Complaint Letter to Landlord about a Neighbor

Neighbors are a great blessing. We learn a lot from them by one way or the other as they can be of different culture and background. But neighbors can be good or bad depending on luck. We can share our joys and sorrows with them if they are good. On the other hand, bad neighbors are just like a curse. Nowadays, the neighborhood is becoming too common as estate housing and multistoried houses are gaining wide acceptance because of population abundance. Good neighbors help a lot in difficult situations and are always there for us. But if they are troublesome, it becomes too difficult to move forward with them. Many complaints can arise in this situation. Sometimes they are the nuisance. Sometimes they are unaware of cleanliness. Sometimes late night parties and gatherings disturb a lot. In the same way, some are very quarrelsome. Many times, these situations become uncontrollable and hard to cope that either we have to complain the landlord or leave our residence. Firstly we should try to solve the problem by direct conversation. If we do not get any response then we can go for further actions.

Complaint Letter to Landlord about a Neighbor


Charles Mack

View Side Apartments

Block 22E. Bird Avenue, California

7th October 2016.


Mr. Alex Martin

The Owner, View Side Apartments

36 St, Pearl Avenue, California


Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you are doing great. I am writing to make a complaint against my neighbor Mr/Ms [NAME HERE] regarding noise and dirt. I have approached them directly but they gave nil response. Their loud noise always creates discomfort. The parents always keep on shouting and scolding their children. And in the result, we hear loud cries all day long. Moreover, they never keep cleanliness and leave the trash outside the main door which creates a mess because of cats. The sweeper comes daily on time to collect the trash but still they do so. It is causing trouble for me and my family. I and my wife are working and we are always disturbed because of loud noise. And dirt is creating illness in our kids. I would be keenly requesting you to take a notice and some necessary actions.

Waiting for your kind response


Charles Mack

Resident, View Side Apartments.


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Complaint Letter to Landlord about a Neighbor

Complaint Letter to Landlord about a Neighbor

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