Fund Request Letter for Purchasing Project Material


Re. Fund Request for the Project of Research Program on Awareness of Child Labor

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above-cited subject, this letter aims to request you to generate funds for purchasing project material. The project aims to create consciousness for the general or the lower class public about child labor. A research program shall be administered for the sake of this project’s completion. For this research program, certain fundraising is required for which I have requested you. This project shall add to the scholarly faculties of our organization in several diversified ways. This project aims to

  • protect children from child labor
  • furnish practical implication to the available laws on child labor in the USA
  • conduct research and analysis for the sake of project flourishment
  • get international recognition for the program by conducting international research and conference program
  • employ varied strategies in compliance with the law and present scenario
  • collaborate with the other organization working on the same page
  • get coordination from child protection organizations and conduct meetings with them

This way this project can be one of the remarkable projects of the company. This project can lift the organization to another level. Three meetings have already been conducted to discuss and formalize the project. This endeavor can be met with a very pleasant and fruitful end. I request you to pay serious attention to the fund generating and fundraising for this sake. The project is going to be started with the final meeting of our company with the UK’s two of the renowned NGOs i.e. Nourish the Seed (also known as NSeed) and Kido Harbor on 22nd November 2020. This project will take almost two months to be completed and hence an amount of only $5000 is required to complete all the required proceedings and formal totalities.

I shall be grateful if you generate the fund immediately for the project. I will be available to discuss further anytime. You can also write to me at [email].

Thanking in anticipation


Massy Jill,
Meridien In. Organization and Co.
Miller Road, Nelson Square Top MO 45
Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Re. Fund Required for purchasing Physics Project Material

Dear Madam,

I am Neel Jargon from Lovelorn High School, Prism G branch, Raleigh. I am a Physics Instructor at the school to grade V and VII. The students of grade V, VI, and VII want to work on a project through mutual coordination. Their project has been approved last week by the head office of the school and now a petty fund is required to work on the project. There are a few apparatuses which are needed to perform the experiments and work on the project.

The project aims to measure the speed of light at room temperature in different circumstances. This project will not only encourage students to learn new and advance knowledge but also benefit our students in participating in other competitions in high schools and colleges. It includes seven students from grade V, VI, and VII aged 11-13. The following apparatus is required to perform the experiments for the project.

  • One glass tube
  • One miller
  • One arch measuring box
  • One calculator
  • Three pistons
  • One piston’s tube
  • Two plastic handles
  • Three tuning forks

The apparatus given above is required before 25th November 20XX. The apparatus should be new and latest because older versions of the apparatus do not give the desired results and are full of glitches in calculations.

I hope you will support us in this project in generating the fund required to meet the expense incurred in this project. We shall be obliged for this favor and your kind support. You will be provided with the project report and evaluated calculations of expense as well.

Thanking in anticipation.

Neel Jargon

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