Request Letter to Re-join the Company


I hope you will be well. I am Liam Watson; an old employee of your company Herring holdings and I had been working there as an assistant manager for past three years.

Unfortunately, I had to resign from my position at your company last year as I had some domestic issues. My mother was quite sick, and she needed my help at home.

She is feeling a lot better now as I was able to get her proper medical treatment for the past six months. Due to this whole ordeal, however, I have been left jobless and almost all my savings have been spent on my mothers’ medical bills. I am writing this letter today to request you to please let me re-join the company in my old position as an assistant manager.

I have worked for your company for almost three years and had maintained a good work record. I always met any deadlines I was given and was on good terms with my colleagues and superiors.

During the last six months that I was jobless and taking care of my mother, I took a lot of online courses to expand my skill set which will come in useful for your company. Taking into consideration my previous record, I hope you will consider re-hiring me in your company.

If the position of assistant manager has already been taken, I am happy to take any other position you can offer me at the moment. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Liam Watson.

Request letter to re-join the company

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Dear sir,

Good day. My purpose in writing this letter today is to request to let me re-join the job at ABC company as a software engineer. I have worked at your company from April 2018 till April 2020. I left this job last year through proper resignation as I found another job at an office closer to my home.

Unfortunately, after working at the new place for six months, I realized that I made the mistake of leaving your company. The new job is not up to my expectations and there is very little opportunity for career growth.

I request you to please consider letting me re-join the company as a software engineer. I have had a great working experience at your company and my work was also appreciated by my seniors. I regret leaving the company and wish to join back and work under your supervision.

I assure you that I will work with your company for the long term now and not repeat any of the previous mistakes I made. I have found out that you have also been unable to find another person to fill my position so therefore I would request you to please re-hire me at my old position.

I am available for a meeting to discuss this in detail. Please feel free to contact me at [Email] for any feedback on this letter.

Thank you for your consideration.


John Doe.

Request letter to re-join the company

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