot refund my amount at least let me exchange this [order] as it is of no use to me.

Looking forward to a positive response from your side.


North Side Apartments
Brody Abraham
Block 14B, Alexander Avenue, New Mexico.


Mr. Marco Roberto
Chase Supermarket
23 St. Crystal Avenue, New Mexico.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am a regular customer at your supermarket and I had bought almost all the home appliances from the same store. But this time I am very disappointed to inform you that your return policy is totally failing to act like you advertise the products. I bought a kitchen oven yesterday and it was freely delivered to my home. I opened the box and tried to install it in my kitchen but its size was larger than required.

I deliberately asked the salesman that I am not sure about the size where it needs to be installed and he said very confidently that we have a return policy and you may return it to get another one. But it was not returned due to the box being opened. It is my humble request that does not make such a return policy that gives no benefit to the customer.


Brody Abraham.


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