Complaint Letter for Unannounced Holiday at School

Planning is a part of life and schedule is the part of planning. In other words, life is not complete without planning and planning is not complete without a schedule. Then adherence to the schedule has also the same importance as planning. It means that whenever we want to do something in life or achieve something in life, we need strong planning, a schedule, and then execution of that schedule to achieve our plan.

It is a common saying that change is always better but a change in schedule may ruin your planning. When planning is messed up then definitely our goals are disturbed. Therefore, we don’t want change in this regard.

For example, something unavoidable may ruin the planning of the tour; fever can make you absent from the exam. But these examples are for granted and from nature. There is some example in which you can complain about the human factor. For say, an unannounced holiday in a school or in a town can stop you from performing a lot of daily work that is only possible during working hours.


I am writing to register my complaint against the unannounced holiday on [date]. I am a working woman and after sending my daughter to school on her school bus, I go to work. My workplace is at a distance of one hour from the school. Whenever my daughter has holidays I have to make arrangements at the daycare in advance. In case of unannounced holidays, I get stuck in a very awkward position.

On [date] after sending my daughter to school, I went to my office. I had hardly reached my office when I got a call from the bus driver that the School was closed and he has brought my daughter back to the house but there is no one there. I cannot put my distress in words. I was worried about my child’s safety and I had no idea what to do in this situation.

If the school is to be closed for any reason, parents should be informed beforehand and in time so that they can make arrangements accordingly. This is a very unprofessional and irresponsible act and must not be repeated. Many children travel in school vans and the drivers leave immediately after dropping them in front of the school. If the school is closed and the van has left, the child is pretty much stranded on the road. Who are they supposed to ask for help?

Please ensure that such a thoughtless and ill-planned act is not repeated as it is not only inconvenient for the parents but also dangerous for the students as it puts their safety at risk.

Looking forward to a positive response from your side.


I [name] am [name]’s mother, who is a student of grade [number] in your school. As you know that end of year exams are approaching and the students are busy submitting their projects and completing their notes along with revising all the difficult topics in class with the teachers.

The topics have been divided in such a way as to ensure that the entire course gets revised before exams. When unannounced holidays are given all these revision plans get disrupted and the students lose precious preparation time.

Please try to avoid these unannounced holidays as they create unnecessary stress and burden the students. It would be more convenient if they know in advance the number of working days before exams so they can plan accordingly and can clarify any confusions they might have before the exams commence.

When my son went to school on [date], he had planned to clarify some issues regarding his final term history project which was due after the weekend. When an unannounced holiday was given on Friday, all his queries remained unanswered and he could not complete his project as nicely as he wanted to. As you are well aware that the grades of these final term projects are added at the end of year result, the students really want to put in their best in these projects and need their teacher’s guidance for that.

Please give this matter serious thought as it is very inconvenient and stressful for the students at this time of the year.


Orchard Apartments
Troy Gerardo.
Block 10B, Ocean Avenue, Texas.


Mr. Zane Payton
Vice Principal
Rise and Shine School
13 St. Diamond Avenue, Texas.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am Liza’s mother and I am writing a complaint about an unannounced holiday in the school. My daughter was supposed to appear for the exam yesterday and I was told at the gate of the school that school is closed due to construction work. It was totally unannounced and spontaneous that even a lot of parents felt inconvenienced.

My daughter was not feeling well even then she was studying hard for the exam and all of sudden it was informed in the morning that school management has announced holiday.

Secondly, I drop my daughter off for school on my way to the office and this unannounced holiday made me late from my office too. Because I had to take her back to home and then rushed towards my office which took almost double time than the usual. Kindly, inform the parents in good time before for the holiday to make it convenient for us.


Troy Gerardo.


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