Bakery Business Proposal Letter

Sample -1

Name of the bakery: Food Fusion
Location of outlets: 56700 George Park, California
456ABC Opposite Hamilton Garden, New York

Objectives and aims: The purpose of this bakery is to maintain and establish a good delivery system and to provision the restaurants in and around our other head branches in California. For the sake of customers, we have also planned to open other outlets in Valley Stream and Brooklyn. We also aim to provide the best quality services to our customers at a very reasonable rate. For the convenience of customers, we hope to satisfy them with our fresh products and homemade cooking techniques to avoid hazards.

The prices of all the things will start at a very reasonable price. After getting customers’ remarks, we hope to give an extension to our chain by adding 6 more outlets in the major cities of the USA. We also aim to provide home delivery services to our customers up to a distance of 15 km.

Chief stakeholders: John Mantua and Robert Hook

Contact for further details: [X]

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Sample -2

20 January 20XX

Name of the gym: Bakers Inn
New York 3459, street 4444

Objectives and Aims:

After seeing the increasing demand of people for getting hygienic and germs-free food, we aim to open our XYZ Bakery outlet in New York. It aims to provide a good quality of food to the people; the people of this area had claimed that the things that were provided here before by some other bakeries were of low quality and many people got food poisoning after using that expired food. So, we decided to open our outlet in this area by promising to provide healthy and nutritious food to them.

We aim to provide our best to the people. The things that are included in our sale items would be of low prices and we will sell them at a fixed price that would be easily affordable to everyone. We assure you that there would be no increase in the prices and the quality of food would not be affected at all.

Moreover, we have a team of seven members, who were food technologists at ABC University, they have joined to give us their services and they will have strict provisions on the cooking team here to ensure the best quality of food for the people. We have come up to open more branches in the town and after six months of the start of this bakery, we will expand our services in other areas as well.

Chief Stakeholders: James Edward and Louis Adam
Contact for further details: [X]

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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