Letter of Termination of an Employee

Letter of Termination of an Employee

In order to run a successful business, there are many factors that count. Potential and responsible employees are one major factor. Without them, businesses cannot run. It is, therefore, important that the progress of employees be observed and action should be taken for the irresponsible and incompetent employees.

A letter of termination is one such action. This letter is written to clean sweep non-serious and unsuitable employees. Not all employees are non-serious. Some people are hardworking and responsible but they are just not suitable for your business. Letter of termination announces that the term of an employee to work with you ends.

A termination letter is a professional letter and no matter how serious the reason for termination might be, it is recommended to keep the tone mild. Because this letter is written after discussing the issues with the employee, a termination letter does not contain details.

In the case when the employee is honest and responsible but just not suitable for you, a reference letter should also be granted to him with termination so that he may find a better and suitable place for him in the business sphere.

This letter can be written in order to announce the termination to an employee.

#1 (Detailed)

I [title] [name] from [department name] am writing to inform you that your contract has been terminated with effect from [date].

You joined us on [date] as [designation]. Based on your qualifications and previous work experience, you were expected to be an important member of the company’s [department name] team. On the contrary, your performance has remained a source of concern throughout your stay with the company.

Your punctuality remained inconsistent and your sense of responsibility in various tasks assigned to you remained questionable. Your overbearing attitude was a source of conflict in your team. This has been amply reflected in your peer reviews which have been consistently poor.

As is customary, you were counseled both formally and informally multiple times, wherein you assured of improvement in your performance, which remained mere promises. As a last resort, you were provided with another opportunity for revival by transferring you from [department name] to [department2] but your performance did not improve.

While you have negatively affected the office environment, the lack of sense of responsibility displayed by you during business dealings with our clientele and partners has remained a source of constant embarrassment to the company.

The incident that happened on [date] was the last straw. You were assigned to escort the team visiting us from [company name] but your unprofessional attitude and reckless behavior towards members of the visiting team cost us a very important business partnership. This kind of attitude cannot be tolerated as you are setting an example for others too.

You were hired because of your qualification and experience, however, we found both wanting in your demonstrated performance. The above-mentioned series of omissions leave us with no choice but to terminate your contract immediately. For your own sake, we would sincerely advise you to improve your work ethic especially social skills, if you are to remain a viable member of any business organization.

With sincere wishes for your future pursuits.

Size: 14 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

#2 (Detailed)

I [title] [name] am writing to inform you that your services are no longer required, and we are terminating your contract. When you were hired as a game teacher, we trusted you that you would work honestly and give your best to the task assigned while taking care of the students’ safety and well-being.

Over the last few months, we have been receiving multiple complaints from parents regarding your handling of students during their games activities. They complained that you took the students to the playing ground and left them there unsupervised, which often lead to fights and time wastage.

There have been questions about your impartiality in dealings with pupils and you have been found to have favorites in every class, which has manifested in the composition of the school’s sports teams. Above all, your general attitude towards students has remained harsh and disparaging and there have been numerous complaints about you scolding children and humiliating them publicly.

The school education philosophy assigns due importance to sports and regards it as a confidence-building activity that teaches students the principles of sportsmanship with fair play. However, your handling of this important facet of our education has been entirely contrary to the school philosophy and infact has been detrimental to the overall sports environment.

Your repeated failure to meet our desired standards has left us with no option but to terminate your employment contract with us. We sincerely hope that you will take this positively and work towards your professional development as a teacher.

With sincere wishes for your future pursuits.

Size: 14 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

#3 (Short)

After having a long discussion with you regarding your work, I have finally decided to write this letter to you. You’re not suitable for our business. I know you’re a hardworking person and I wholeheartedly accept it. Since we need relevant potentials for the business which you lack I have to send you this letter of termination.

I am also enclosing a reference letter for you because I believe you can do extraordinary if you find the right place.

Wish you good luck in the future.

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