Thank You Letter for Reference letter

Acknowledging someone plays a vital role in boosting his motivation. Especially references and recommendations have an important place for seeking the right job as per desire. References prove very supportive in revealing personal potency and qualities of a person. If a person seeks the right job as he wills, he can be much intuitive in his skills and abilities. And in result success chances are more. Apart from it, one should choose the right person for reference as this matter a lot in getting the required job. The people who are associated with us and are well aware of our expertise and skills can benefit us greatly. An organization who has to hire also finds such references very useful in finding the right candidate for a selected job which can benefit their success. For an effective reference, correct format should be followed to leave a good impression. Thanking those who gave their time for writing references is a good gesture which makes a relationship stronger and reliable.

Thank You Letter for Reference letter


Co. Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Scribe Watson.

Block 4 B, Beach Avenue, New Jersey.

20th November 2016


Mr. Doe Alison.

Sunrise Collaborations Ltd.

8 St. Bird Avenue, Virginia.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are good. I want to express my heartiest gratitude for the reference letter you wrote for me. I must tell you that with the help of your reference I got the right job which I desired since long. I have interviewed with many firms but working with this firm was my desire. I am unable to express my feelings of happiness which are just because of you kind concern and acknowledgment. My post in the company is as a project manager and I am very excited. As you know that I have done my specialization in project management. And I have good experience in project making and management. During my study career, I did many projects voluntarily with famous companies. This job position was very competitive and your reference helped me in getting it.

Thank you very much.


Scribe Watson.

Project Manager, CO Tech Pvt. Ltd.


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Thank You Letter for Reference LetterThank You Letter for Reference letter

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