Complaint Letter Against Clerk Overlooked Receipt

The paperwork plays very important roles in our life. No legal action, buying, and selling are completed without paperwork. This is because of the reason that we are required a written proof on many places and we can claim accordingly while showing these proofs. On the other hand, if we lost our valuable documents then life becomes hell without them and it is a very hectic job to get the copy of that again from the department. That department demands again for proof whether the specific document belongs to you or not. This is the reason that one cannot afford to lost these documents or slips. For example, when you pay the bill then the receipt is the only proof that you have paid the bill, without roll no slip you cannot sit in exams and without fees card one cannot go to the academy. Therefore, the importance of these receipts cannot be ruled out and if someone is showing sluggish behavior to provide you the receipt or overlooking it then he may complain accordingly.

Complaint Letter Against Clerk Overlooked Receipt

Ocean Apartments
David Bullock
Block 15C, Crystal Avenue, San Francisco.

June 24th, 2017

Mr. Albert Carlos
City Tax Office
15 St. Sun Rise Avenue, San Francisco.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am disappointed to write you the complaint letter about the sluggish behavior of clerk in the tax department. I had paid the yearly tax fee of my vehicle and provided all the relevant documents for this purpose two days ago, after a long process of tax submission, the clerk returned my documents and I came home. When I came home I checked the documents but could not find the tax payment slip along with my documents. I called the clerk but he refused to help me and said rudely that he had provided me. I went to his office again and it was found on his table. The clerk is sitting there to aid the public but he is doing opposite of that. This behavior is totally unacceptable in the future and disciplinary action may be taken against him.


David Bullock.


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Complaint Letter Against Clerk Overlooked ReceiptComplaint Letter Against Clerk Overlooked Receipt

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