Real Estate Services Termination Letter

This has always been very hard to execute to terminate an employee. It is necessary to write a well-oriented termination letter in order to save your organization from future lawsuits.

There are many kinds of termination letters and the company must have knowledge of discretional termination, tentative termination, job termination, real estate services termination, and payroll services termination. Ordinarily, all organizations write layoff letters according to the set format of their company.

For the real estate services termination letter, the important thing to mention is to build a fittingly designed termination letter stating clearly that the organization is indulged in numerous legal chores. You need a service termination letter when the customer and other associating organizations are not well satisfied with the organization’s execution. If the customer has not got any kind of profit, then a termination letter is written to the organization detailing the causes of termination.

If an organization signs a contract with real estate, then they likely more prone to want a legal advisor before sending a termination letter to the organization.

A real estate service termination letter is written when you cancel your agreement with a real estate company and agent. Those who enter this agreement can be householders pursuing to vend their property. If the deal you make with a real estate agent fails to come to your standards and expectations due to a number of reasons, then you need to write a termination letter to cancel the amenities of real estate.

The tone to write such letters should be quite formal and you should appraise the services of a real estate representative. After that, you should state clearly the reason for terminating them. Here is a sample for the real estate services termination letter.

Sample Letter

Re: Real Estate Services Termination

I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been terminated from the business on account of the slow economy as we do not need your services anymore for real estate from 12-09-20XX. Due to the lowering of the property market, our organization is not performing well and because of this reason, we are forced to terminate our staff by the end of this month. 

You have performed your duties well here and remained vigilant all the time and I assure you that this good point of yours will survive you everywhere and will help you to be a successful person. The real estate company does not have enough sales levels to make you vindicate your employment. Because of your good services here we hope for your best real estate ventures in the future.

You still have some time of your vacation, so in this period you should contact the HR department to regulate how you can do well of it. Before leaving, you are requested to handover your laptop and badges, and keys to the HR Manager in the Human Resource Department. We wish you a good career ahead.

Thank you


[Your Name]

Shery Luc

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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