Announcement Letter for Real Estate Agent


Re. Announcing Mr. Fredrick as a New Real Estate Agent of HORK Estates.

Dear all, communicating with you all as our clients and customers is always nothing but a great source of pleasure and satisfaction. Making and seeing our clients happy makes us delighted and satisfied at the highest sky. At this moment, I have also brought great news for all of you- a new and inspiring addition to the team of HORK Estates. This letter means to inform you that Mr. Fredrick has recently joined our firm as a Real Estate Agent. He will be serving the company from 1st August, and he will interact with our potential customers and clients on the very day.

HORK Estates is a real estate firm that helps people in purchasing and selling their properties. HORK Estates has made it so easier and smoother to buy and sell a property. HORK has completed more than 500 mega projects and more than 100,000 projects on a smaller scale according to a recent statistical analysis conducted by the Bureau of Estate Agencies, California.

We have chosen Mr. Fredrick on high standards of professionalism, commitment, experience, expertise, and dedicated attitude. He has spent more than 10 years in the business of real estate and has so much to tell his clients/customers. One of his inspiring attributes is his passion to communicate. He loves listening to his customers/clients and their problems and then clings to resolve them with his tireless efforts.

I believe, such an incredible employee will not only prove himself best for the firm but also our valued customers and clients. From 1st August 2021, Mr. Fredrick will take charge of the Sales Department and Customer Care Head. If you are interested in selling any property in a good deal or want perfect suggestions of selling, buying, or potential investment, Mr. Fredrick would be waiting to help you.

Please, do not hesitate to call him at [contact] on 1st August 20XX or visit our head office in Boston to seek any professional advice related to real estate. We thank you for your constant support.


Ross Cooper
Assistant Manager
HORK Estates, Boston

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Re. Announcement of New Real Estate Agent/Broker, Joining on 03-08-21

Dear employees,

I am writing this letter to share with all of you an incredible addition to the team of MPL Properties and Real Estates (MPL-PRE). We have hired Ms. Cathy as a new Real Estate Agent who will be joining us on [DATE] as a regular employee and take the charge of her designation in absolute. She has been working in this business since 2005 and has an incredible experience of fifteen years in this field. She specializes in the field of Property Investment Flux.

She has worked in one of the leading companies of the state as a Property Manager, Mortgage Advisor, and Broker/Real Estate Agent. She has excellent communication skills, and she has amazing problem-solving skills. She has done her master’s in real estate from the University of Kentucky (UKY).

We believe she will be an asset to our company. You are advised to take good care of your newly appointed supervisor on professional premises. Professionalism, honesty, dedication, and diligence are highly appreciable and equally rewarding attributes; thus, we expect such practice from our valued employees.

Thank you.


Leo Denker
The General Manager
MPL Properties and Real Estates (MPL-PRE)
San Diego,

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