Letter to Request a Minor Change in Rental Contract

A contract is a type of bond between the two parties. It is followed by proper policies which should be filled and signed by the applicant. The purpose is to create an appropriate agreement which should be acted upon accordingly. Contracts are of various types like an express contract, implied contracts, bilateral and unilateral etc. A rental contract is between the tenant and the landlord. The tenant has to follow the rules of the undersigned contract by him. Sometimes, such situation occurs that one needs to end the contract before time. On the other hand, sometimes we need some minor changes in the contract. The examples include any minor reconstruction or amendment in the due date of rental payment. For this purpose, we have to formally contact the landlord to do the request for amendments. If the relationship between landlord and tenant is friendly, all issues are resolved with ease. Mutual understanding and cooperation is an important factor in having a friendly relation. Eviction process can also occur if tenants are not following the rental contract properly.

Letter to Request a Minor Change in Rental Contract


Smith Abbey

23 St. Race Course Avenue, Washington

7th October 2017


Mr. Aiken Abraham

Landlord, Skyways Associates

12 St, Fleet Enclave, Washington


Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope that you are doing well. I am writing to request a minor change in our rental contract. It has been five years that I am your tenant. I would like to confess that you are very kind and cooperative landlord. My mother is also living with me and she is unable to use the stairs due to medical issues. As per contract, I am not allowed to make any change in the house structure but I want to construct a ramp for a wheelchair at the entrance to facilitate my mother. I will afford by myself all the expenditures of the ramp construction. Moreover, it would also add a magnificence look at the entrance. Therefore, I would request you to accord me approval of a minor change in rental contract and allow me to construct the ramp on earliest, please.

Looking forward to your kind concern


Smith Abbey


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Letter to Request a Minor Change in the ContractLetter to Request a Minor Change in Rental Contract

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