Approval Letter to Attend a Training Session

An approval letter to attend a training session is written when you want to inform the reader about your consent for him to attend the training session. There are many training sessions which are held by many training organizations to train the employee working in different companies.

These sessions require the employee to take some time off. The employee may have to take a short or full-day leave from his job. For this purpose, the employee should request the employer for the approval of attending the training session.

If the employer finds the session to be useful for the employee and the company, he can approve the employee to attend it. This letter is a response to a request letter which is written by the employee to ask for the permission of the employer to attend the training session. Writing an approval letter is very useful since it reflects the professional behavior of the employer.

Approval letters are usually written in a formal tone and they are only used to approve the request. There is no other detail that is necessary to be included in the letter. Keep the letter as precise as possible. The reference of the request of the employee should be given in the letter. The employer should also add the details of the training session to avoid any confusion. Also, ask the employee to prepare a report on his training session.

The most important thing about formal letters is to include a catchy subject line. The subject should reflect the whole letter. The reader should be informed about the consent of the employer in clear words. The language of the letter should be formal and easy to understand.

End the letter on a positive note by conveying your best wishes and regards to the reader. There should not be any grammatical or spelling mistakes in the letter. For this purpose, you should check the letter for all such mistakes.

Try to add as many details as is required by the reader to completely comprehend the letter. Also, write your expectations from the reader after attending the training session.

Sample Letter

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am very happy to see your interest in getting training from the national training program 20XX. It seems that you will get the best of the knowledge and training from that training program and you will be updated on the most recent developments in your field.

I have informed the manager and my assistant about it. Kindly get in touch with them for your registration or other travel needs. We will set a consolidation meeting with you when you return from the trip. Kindly prepare your report on your training session. We hope that your training will be very useful for you and for our company as well. Enjoy the trip.

Eliza Soutane

[Senders Title] -Optional-

Approval Letter to Attend a Training Session

Size: 15 KB Word [.doc] File 2003 & later


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