COVID-19 School Fee Payment Policy Letter to Parents

A school fee is a payment given by the parents to the institute where their child is currently getting his education from. The fee is set by the school’s management and may be different for different grade levels at the school. Parents are required to submit their child’s fee within the given due date or else they may have to pay a certain amount as a fine.

There are schools that give the facility of paying the school fee in installment if the parents are for some reason unable to pay the total amount at once. Whatever the case is, once the child’s fee is paid, his fee status updates as being paid.

Situations arise like the one discussed above where a parent is unable to pay his child’s school fee easily at once and requires the fee to be paid in installments. Apart from this, there may arise some natural calamities which have caused a lot of damage to not only the country’s economic condition but also the overall financial position of an individual.

When these instances come intact, it becomes difficult for the parent to pay his child’s school fee as not much wealth is generated which would certainly enable them to pay the fee. This situation then arises the need for a certain compensation policy for the parents in the school fee payment by the school and which is duly written in a letter known as the school fee payment policy letter to parents.

The new fee policy is devised by the school keeping in mind the current scenario and making it easy for parents to take manage all other things along with their child’s school fee.

Sample letter


The principal,
The Roots international.

Dear Parents,

We, at the roots International, are aimed at providing the best quality education to every child and we have managed to educate children every year with an increasing number. This year too we had some better plans for our children but unfortunately, we could not meet our desired goals due to the pandemic situation worldwide.

COVID-19 has affected our daily routine and with this, we also understand that it has surely affected yours as well. In this situation, it has become difficult for all of us to manage our increasing demands. We have therefore taken the initiative to ease this time for the parents.

The school management is pleased to inform you of our revised fee policy which has been devised keeping in mind the COVID-19 situation in the country. We have announced a 75% reduction in the school fee of students for all grade levels. We have also facilitated the parents by giving them the option of paying the school fee online.

You can also pay the fee in 3 installments if it becomes difficult for you to pay it one time. The revised fee policy has been updated at the school’s website given below. For any further queries please feel free to contact us on the school numbers which have already been sent to you via messages. Till then take good care of yourself. Stay home and stay safe.

Yours Sincerely,

The principal,
The Roots international.

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