Warning Letter for Failing to Keep Records

Warning Letter for Failing to Keep Records

Sample Letter -1

Subject: Warning letter for failing to keep records

Dear Symonds,

Looking at your previous performance, I had never thought of writing you like this since you had been appointed in this company five years back. Yesterday, I had a meeting with your manager. He had a lot of complaints about your working attitude but the most surprising thing for me was that you have failed to keep a good record of important documents and company officers do not find their required files as and when required by them. Your negligence has resulted in, he said, missing deadlines of many important projects owing to which company had to bear a great loss.

Once you were given a top-secret document in order to save it for future use. Very next day, it was lying in a dust bin, found by sweeper early in the morning. I mean, what kind of childish behavior you are showing here at the peak stage of your career? You are an assistant and the primary duty of an assistant is to keep every kind of record and to present it to officers as and when demanded by them. But you, I am sorry to say, have failed to achieve this standard of performance. Despite several verbal warnings from your manager, you have shown no improvement.

Keeping in view your previous performance, we are not taking any strict action instead we are issuing you this warning letter. Remember that this kind of attitude at the workplace will not be tolerated at all and any further negligence in the future will liable you to be dealt with strictly. If you have any hindrance while doing work then, let us know so that it could be removed. Waiting for your positive reply.

Yours Sincerely,

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Sample Letter -2

Subject: Warning letter for failing to keep records

Dear Franklin,

This warning letter is being written to you to bring into your attention that there are discrepancies found in your work as has been reported to me by your manager in his last meeting with me. The striking abnormality was that as an assistant, you have been completely failed to perform your duty perfectly. He told me that you are not keeping and maintaining an excellent record of important documents of the company which is considered to be your primary duty.

On a daily basis, our company has to do a lot of transactions and it is essential to keep their record as well. It could otherwise cause a heavy loss to the company. You have also been found to submit the assigned tasks after the deadlines which reflect in you an absolutely non-professional behavior which is not acceptable in this company.  

You must consider this letter as the final warning letter which does mean that after this, any further violation will force us to take severe disciplinary actions against you and you may lose your job depending upon the matter. We hope for a positive change in your attitude.

Yours sincerely,

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