Warning Letter to an Employee for Absenteeism & Bad Performance

Teamwork and discipline are two main values and keys to success for any company or organization. A Single entity cannot achieve any target nor can a team do without discipline. A weak shackle can break the whole chain no matters how much strength other parts have. When someone in this chain performs extraordinary, he is appreciated in term of promotion, extra salary or any other monitor benefits. Similarly, when some employee is out of discipline, he is to warn prior any disciplinary action against him.

Warning letters are the best source to reform someone and give him a chance not to repeat the mistake again and to get rid of any habit that can eventually lead the company to failure. Furthermore, warning letters are also ready reference and written records to make the profile of a person.



This letter is a warning for your performance as well as attitude to behave with seniors. For the last two months, you have remained unsatisfactory and absent from duty without information as well as did not respond to any call to clarify your position.

A verbal warning has already been given to you for your excessive leaves but you are repeatedly walking on the same track. This act forced the company to start a disciplinary action against you and get a replacement of you for future concerns but after careful consideration I believe that this is temporary descend, otherwise you have been a prolific employee and you are given a chance to explain and reform yourself.

Therefore, you are warned that unless you show satisfactory performance and better behavior, you are liable to achieve charge sheet on repetition and dire report at the end of the year.

I hope you would comply with the instructions strictly and would not repeat it next time and you are also required to acknowledge the receipt of this letter as soon as you receive it.


Charles Jones

Notice of lack of availability of overtime

I am writing to confirm the elements of our discussion this morning about your apparent failure to meet our expectations regarding availability for overtime when required to meet production needs.

Your job description as a full-time hourly employee states that the company has the right to require a reasonable amount of overtime to meet our needs. Although we recognize that our employees may face difficulties in this area because of family obligations and for other reasons., the company’s ability to rely on our staff for overtime is an essential element of your job.

Where possible, our department heads have been asked to make special arrangements with employees to allow for childcare during overtime periods.

However, in the past three months, you have turned down all requests by your supervisor for overtime assignments. This is not acceptable.

With this letter, we are advising you that a continued inability to make yourself available for overtime hours will result in termination of your employment.

If you would like to seek assistance from Human Resources in obtaining childcare, special transportation, or other accommodations that would allow you to meet our needs, please contact Bob Waylings at extension 3465.


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Warning Letter to an Employee for Absenteeism and bad performanceWarning Letter to an Employee for Absenteeism & Bad Performance

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