Letter to Cancel a Night Party Invitation

The trend of parties is rapidly increasing these days. Celebrations and parties give lovely mementos and long-lasting pleasures. In the busy life schedule, people find it a source of relaxation and enjoyment. In this way, parents and children get time to spend with each other. The invitation for such parties is always accepted wholeheartedly. Especially, the parties held by close friends or families are much considerable.

The invitations to such informal parties are made much appealing. Sometimes, situations compel us to cancel the invitation even though we want to attend. These can be any sudden crucial issue like illness, natural disaster, accident, or any other important engagement on the same day of the party. In such cases, the invitees need to send an apologizing letter by mentioning the reason. And for a good gesture, one can give a thoughtful note for making any future gathering plan to compensate for not attending the said event.


I received your invitation for dinner on [date]. I am flattered and I wish I could come and enjoy your lovely company but my health does not allow me to accept this invitation. I have been diagnosed with a cataract and am due for surgery next month. Due to this issue, I cannot drive at night making it impossible for me to accept your kind invitation.

I hope you would understand my problem and do not take offense. I would visit you once I am done with my eye surgery and am well enough to drive safely at night.

Looking forward to seeing you in better health.


I am in receipt of your invitation to your party, for which I am truly excited, however, have to regret to inform you of my inability to attend the same due to an unavoidable personal commitment that unfortunately, I cannot put off. Having attended numerous such events previously hosted by you, I always look forward to being part of the extraordinary environment. Please accept heartfelt gratitude for remembering me and my apologies for not being able to honor the same.

With heartfelt wishes for a memorable night party.


Paul Samuels
Block 19B, Silver Pearl Avenue, New Kentucky.


Mr. Jordan Bullock
Block 34A, Castle Avenue, New Kentucky.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are well and things are running smoothly at your end. I regret to inform you that I would be unable to attend the “Graduation Night”. The reason for not attending is the sudden accident of my beloved brother. He suddenly got a fracture on his right leg while coming from school. My parents are with him in the hospital since last night. And I am busy with my little sister at home. As you know that she is just 2 years old, she needs proper care.

All this happened so suddenly that we are much upset. I know that we were organizing this party for two months. This was our day to celebrate the pleasure of our graduation. This was the night to have so much fun and memento. It is the day to memorize the four years of our graduation. I can imagine how much fun we would be having. I sincerely apologize once again. Please share all the videos and pictures. And please apologize to all the fellows on my behalf.

Have fun.

Yours Truly,

Paul Samuels


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