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Lease Termination Letter 0

Lease Termination Letter

A lease is basically a contract between the landlord and tenant under fixed period of time. All kind of land, property, and services are basically leased under specific terms and conditions. Written documentations are the main part of this contract. Nowadays, it is becoming a very vast and profit gaining mode of business. Various rich landlords are mostly involved in leasing their property for investment and earning the profit. Sometimes,...

Letter for Early Termination of Lease Contract 0

Letter for Early Termination of Lease Contract

A lease is an agreement between the owner of the asset and user of the asset. It consists of names of the parties, renewal process, starting and ending dates, security deposit terms and some specific conditions depending on the type of contract. These types of contracts can be for an apartment, house, office or building. The user of the asset or property is bound to follow properly. If not followed,...