Request Letter for a Copy of Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is an official and legal document that is used to record the birth details of an individual. It is one of the first documents that are made after one is born and keeps having importance until an alternate document to be used in its place is issued. Because the document is important, it should be kept with utmost care.

Sometimes, even though kept carefully important documents are lost. When such an incident occurs, it is preferred to request a copy of that document from the authorities as soon as possible.

The birth certificate, however, is not always requested by an individual for himself. This request can be made if a copy of someone else’s birth certificate is required for the purpose of verification, research, investigation, etc. However, the native laws should be kept under consideration regarding issuance. Below are sample letters that can be used to request a copy of the birth certificate.

Request made by the office

Please send a copy of your birth certificate along with the other documents for applying to our facility. Please send the copy before [DATE] so that we may begin with our procedures.

Kindly send it as soon as possible otherwise you be made to apply again for the [SERVICE/Other] next month of [Month] before [DATE].

Please Note:

  1. It should not be the original birth certificate.
  2. It should not be the national identity card in place of the birth certificate.
  3. If you have any issues regarding the birth certificate matter kindly contact us as soon as you receive our letter/email on the provided contact numbers or email as provided.

Request made by an individual

I am [enter name], daughter/son of [enter name] living in [enter place]. My date of birth is [enter date]. I am writing this letter to you in order to request a copy of my birth certificate. I am not sure when did I use it the last time but unfortunately could not find it in my documents now when I need it.

I urgently need my certificate since I have to use it for an official purpose [purpose may be written]. Kindly issue me a copy of my birth certificate.

The dues of the certificate as per the rules are enclosed with the letter. I shall be grateful if you inform me when you post the copy. My contact number is [123-4567-8901] Thank you!


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