Complaint Letter to Principal about Sports Coach

Extracurricular activities are very important for a child’s mental and physical growth. A child can’t grow like normal individuals without taking part in extracurricular activities. Therefore, schools hire coaches and assign them the responsibility to provide necessary coaching to students.

Apart from teachers, there are also many coaches hired by schools who coach and train students for delivering appropriate lessons to prepare them for various sports activities. The main job of a coach is to teach relevant skills and techniques to students so that they can learn new skills and participate in extracurricular activities with passion and interest. Just like teachers, coaches also have some responsibilities to act like professional people and to treat students appropriately.

What is a complaint letter to the principal about the coach?

If you are not happy with the performance of the coach as a student or as guardian of the student, you hold all the rights to express your dissatisfaction. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that everyone learning technical skills under the supervision of the coach is satisfied and has no problem in learning. 

Good to write a letter

It is very important to compel the coach to change his/her behavior to be an ideal person to indoctrinate necessary skills in children. Therefore, a complaint letter is necessary to write. All the teachers and instructors are the representatives of the school. They play a major role in building reputation for the school. If an instructor is not meeting the expectations of the people, the school should be informed about it. This is usually achieved by writing a letter of grievance.

Read a sample letter given below to determine how one can complain about a trainer:



Subject: Complaint against the couch

Respected sir,

I am ______________ [mention your name], a student of class 7. My roll number is 243. The purpose of writing this letter is to draw your attention to a serious matter. I believe that it is extremely important for me to let you know about my experience of taking football training classes under the supervision of Mr. ABC for two weeks as his inappropriate behavior has a very bad and negative impact on the personality and performance of all the athletes.

As a football player, there are so many skills and strategies a football player is expected to learn. However, Mr, ABC does not cater to all the needs of a football player. In addition, I and other team players also feel dissatisfied with the instructional strategies of Mr. ABC.

Mr. ABC is a qualified person and we do not doubt it. However, he does not give individual attention to players and also fails to build the personality of the individuals as athletes. We do not have a positive growth mindset due to this, we feel the pressure so quickly and this deteriorates our performance.

In addition, Mr. ABC is very rude at times and this also lowers the self-esteem of many players. We have also noticed that he gives preferential treatment to many players and ignores many of them. Due to this discriminatory behavior, we lack the sportsmanship and luster that we are supposed to show on the ground. When players are expected to represent their institute and show good performance, the instructor or trainer is also expected to show extra effort to boost the morale of the team because team Players often need appreciation and motivation from the coach to keep their spirit high.

We respect Mr. ABC from the depth of our hearts and we believe that Mr. ABC is a great instructor to work with. But, there are some inappropriate aspects of his behavior that we have shared with you. Please carry out the investigation and take action.  

We expect your prompt response to this complaint letter and hope that you will take the necessary action to rectify the behavior of the coach. We look forward to your response.


Name of the sender


Complaint Letter to Principal about Sports Coach


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