Excuse Letter of Absence due to Sickness


Re. Unable to Work on the Performance Appraisal of June-July 2021 because of Illness.

Dear Robert, I am Patrick Johnson from the department of Project Research and Development (PRD). I have been working as an Assistant Researcher here since 2015. I have always been a hardworking and dedicated employee as my previous reports would suggest. I am very sincere and genuine to my work and team, thus, I always try to fulfill my responsibilities and given tasks before the deadlines but I am unable to work on the current assignment. On 23rd July 20XX, I have been given the task to roll out performance appraisals of June-July 20XX and submit the assessment report before 27th July 20XX.

Sir, I have been suffering from a high fever for the last five days. I also remained absent from the office on the same account of illness and this was the sole reason that kept me from attending the company’s RDF Inter-State Conference in California. I had sent an email to Human Resource informing the reason for my absence and the total time of my absence.

Sir, now when I am back to work, I have been given such an important and demanding assignment. Performance appraisal consumes a lot of time while draining your energy at a higher pace. I am unable to work on this because of my sickness as I still am not completely fine to work on large assignments. I have tiresome dizziness because of fever and it will take not less than a week to declare myself completely fine generically.

Therefore, I request you to direct Mr. Jalen to give this assignment to any other employee of PRD as most of the employees are not on any of the considerable projects or assignments. I have requested Mr. Jalen but he refused to accede to my request. I assure you that I shall help the other person working on the assignment. I mean to say that I can genuinely work in assistance to someone who works on the Performance Appraisal. I shall be grateful to you for this. For more, please find me available at +[Contact]. Thank you.


Pattrick Johnson
Assistant Researcher (SN-03)
Department of Project Research and Development (PRD)
Falcon Marketing Company Ltd.
F-990 Tagoe Fly Tower 00-60990 Orlando
 Florida, USA

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Re. Exculpation for Not Working due to Sickness

Dear Madam,

This letter has been written to exculpate and excuse my schedules in previous days. I have been suffering from Diarrhea for the past two days. Due to the severity of the infection, I had to stay in the hospital for 30 hours to get proper care and treatment. I, somehow, managed to inform the office authorities about my absence and the cause. However, I did not receive an email or message of acknowledgment; rather I received an assignment to work upon after two days.

Ma’am, because of severe diarrhea, my body lost an ample amount of water and minerals due to abrupt water retention. It has caused a mild nephrological infection and weakness in the body. Due to weakness, I am unable to sit for long hours to work. Therefore, I am attending the office but not assuming big assignments as I have no potential to do it physically for now. My physician has also advised me to rest for one week and take good care of my diet these days. I have enclosed the prescription of my physician as evidence.

I have sent three emails to the relevant department to inform them that I am not able to work on the given assignment but I was replied to with harsh and blameworthy words. Therefore, I request you to take notice of this. It will be of huge importance if you ask the relevant supervisor and direct him/her to give this assignment to any other employee. I shall be grateful for this mercy of yours.


Paula James
Assistant Manager, WBR
GHK-SK Groups
Danes Heart Square, Orlando
Florida, USA

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