Recommendation Letter for Travel Agency

Sample -1

Re. Recommendation Letter for DFC Airlines, San Diego with Reference to the Application No. 7089 on the Recruitment Program of STP-10 (Spring)

I am writing this letter to recommend Mr. Meldrum Forks for the recruitment of travel sales consultant referring to the ad. No. 324332 for STP-10 (spring). I believe that Mr. Meldrum is the most competent individual for the designation as per his extensive experience and substantial skills. He is very punctual, determined, and resilient. He possesses the qualities of a good worker who is assertive and analytic.

Meldrum has completed his master’s from the University of California, Los Angeles. He distinguished himself in the TERIF competition of Accounts and Sales Management, LA. His expertise in Sales and Accountancy is substantially marvelous possessing pre-eminent professional merchandising dexterity. He worked as Sales Manager in MDFC Groups and as Sales Consultant in Airblue Airlines. He has been working in this field since 2007 and thus he completes pronounced fourteen years of adroitness and unblended and calculative skills of analysis.

He possesses dynamic skills and is very quick at learning new things. He is a flexible and amiable worker who can work while dealing with a lot of pressure. He is a passionate learner and makes an appropriate candidature for the vacant designation of Sales Consultant in DFC Airlines, San Diego. I have enclosed his detailed CV in this letter. Please find other required documents enclosed too. For further information, you can contact me at [email]. I shall be much grateful if you consider Mr. Meldrum for the designation I am writing for. Thank you.


Fredrick Dickenson
James Walton Road, C-3/10
San Diego, California, USA

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Sample -2

Re. Recommending Mr. Chandler for the Designation of Assistant Finance Manager (B-9) in the Spring Recruitment Plan 2021.

Dear Bryce,

This letter has been penned to you to communicate a recommendation. I hereby recommend Mr. Chandler for the post of Assistant Finance Manager (B-9) that has been vacant since last week.

It has been brought to my attention that [X] Airlines is open to recruit and invite applications and recommendations of serious and professional employees who can work in a strictly professional environment and able to chalk out solutions to meet short deadlines in the field of finance and accountancy. I am glad to inform you that I have some eligible one to recommend as Assistant Finance Manager.

Mr. Chandler has been a bright student and competent research at Leland Stanford Junior University, Stanford, California. After completing his graduation in Auditing and Finance Management, he enrolled himself as an internee in Harvard Research Program. After completing his internship, he started working under my supervision in [X] Airlines as Assistant Finance Manager (b-8) that was later promoted to B-9. He has worked under my supervision for five years. He is well experienced, well-adroit in the forte of finance, and capable of handle mega projects and internal financial affairs.  

He has been a great asset to our company and we believe that he could be exceptionally great at [X] Airlines. [X] is one of the top airlines, thus I understand that Mr. Chandler can participate a lot by his professional and analytical approaches. He can multitask while being extroverted, subtle, and preserving. I am glad to recommend this upbeat person as Assistant Finance Manager in [X] Airlines.

Please do not hesitate to inquire about anything related. His CV and other required documents have been enclosed. You can contact me by writing to me at [email]. I thank you for considering and reviewing my recommendation. Thank you.


Leonard A Flock
Senior Auditor and Finance Director
[X] Airlines, San Diego, CA, USA

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