Letter Announcing Relocation of Office


Re. Announcing the Office Relocation from Columbus Circle to MLP Hall Road

Dear Customers, Clients, and Vendors, this letter has been jotted to make an important announcement related to office relocation. We are pleased to announce that we are moving from the former address i.e., SN-090, HiWall, Columbus Circle, Orlando to the new address i.e., Ninth Floor, Belsey Tower, MPL Hall Road, Orlando.

The reason behind the movement is the expansion of the business and tailor the growing requirements of the company.

The company’s relocation has been decided by the poll generated by the authorities to take the employees opinion about the working environment and former place of working in comparison to other. Thus, the poll turned out to be a total opining and longing for the relocation. Therefore, the board of directors called the meeting on [DATE] in which all the senior supervisors and project managers were present. Everyone opted for the movement of the business.

The movement has been decided in the prospect of two important aspects. The one and foremost point is the expansion of the business. The CEO and Managing Director of the business want to expand the physical infrastructure of the company by giving out several outlets including an enlarged waiting area, a separate section for the IT wing making it a separate department, and a research and development body which will also work as free entity supervised by the CEO and the Managing Director. This has been approved by all and the board of governors is all smile at this idea.

The second reason for this relocation or movement is the expiration of the lease of the building. The building lease is about to end on [DATE] and the authorities do not want to extend the period of the lease by any means, therefore, they have decided to evacuate the building till [DATE]. It has been estimated that the relocation needs at least one week of shifting, therefore, we are on the venture of planning for the date from which the shifting will start. This letter means to announce the shift of the place only, hence it does not inform any change in the schedules or working modes.

We are glad for your endless cooperation and support as an important part of the business. A business without the support and love of the customer and clients is always unsatisfactory. We believe in your trust and shall always endeavor to bring the best to you. Thank you for your constant cooperation.

The new address shall be effective from [DATE].


Dunster Hawthorne
Assistant HR Manager
GDF Experts, Orlando
Florida, USA

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Re. Announcement of the Shifting the Office

Dear all,

This letter is to announce the small shift in the location of our business. Our store that was located at the Upper Mall, Second Avenue has been shifted to the Upper Mall Seventh Avenue. The shift has been caused by the legal forces and Land Acquisition Services of California.

The Upper Mall, Second Avenue has been clarion voiced as a residential area, and therefore, authorities have demanded an instant evacuation of the place. The store also has a manufacturing department and warehouse and the legal forces do not allow to open a manufacturing unit or warehouse in a residential area.

Therefore, we have decided to move the store to the Upper Mall, Seventh Avenue. The newly acquired location is also one of the prime locations for the body of construction and building stores. The whole area is filled with building and construction material stores. There would be enough competition for our store that has recently been moved there. To act upon the Land Acquisition Services Act 2020, we were compelled to make the move.

At this point, we expect a lot of support from our valued customers and clients. There have been made no changes in the timings and staffing of our business. Please call at [cell#] if you have any questions. We thank you for your love and support.


David J.
Jester Constructions and Raw Materials
L-432 Upper Mall, Seventh Avenue (new address)
San Diego

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