Justification Letter for not Meeting Targets

A justification letter for not meeting the targets is an explanation letter that is written to the boss of the firm to state the valid reasons for not being able to meet the cut-off date and to make sure that the compensations will be made accordingly.

Sample -1

This letter has been written to you to present my genuine regrets for not being able to meet the deadline for the {Mention Project Details}. I know that I had been doing great lately considering the same task {Mention Details} and this was the very reason I was assigned the task once again but sadly enough due to some unforeseen reasons I could not make it happen according to the time limits.

I know this delay must have caused you inconvenience even beyond my imaginations, and I am extremely sorry for that. I further assure you that within two working days I will make all the probable compensations within my limit. Although none of these can undo the embarrassment you had to face at that time, I want to rise above the feeling of despair I am suffering from right now.  

I promise that such kind of negligence would not happen ever again. It is a humble request to you to give me a fair chance to prove my worth once again and I will not let you down this time no matter what.

Waiting for your affirmative response!


Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Sample -2

The purpose of writing this letter to you is to present my justification regarding my failure for not being able to meet the targets within the time limits. I have been working for this prestigious organization for over a decade and never has it ever happened that I have made this kind of a grave mistake in my whole career as I know the sensitivity of the matter well.

The day before the deadline, I was absolutely on the page and was sure to make it on time but out of sudden the news of my pregnant wife falling from the staircase was received which resulted in the premature delivery of my firstborn, and I went totally blank as my whole world was on the verge of coming to an end.

I could not uphold my nerves and completely forgot the idea of informing you about the calamity so that you could take precautions accordingly. I am very much sorry for the discomfiture you had to go through due to this unexpected misfortune.

I seek your forgiveness on this very matter and assure you that such kind of a mistake will not be repeated under any circumstances. I will try my level best to compensate for the loss the company had to go through due to this dire situation. 

With thanks!


Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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