Acquisition Announcement Letter to Customers


Re. Announcement of Acquisition of Softoply by the DSK Groups

Dear Valuable customers, after doing excel in the various departments, DSK group of companies is delighted to announce the acquisition of [NAME]. [NAME] is a private firm that specializes in the business of safety products. These safety products include various tools, items, and instruments that are needed in medical emergencies and daily safety. To keep the valued lives from the hazardous virus, they have developed Covid specialties along with other products. These products are now available at the warehouses of DSK Groups as well, whereas these products can be bought from the same stores as the company outlets list informs.

Moreover, this is to communicate there are no changes made in the pricing, staffing, or other policies. Everything has to be recorded as similar but the acquisition is to be considered by the DSK Groups. The teams of Softoply are competent, hardworking, and professional. Their pricing policies are also one of the most acceptable prices and do not induce any objectionable entity.

[NAME] has always been excelling in their respective field. They are a well-renowned group of manufacturers of medical supplies and safety instruments. Their production includes SCBA, respiratory tools, tools for sight and hearing loss, apparel for medical needs, and covid special kids with general supplies. This letter intends to communicate the acquisition only, thus, any further change shall be announced or communicated through emails and public notices.

For more, please contact us at [EMAIL] or follow the link [LINK]. You can also call us for further inquiry at [Cell#]. Helplines and other contacts for ordering the items and queries shall remain the same. Thank you for considering and relying on our services.


Toni Chandler
General Manager
DSK Group of Companies, Florida

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Re. Acquisition Announcement Letter for Valued Customers

Dear Customers/Clients,

This letter serves as an announcement letter, A copy of the letter has been sent for publication in USA Today to make the announcement public.

This letter intends to communicate the new acquisition of Denmark Apparels by the GHK Group of Furnitures and Interiors. Denmark Apparels is one of the most renowned businesses famous for the manufacturing of alluring and enchanting costumes. We have extended our business by the acquisition of Denmark Apparels. It is already known that GHK Groups are among the leading manufacturing companies in Florida specializing in producing refined and delightful furniture, blinds, and other interior wooden works.

This acquisition has extended our business line by imparting the pair of apparels with another interior including furniture and curtains. The staff and workforce of both the companies shall remain the same but the policies of GHK Groups shall be carried on the working policies of Denmark Apparels effective from 1st August 2021. The titles and nominations shall also remain identical. The ownership of the Denmark Apparels has been transferred to the DGO of GHK Groups.

We thank you for your constant support and trust in our business. We expect a never-ending and lasting relationship with our valued and loyal customers and clients. You build the business by support and love while we grapple with so much in maintaining the quality and durability with the assiduous and diligent working of our proficient teams. Feel free to contact us for any query at [CONTACT] for all Denmark Apparels and GHK Groups branches.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Cornel West, the Managing Director of GHK Groups,
Steward Hillsman, the General Manager of Denmark Apparels
GHK Groups of Furniture and Interior and Denmark Apparels
Florida, USA

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