Request Letter for Replacement of Office Furniture


I am Roman Nick from the HR Department of the company. I have been working as a senior HR Manager since 2010. As it has been ten years working here in the same department, I have a few suggestions and requests to make as I received your email yesterday in which you mentioned if any senior employee of the company wants to suggest or request anything novel. The reason and purpose of writing this letter to you are to request a few new articles of furniture to be replaced in the waiting lounge and admin office of the company. 

Moreover, it has also been realized that there is a dire need to replace the furniture of the conference room and to purchase a few adorning items to decorate the corridor which leads from the lounge to the conference room. As furniture and environment thus created is the first impact factor which has been noticed by the customers and contract parties.

To run a business perfectly, one needs to add an adorning environment by establishing good infrastructure and furniture. Furniture is the second most noticed thing according to a social media poll. Keeping in view this, I request you to replace the furniture of the conference room, waiting lounge, and admin office number 3 and direct the purchase of a few items like wallpapers, sceneries, and paintings to embellish the corridor leading to conference hall which seems to be too simple for an office like the one we have. 

Couches of the waiting area and side tables have become really outdated and abrasive, chairs and tables in the admin office are too old and out of trend, and the round table and big screen have to be installed in the conference hall. I hope you will ascend to this request by making my mentions sure. 

I shall be thankful to you if you please investigate this.

Oven Kim Rose
Senior HR Manager
Regal Heights, California, River Side 

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Re. Replacement of Office Furniture

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to request you to order new furniture for a few compartments of the office. A few places of the office depict a really outdated image of the office in terms of interior decor.

As you already know the interior of the offices is one of the primary concerns of the offices as it displays and showcases the office’s culture in the primness of working. Good offices are always equipped with furniture of fine taste and quality. Good quality of furniture not only adorns the place but also tells a lot about the taste and mannerism of the office. It also creates a great ambiance for good work production. Ambiance plays a vital role in the productivity of the workplace.

I have also emailed you a few photographs of the places where there is a dire need for the furniture replacement. The conference hall, reception area, and waiting area need to be renovated with some fine furniture. I have also emailed you the contact numbers of a few furniture makers and shops who have some great articles for offices.

There is not much need to replace all the furniture but a few articles. I have calculated the budget needed for this replacement which makes some $4025 for this task. I request you to spare a few moments to look into this. I shall be thankful to you.

Thank you

Rash Nil
Assistant Director
HR Department of Jell Nessa

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