Complaint Letter to Principal about Sports Coach

Extracurricular activities are very important for a child’s mental and physical growth. A child can’t grow like normal individuals without taking part in extracurricular activities. Therefore, schools hire coaches and assign them the responsibility to provide necessary coaching to students.

Apart from teachers, there are also many coaches hired by schools who coach and train students for delivering appropriate lessons to prepare them for various sports activities. The main job of a coach is to teach relevant skills and techniques to students so that they can learn new skills and participate in extracurricular activities with passion and interest. Just like teachers, coaches also have some responsibilities to act like professional people and to treat students appropriately.

What is a complaint letter to the principal about the coach?

If you are not happy with the performance of the coach as a student or as guardian of the student, you hold all the rights to express your dissatisfaction. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that everyone learning technical skills under the supervision of the coach is satisfied and has no problem in learning. 

Good to write a letter

It is very important to compel the coach to change his/her behavior to be an ideal person to indoctrinate necessary skills in children. Therefore, a complaint letter is necessary to write. All the teachers and instructors are the representatives of the school. They play a major role in building reputation for the school. If an instructor is not meeting the expectations of the people, the school should be informed about it. This is usually achieved by writing a letter of grievance.

Read a sample letter given below to determine how one can complain about a trainer:



Subject: Complaint against the couch

Respected sir,

I am ______________ [mention your name], a student of class 7. My roll number is 243. The purpose of writing this letter is to draw your attention to a serious matter. I believe that it is extremely important for me to let you know about my experience of taking football training classes under the supervision of Mr. ABC for two weeks as his inappropriate behavior has a very bad and negative impact on the personality and performance of all the athletes.

As a football player, there are so many skills and strategies a football player is expected to learn. However, Mr, ABC does not cater to all the needs of a football player. In addition, I and other team players also feel dissatisfied with the instructional strategies of Mr. ABC.

Mr. ABC is a qualified person and we do not doubt it. However, he does not give individual attention to players and also fails to build the personality of the individuals as athletes. We do not have a positive growth mindset due to this, we feel the pressure so quickly and this deteriorates our performance.

In addition, Mr. ABC is very rude at times and this also lowers the self-esteem of many players. We have also noticed that he gives preferential treatment to many players and ignores many of them. Due to this discriminatory behavior, we lack the sportsmanship and luster that we are supposed to show on the ground. When players are expected to represent their institute and show good performance, the instructor or trainer is also expected to show extra effort to boost the morale of the team because team Players often need appreciation and motivation from the coach to keep their spirit high.

We respect Mr. ABC from the depth of our hearts and we believe that Mr. ABC is a great instructor to work with. But, there are some inappropriate aspects of his behavior that we have shared with you. Please carry out the investigation and take action.  

We expect your prompt response to this complaint letter and hope that you will take the necessary action to rectify the behavior of the coach. We look forward to your response.


Name of the sender


Apology Letter for Prank

We all are very fond of playing pranks with our friends, colleagues, and relatives. But sometimes, our pranks can go the other way around, and rather than creating humor, they can become a cause to hurt people. Such an apology should show how much we regret the prank we have done.

By writing an apology letter, we try to show people that we care for them and our actions were unintentional. Our apology letter should include a statement that shows how much we regret it. Secondly, we should take complete responsibility for our actions. And finally, a remedy to the situation is very important.

Forget the fact whoever was right or wrong, the apology should state that the other person’s feelings have been hurt. Accepting complete responsibility is very important; never blame the other person for your actions in the apology. Do not justify your actions.


dearest Headmistress,

I am writing to you to tell you how sorry I am for the incident that took place on [dd/mm/yyyy], [day], and to express my immense regret. A few of my classmates decided to play a silly prank and talked me into their prank. They told me it is just for a good laugh and nothing could possibly go wrong. We did not realize that it would go this far and that this much damage would be caused.

That morning we bought our water guns for school and during the art period, we filled them with acrylic paints. I am sorry to say that I was the one who came up with the idea of filling the water guns with dark colors so that the effect would be more prominent.

At recess time all the teachers were having their lunch either in the staffroom or outside, so we decided to use our paint-filled water guns during this time. We sprayed our classroom with paint guns and spilled the leftover paint on the floor. We put our water guns away in the cupboard where the teachers kept their files. We thought we could get away with it easily, and that nobody would notice that, rather than spending recess with our class fellows outside, we were damaging school property.

However, we were proved wrong when the class monitor came back to the class as he had forgotten his water bottle and had come to take it, and he saw everything. He reported us to the teachers, who were extremely mad at our misdemeanor, and we were told off strictly.

Throughout the day we got many livid looks from our class fellows as their bags were covered in the paint and their books were drenched. We are humiliated and hope that you can forgive us, though we realize that the damage caused by our folly cannot be repaired just by apologizing.

I and my class fellows are ready to clean up the mess we made and we realize that our act of idiocy has harmed school property. I speak for all my companions when I say that this sort of offensive behavior will not be repeated, and I assure you that we will be on our best behavior from now onwards.

I now realize that this was very thoughtless of us and I offer my sincerest apologies to you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.


Dearest Mrs. [name],

I am writing this letter to apologize for my unruliness.

I realize that in a community all residents should respect each other and I recognize that I made a mistake when I let your parrot out of his cage when you were on vacation and were not home.

It was a foolish dare that caused this trouble. I was playing with my friends when it started to rain and we found ourselves in the middle of a hailstorm. Due to these boulder-sized hailstones, we were forced to go indoors, where we decided to play truth or dare. When it was my turn, I chose to dare, and my friends decided to give me the dare to go and let my parrot out of his cage and bring him to my house.

When I told them I couldn’t do that since that would be stealing, they talked me into it by saying that I won’t be alone and that it would not be stealing as we would return the parrot after a few days.

I now realize that this was extremely foolish of me and that I should not have taken your parrot without permission. We went to your lawn and climbed over the wall with the help of a ladder.

I grabbed your beautiful African grey from his cage and put him in a smaller cage that my friends were holding open. We then took it to my house and hid it in my room.

I feel awful now to think that not only did I steal your parrot, I felt proud about achieving what seemed to be a feat. I can promise you one thing though, that he was well cared for. I looked after him as if he was my own pet and looked after him with loads of love. I returned it as soon as I realized my folly and once more please let me say that I cannot express in words my regret. Looking forward to your forgiveness.

Apology Letter for Prank -3

The other day I and my friends were watching this funny movie where we got an idea for doing this prank. You were not with us, so we decided to play this prank on you. We did not realize how much this could have hurt you.

I am sorry to hurt you. I have lost many friends due to my immature behavior. You have been a wonderful friend and it will hurt me further if our friendship dies for such a small reason.

I know saying sorry will not fix things, but I can make sure that it will never happen again. You have been on my mind for days and I want to make myself feel better by apologizing to you. I know you do not deserve to be hurt the way I did, but it was just to create a funny moment in our life.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I would want to meet you personally so that I can explain myself and you also get a chance to take your grievances out.

Letter to Request a Personal Loan Payment

Everyone faces some kind of financial crisis in some instances of his life. In such situations, a loan is the most used helping hand. A loan from a bank is taken or a friend is requested to grant financial help via loan. But in this loan story, the interesting point comes when some people forget to repay the loan after taking it. This ‘forgetfulness’ is not always intentional but in many cases it is.

Regardless of whether a person is pretending to have forgotten the loan or has actually forgotten, you have to write a letter to bring their lost memory back. A letter requesting personal loan payment can be written for this purpose. As mentioned earlier that a delay in payment can be due to diverse reasons, it is hence sane to write a letter in a requesting tone, and avoid any humiliating remarks or threats.

Sample -1 Requesting a loan payment

I write this letter to you to request a personal loan payment for financing the purchase of a house. As you know, I have been an employee of this company for 10 years, where I started as an entry-level engineer in 2011. I have been lucky to be part of numerous flagship projects of the company, and I have made earnest efforts to make significant contributions toward timely and effective service delivery.

Apart from my professional pursuits, I have also been mindful of my domestic obligations and have assiduously put aside savings for a personal dream of owning my own house. While I am quite close to reaching my target amount, as you are aware a recent announcement of tax incentives by the Government for money invested in real estate has pushed the real estate market up, including a rise in rents which has squeezed my savings.

The recent trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future and has convinced me to move towards making a reasonable acquisition in as early a timeframe as possible, to avoid rates shooting beyond reach.

Therefore, I request a grant of a personal loan of $[amount], which I will pay back over a period of [years] through monthly installments of [amount]. I assure you that this assistance from the company will not only help me in achieving a personal dream but will also help me in pursuing my professional obligations more wholeheartedly.

Looking forward to your compassionate consideration.


I [title] [name] have been working as [designation] in [department name] since [year]. In my time here I have always tried to give my best. I am sure that you would agree that I have been a loyal and dedicated worker for all these years.

I am writing to you under extreme stress and after exhausting all other options. My Infant daughter was diagnosed with Hypo-plastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). If it is not treated timely, it is fatal. Two treatment options are available one is Heart Transplant and the other is a surgical procedure having three steps called staged palliation.

The Cardiothoracic Surgeon after thoroughly going over my daughter’s test results recommended that we go for Staged Palliation. It is not only a very complicated procedure but a very expensive one too. She has already undergone two surgeries and her third surgery is due on [date] but we have run out of funds.

We have already spent all our savings on the first two surgeries. We have taken loans from friends and family. We have even sold our car but sadly, we do not have enough funds for the third surgical procedure. My daughter would not survive if she does not undergo this procedure by [date].

I want to request you please grant me a loan of [amount]. This amount would cover her hospital stay charges, surgery charges, doctor fees, and medicines. Sir, I and my family are going through a very stressful time and we really need your help. I am ready to pay this amount back in installments from my Pay or any other way you find appropriate.

Looking forward to your understanding and help.

Sample -3 Request a payback of payment

I hope you and everybody else in your family are well. Dear [enter name], I am writing this letter to you in order to remind you that you had taken a loan of [enter amount] in [enter year/month] due to the financial crisis that you were facing at that time. You said that you’ll repay the loan by [enter month-year].

I am glad to hear that you have started your own business and generating good revenues too. For that, all my good wishes are with you. However, I would like to request you the payment of the loan that I owe you. I am sure you’re now financially enough stable to repay that. I’ll be grateful to you if you do it at your earliest. Many thanks.

Recommendation Letter for a Colleague

A letter of recommendation is what is also called a reference letter. Recommendation letters are written in order to assist people to get good jobs, getting selected for training programs, joining workshops, etc. Sometimes, recommendation letters are also written for procedures like adoption, etc. There is no set format for a recommendation letter, however, the writer or the person who is recommending should write this letter in a convincing tone.

A mention of the referred person’s character and achievements should be made and the reader should be told how the referred person could prove beneficial for them. It should, however, not be overlooked that in reference or recommendation letters you are responsible for what you write. Writing letters for people who do not deserve a referral or recommendation is nothing but snatching the right of a deserving candidate.


I write this letter to you to refer a colleague of mine for a vacancy of [Job Description] published by your company. Mr./Ms. [Name of applicant] is a Ph.D. in [Discipline] from [Name of Institution]. He/She has [number of years] teaching experience in numerous reputed institutions, including Quaid e Azam University, Islamic International University, and National University of Science and Technology, where he is currently serving as a Professor of [name of discipline] since [year]. He has also collaborated on numerous international research projects with teams from the UK, Germany, and South Korea.

Apart from the above-mentioned extensive and diverse academic experience, he/she has served in a variety of managerial positions both in the public and private sectors. He/she has been the Director of Research at the National Institute of Medical Sciences, advisor to the Director of General Technology at the Ministry of Science and Technology, and member of the “Technology Vision 2030” task force.

As advertised in your job description for the particular appointment, it is evident that the incumbent is required to not only provide direction to your company’s diverse products research portfolio but also liaise with numerous public and private agencies for Government approval of rollouts.

Mr./Ms. with a rich public and private background in fields as diverse as research, academics, and Government projects is ideally equipped to handle the diverse portfolio. In addition to the aforementioned professional traits, Mr./Ms. is blessed with outstanding personality traits. He/She is an honest and loyal team player, blessed with the highest qualities of leadership and character.

I am also attaching a C.V. of the applicant, which he/she has also forwarded separately with the job application. I am sure that Mr./Ms. will be an excellent addition to your company, who will be able to make a significant contribution to your vision of excellence and innovation.


To Whom It May Concern

My name is [enter name] and I am working at [enter organization] as [enter title]. I am writing this letter to you in order to recommend Mr. [enter name] for the vacancy of [enter detail] at your company.

I have been working with him since [enter period] and during that time I found him a very hardworking and capable employee who is always ready to accept challenges. He was one of the few employees at our workplace whose every project went successfully.

Since he is leaving this city and will be shifting his household to [enter city], he is looking for employment at your office. Kindly consider this recommendation in his favor. I am sure he will not disappoint you.

For further details, you can contact me at [123-4567-8901].  Thank you!

Letter Apologizing for Missing the Registration Deadline

Registrations are important in fact very important. The purpose of registration is to get the details of the applicants, have an idea of the number of people applying, and most importantly to complete official requirements and formalities.

Registrations are open for a particular duration and once they are closed, you are supposed to have missed your chance. But it is not as serious always. Sometimes, you can make an apology for missing the due date and can resume the opportunity for you to get registered. An apology letter for missing the registration deadline can be written for this purpose.


I [name] want to apply for the scholarship program offered by your prestigious organization. I want to apologize for missing the registration deadline. Sir, I have always been a very responsible person and the reason I have missed the registration deadline is that I was unwell and admitted to [name] Hospital.

I tested positive for COVID on [date]. All my documents were ready for submission when I fell ill but as I was sick, it slipped my mind that the deadline was after two days. When I got better, the registration deadline passed but I am still sending you all my documents in the hope that my previous academic record and research in this field might convince you to select me.

I have been working on python for the last [number] of years, which is a prerequisite for the training program you are offering the scholarship for. I am sending my references and they can vouch for my expertise in this language.

It has been my dream to study cloud App programming but due to a lack of funds, I was not able to do that until now. When I heard about this scholarship program, it sounded like a Godsend. Then I fell ill and lost all hope when I realized that the registration date has passed, however, my teachers encouraged me to apply and try to explain my position.

If selected, I would not disappoint you. Looking forward to a favorable consideration.


I wanted to book a stall in the Arts and Handicrafts Exhibition being organized by [name] on [date] at [venue name] but due to some personal reasons, I missed the registration deadline. Please forgive me and accept my application for the allotment of a stall.

I am a gardener and I have been putting up my plants for sale in exhibitions all over the city since [year name]. In addition to an extensive collection of seasonal plants and trees.

I also grow some plant varieties, which are very rare, and they have captured the fancy of the public wherever I have exhibited them. I have a new batch of these rare cacti and succulents ready for sale. Please accept my application and reserve my stall. Another very popular attraction on my stall is the organic compost I make. It is an item, which is always in demand. I also stock garden accessories that are both cute and practical.

My stall is bound to attract many of my loyal customers to your event. Hence, it would be a mutually beneficial decision on your end. Looking forward to your acceptance of my apology and allotment of a stall.


I am writing this letter to you regarding the registration date for [enter details]. The last date of registration was [enter date]. Unfortunately, I could not get myself registered before that closing date which I always do. I was informed that the date has passed when I came for registration. I would like to apologize for missing the registration deadline and request you kindly allow me to submit my registration form now.

If there are any dues for late registration, I’ll pay as well. Since this [course/seminar etc.] is very important to me, I do not want to miss it at any cost. Kindly accept my apologies and allow me to register myself for which I shall be highly grateful. Thank you!

Request Letter for a Copy of Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is an official and legal document that is used to record the birth details of an individual. It is one of the first documents that are made after one is born and keeps having importance until an alternate document to be used in its place is issued. Because the document is important, it should be kept with utmost care.

Sometimes, even though kept carefully important documents are lost. When such an incident occurs, it is preferred to request a copy of that document from the authorities as soon as possible.

The birth certificate, however, is not always requested by an individual for himself. This request can be made if a copy of someone else’s birth certificate is required for the purpose of verification, research, investigation, etc. However, the native laws should be kept under consideration regarding issuance. Below are sample letters that can be used to request a copy of the birth certificate.

Request made by the office

Please send a copy of your birth certificate along with the other documents for applying to our facility. Please send the copy before [DATE] so that we may begin with our procedures.

Kindly send it as soon as possible otherwise you be made to apply again for the [SERVICE/Other] next month of [Month] before [DATE].

Please Note:

  1. It should not be the original birth certificate.
  2. It should not be the national identity card in place of the birth certificate.
  3. If you have any issues regarding the birth certificate matter kindly contact us as soon as you receive our letter/email on the provided contact numbers or email as provided.

Request made by an individual

I am [enter name], daughter/son of [enter name] living in [enter place]. My date of birth is [enter date]. I am writing this letter to you in order to request a copy of my birth certificate. I am not sure when did I use it the last time but unfortunately could not find it in my documents now when I need it.

I urgently need my certificate since I have to use it for an official purpose [purpose may be written]. Kindly issue me a copy of my birth certificate.

The dues of the certificate as per the rules are enclosed with the letter. I shall be grateful if you inform me when you post the copy. My contact number is [123-4567-8901] Thank you!

Letter to Confirm an Authorization given to someone

You may own authority over something and may sometimes have to transfer that authority temporarily or permanently to somebody else. For this reason, authorization letters are written. Authorization letters are also legal letters which means they can be used as legal proof in case needed. The already granted authorizations at times have to be refreshed by writing confirmation of authorization letters.

In such a letter, the sender mentions the matter or thing the authority of which has been granted and confirms his granted authorization. Since authorization or confirmation of an authorization letter is a legal letter, it should be signed by the sender to confirm the letter has been written by him.


Under provision given in Company Rules [name of rule] and authorization given by Director of Policy Mr. [name], [title] Mr. [name] from [accounts firm name] is hereby authorized to access the [name] account details for a period of [no of months/weeks/days] from [date to date]. He is a very competent accountant and his firm has been dealing with all the tax issues and account audits for the past [number] years.

He has been hired by the company as an external resource to audit, and identify anomalies/irregularities (if any) to enable us to rectify them before the Annual Accounts Audit scheduled at the end of the year. He has been given complete clearance by the Head office to audit this account and you are requested to offer your full co-operation from your staff and accountants.

You are also requested to nominate a liaison officer with Mr. [name] for the duration of the audit. Administrative assistance required for him has already been coordinated with the administration section, details of which will be shared with your department by the Human Resource Department shortly.

In case of any further queries please contact Mr. [name] of [Department Name] at [phone number] or email him at [email address].


Dear Mr. [name]

This letter is to confirm that [name] student of [grade name] has been authorized to access the school students’ records. He is doing research for his sociology project and requires the last five years’ data of all the students.

Please cooperate with him. In case of any quarries please contact the principal.


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

My child is studying at your school in [enter grade]. I am writing to you to inform you that due to having a busy business schedule, I shall be traveling throughout the year and will not be able to attend the parent-teacher meetings at the school. Mr. [enter name] has been tutoring my child since [enter period] and has been attending the meetings on my behalf.

I would like to confirm his authorization to work in my absence as my child’s guardian for all the matters related to my child. During the course of my absence, if any kind of consent or authorization letter would be required, his authority should be considered. Thank you!

Personal Reference Letter for a Friend

Your reference letter for your friend could prove a great deal of help to him in order to get approval for a job, get into a training program, initiate a business partnership, etc. While writing a reference letter, be sure that a reference letter is not merely a paragraph of a few lines requesting the person to consider your friend because he’s your friend. That’s, of course, insane since he is your friend, not his. He would want reasons to consider your friend’s proposal.

Letters written with this strategy will not make any positive effect rather they increase the possibility of rejection. With your improper reference letter for your friend, you can take revenge for an old grudge if you ever want to but please don’t be that unkind. Look at this sample of a reference letter for a friend.


I write this letter to you to refer a friend of mine for a vacancy of [Job Description] published by our company. Mr./Ms. [Name of applicant] is a graduate of [Discipline] from [Name of Institution], where we were class fellows. He/she was an excellent student who not only excelled in academics but also remained an avid participator in extra-curricular activities.

He/she is currently employed in [name of company] in Karachi, as [job description] since [number of years]. He/she has worked on a number of important projects, including [name of the project(s)], and has developed expertise in [name of field].

Not only is he/she a thorough professional, but also has been an avid volunteer participant in the company’s social endeavors including flood relief operations in [name of place]. While he/she is quite content with his/her current workplace, it is quite far from his/her native city of Lahore, due to which he/she is interested in relocating.

He/she has been looking for a reputable company that can help him/her actualize professional ambitions, in addition to giving him/her an opportunity to work near home. I assure you that Mr./Ms. will be an excellent addition to our team and will prove to be an asset to our organization. I am enclosing a copy of his/her C.V. with this letter, which he/she has already forwarded along with his/her job application.

Looking forward to a favorable consideration.


I [title] [name] have been working in [department name] for the last [number] of years. I have come to know about an opening in [department name] and want to recommend a friend for this post. Ms. [name] was in my class fellow in [college name]. We did our [degree name] together.

She was a brilliant student and a very good debater. She won many prizes in inter-college debating competitions. Her final year project was [name] for which she was awarded a Gold Medal.

She worked in [company name] from [date to date]. However, due to some personal reasons, she took a break and didn’t join the workforce for [number of years]. Now she wants to start working again and I would like to recommend her for the post of [designation].

This recommendation is not due to our friendship but because she is a very hardworking and dedicated person who given the chance, would prove herself to be an asset to our company. She is an excellent team worker and gets along very nicely with people of different temperaments.

Her biggest strength is her intelligence and her thoroughness. Her attention to detail and perfectionist approach would be very suitable for the post of [designation]. I am attaching her CV and Cover letter. Looking forward to your kind consideration.

Letter -3

To Whom It May Concern

My name is [enter name] and I am working at [enter organization] as [enter title]. I’m writing to you regarding Mr. [friend’s name]. He’s my very good friend and it’s been [enter years] since we knew each other. Apart from having a good character he has a competitive nature and always accepts new challenges. He is particularly good at [enter details] and has a successful background as [enter title].

With all these details, I would like you to consider this reference letter for my friend Mr. [friend’s name]. I am sure you’ll not regret your decision. Thank you!

Holiday Closing Announcement Letter

A holiday closing announcement letter is sent to the vendors, and customers at least one week before the holidays begin. The purpose of this letter is to give time to third parties to manage and organize their business needs before the holidays.

  • The letter should include the date when the holiday begins
  • The reason for the holidays
  • Effectively inform all the stakeholders that business will be closed for a specific holiday
  • Closing dates and opening dates should be included
  • Assurance should be provided to the clients that the ongoing tasks will be either completed before the holidays begin or will be resumed after the holidays
  • Contact information should be included in case of any emergency contact that needs to be made from the clients


Dear Staff

Merry Christmas!! We are very pleased to announce that the offices would be closed from [date] to [date] for the Christmas holidays.

The list of employees who would be on call in case of an emergency is attached. Please see the list and make sure that you are available by phone and email on your designated duty day.

Hope you have a great vacation.


Holiday Closing announcement letter

Dear Staff

The school would be closed from [date] to [date] for the Eid holidays. Any projects assigned to the students whose deadlines fall in this period would be delayed to the next week after the end of the vacation.

Please ensure that you hand in the Mid-term exam question papers before going on holiday as the exams would start a week after school reopens. Also, ensure that the students have all their notebooks and books with them so that they do not face any difficulty in preparing for the exams. All work related to the topics in the syllabus should be checked and any corrections required should be clearly mentioned.

Wishing you happy holidays.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Our company would like to thank you for your long-term business relationship with us. We look forward to building better and stronger ties with you.

We are writing you this letter to inform you that we will take [10 day] holiday from work due to [Christmas]. Our offices will be closed during this time. The holidays begin from [date] and will last until [date]. We will resume our work from [date] and [time].

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused due to this holiday closure. We highly appreciate your understanding in this matter. In the case of any emergency, you can email us at [email id] and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

I hope you will enjoy your holidays.

Parental Letter of Authorization for Travel

Children sometimes during their academic career or while attending some kind of courses have to travel across the city, country, or outside the country as part of the degree program or as a co-curricular activity. For this travel, parental consent is required particularly when the child is a minor.

These consents are sometimes taken by the relevant authorities on parental consent forms while other times the students are required to bring a parental authorization letter. In a parental authorization letter, the parents or the guardians of the child grant their consent for their child’s travel and allow the relevant authorities to take their child with them.

Note that while parents grant their authorization for travel, it is the responsibility of the guides and relevant authorities to take care utmost of the children/students since they are in their custody.

This letter can be used as a letter of parental authorization for their children to travel.


I am [name]’s father, [name] and I am writing to officially allow my daughter who studies in grade [number] to accompany her class on the class trip to the historical site of [name].

These trips are an important part of the student’s school life and I want to applaud you for arranging this trip as these trips enable them to envision, understand and discuss the facts learned in the History lessons in the classroom. Hence, they broaden the student’s vision and increase their interest in History.

Also, traveling without parents increases the child’s self-confidence and belief in themselves. They learn to be more responsible and to take better care of themselves and their belongings. They also learn to be more patient as traveling is bound to tire them and many opportunities for conflict arise which they have to solve on their own without their parent’s intervention.

I had a few queries. Firstly, how much money are the students allowed to carry with them? Secondly, would the School Bus drop my daughter back at the house, or do we have to pick her up from school?

My third concern is, can we have the contact number of the teacher accompanying them?

Looking forward to a prompt response from you.


I [name] am writing to you to authorize my son [name] [grade], to travel with his team for the finals of the Inter-City Cricket Match. I am a great supporter of competitive sports. I feel that competition teaches children to manage their anxiety and fears and learn that challenges are not to be feared.

They learn that by hard work and practice they can overcome their shortcomings and achieve their goals. They learn an even more important lesson when they lose, as learning to deal with failure and disappointments is the most precious lesson that helps them their entire life.

These competitions also enable the students to interact with children from different backgrounds and ethnicity which enriches their experience and makes them more tolerant and broadminded. Competition teaches children that they have to play by the rules and while staying within those rules they have to plan their winning strategies.

The most important aspect of competitive sports has to be the building of the child’s self-esteem when they work hard and achieve their goal they feel that they can achieve anything through hard work. When they lose they know that they can get back up and that there is always a next time, making them realize their own resilience and strength.

I want to applaud the school for arranging these competitions and want to extend my full support.

All the best for the competition. May the best team win!!


I am writing to you regarding my child’s upcoming school trip. I was asked to submit my consent regarding the travel. This letter is to confirm that I authorize you to take my child to [enter place] for [enter purpose] and [enter days]. He has traveled along with other students with you several times and I am sure you’ll take the best care of all of them like always. Thank you.

Letter Announcing Arrival of a New Company Nurse

When a new person joins the company, it is a must that he/she is welcomed by the existing staff. Joining a new company with an entirely different atmosphere is a kind of hard thing to manage but, it gets easier if fellow workers are cooperative and welcoming.

Moreover, the owner, along with a welcoming note, must make it known to his staff that a new person is arriving with some academic records and achievements and for the following designation. Below is a letter that is written in this respect.


It is a matter of delight to announce that Mrs. [Nurse’s name] is going to join us coming [Day/Date etc.] as a new company nurse. From now she will be handling all the medical records and files of the employees also she will be dealing with the first aid items and some medicines.

Mrs. [Nurse’s name] is a professional and well-experienced nurse with a [four-year diploma degree in nursing] and [health care]. She had been an in-charge nurse in the community hospital for the past three years and I am sure that she will do her job well in our company as well. I want all of my staff to give her a warm welcome when she arrives. I hope and wish good for you all and for our new staff member. Thank you very much.


We are excited to announce the arrival of our new company nurse, Sister Linda Williams. On upcoming Monday, she will take charge and fill the position of our late company nurse Sister Julia who was killed in a road accident.

She will assist our medical officer in dealing with routine medical matters of the company. She will also be responsible for handling and maintaining the medical files of the employees.  Henceforth, all the medical bills will be initiated and routed through our new company nurse.

Ms. Linda has been working as a staff nurse in various renowned hospitals in the country. Medical care is a department that demands qualified individuals with practical working experience. We are fortunate to find someone as a nurse with considerable years of experience in her relevant field. I hope you all will help me give her a warm welcome as soon as she arrives.



It is hereby announced that Ms. Parker has joined us as our new company nurse in the medical care department. She will report directly to our chief medical officer, Mr. Arnold, and assist him in overseeing all the medical-related functions.

We are happy to find Ms. Parker as our nurse who has more than 15 years of experience in the same capacity at various renowned hospitals. She is excellent at managing emergency cases efficiently. Her expertise is exactly what we need at Stars Marketing Company. She will be responsible for maintaining employees’ medical files, providing good medical care to staff members, and helping them prepare their medical bills.

She is supposed to join the company on upcoming Monday. You all are requested to offer her a warm welcome upon her arrival. Please offer her your support so as to make her familiar with the company. We will be having a small welcome party this Monday to make her arrival a memorable event. Your presence on said occasion will highly be appreciated.


Reference Letter Template for a Co-Worker

A reference letter can be written for a co-worker. The main objective of writing the reference letter for the coworker is to assist him in getting a job. This letter tells the client about the coworker and how he has performed in the past and also the details about his skills and abilities.

The letter includes all the information related to the co-worker no matter it is personal or professional. This letter can directly affect the performance of the person in the future.

The letter of reference is a positive letter that is used to highlight the skills and abilities of the person. It also gives details about the accomplishments of a person. It can be helpful for recruiters in the hiring process. There is no specific format to be followed for writing this letter.

The target reader of the letter can be any person so, you will give the heading‘’ To Whom It May Concern’’. The contents of the letter are very important as the whole future of the co-worker depends on it.


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter about [Miss AB] who has worked with me as a director in a company. She was given the task to proofread the contents before they could be published. She performed her duties well. She is a very talented girl and I believe that she can make a big difference wherever she will work since she has a passion for work. I hope that you will consider my reference letter for her in a kind way.


To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this reference letter for my coworker, Mr. John. I recommend him as a new sales manager in your company. I have been working with him as a colleague for the last five years.

Throughout this period, he recognized himself as a capable manager and proved his worth by means of effective marketing strategies. I had worked with him very closely for more than six years and always found him an enjoyable person to work with.

He was competent enough to double the profit of his sales division. In 2020, after the peak phase of COVID-19, he restructured his sales team and announced new strategies to reduce travel expenses. He has strong communication skills and learns new and unique things very quickly.

Honesty is one of the integral parts of his personality. He executes it in all relationships as well as business transactions. Moreover, he has integrity in his thoughts and approaches every task in a scientific way. His employment has been marked by his tremendous ability to cope not only with stressful situations but to thrive in them. Once he was noticed to complete an important project in a short time. He managed his workforce efficiently and completed that difficult-looking project a week before the deadline. This was how he proved his worth.

Owing to the above-mentioned abilities, I strongly recommend Mr. John. It is sad to know that he is leaving us, but this move is very important for his bright future. I assure you that John will use his skills to achieve your company’s goals.

If you have any queries about him, don’t hesitate to contact me through email.



I am extremely pleased to submit this reference letter on behalf of my coworker, David. I hereby support his candidacy for the position of marketing manager at your company. I have worked with him for about five years in a star marketing company where he was known as an innovative and diligent person.

Throughout his stay in the company, he demonstrated his managerial skills and enhanced the overall productivity of the company. I always felt pleasure working with him and I believe he will make a positive contribution to your company as well.

David and I started employment at the same time. However, he surprised everyone during the first week of his employment when he completed an important project within four days. He impressed us with his motivation and enthusiasm to perform best at any cost.

Moreover, he is a great motivator and mentor. Employees in our company were always ready to take on new challenges due to their unique motivational style. If you hire him, he will do wonders because he is a confident, motivated and self-driven person. He is a leader by birth and will prove himself an excellent addition to any company.

Although it is sad to see him leave this company, at the same time I realize his need to relocate with his family. I believe that your company will provide him with an excellent opportunity for his professional growth.

If you need to know anything more about him, call me at [contact].


Referral Letter for a Friend Applying for a Training Program

It is important to know why and when referral letters are written. A referral letter is basically a confirmation or reliability letter that you write for someone. Its purpose is to confirm that you know the person and assure that you consider him a potential person to be referred.

Referral letters can be written by ex-employers for their employees, teachers for their students to get admission to good institutes or friends and colleagues for their friends, etc. It should be noted that a referral letter is a letter of response. Referral letters should not be written if you do not consider the relevant person capable. It will be an undue favor in this case and will snatch the right of a deserving person.

This sample letter given below can be used to write a referral letter for a friend applying for a training program.


I [title] [name] am working in [department name] of this company since [number of years]. I learned about the [name] training program and I want to recommend Mr. [name] working in my department for this program. Mr. [name] has been a part of this company since [year]. He has extensive experience in programming in MATLAB and Java. He has proved himself to be invaluable in the coding for the projects [name of project].

As you know that [name] is a very challenging programming language and it requires a background of having worked in [name] and [name]. Mr. [name] fulfills this condition perfectly as he has been working on these platforms for the past couple of years and is an expert in programming and editing in these.

I am not only recommending him due to personal affiliation but because he is a very hard-working and capable person. He is a good team worker and a very loyal employee and the company would greatly benefit by investing in his professional growth.

Looking forward to your kind consideration.


Dear Mr. [name]

This is a recommendation letter for Ms. [name] who is applying for a British Council teacher education course aimed at developing Middle school teachers. I [name] am the vice principal of [name] School. Ms. [name] has been working as the English teacher for our middle school since [year].

She has proven herself to be a very hard-working and dedicated teacher. The student’s affiliation with her and their excellent results are proof of her hard work.

I would like to recommend her for the training program being conducted by your prestigious organization. I am sure that she will learn a lot from this program and our students will benefit from her knowledge. The teaching strategies she will learn would impact her performance in the classroom.

She wants to apply for the part-time training program as this will allow her to continue working in the school and practice the techniques she is learning.

Looking forward to your favorable consideration.


To Whom It May Concern

My name is [enter name] and I am currently enrolled in [enter program] at [enter institution]. With due respect, I would like to refer my friend [enter name] for the training program of [enter details]. I know him since [enter period] and we together had taken many educational and training programs. I find him a potential candidate for this training program.

He is good at learning new things, keeping friendly ties with the fellows, and giving extraordinary output. I hereby request you to consider him for this training program. Thank you!

Reference Letter for a Nurse

When you experience something bad in your life, it is the people who stand by your strength that you always remember and cherish for the rest of your life. One must try to appreciate their work and help them in any possible way.

Reference letters are one of the ways to do so. Moreover, you can also write such letters to someone you know very well or have known for too long. These kinds of reference letters in good words can sometimes help the other person a lot. Following is a sample of such a letter.


My name is [sender’s name] and I am [22 years] old. About a year ago I had an accident as a result of which I lost my leg. I stayed in the intensive care unit for two weeks after which I shifted to the ward and had to stay there for three months. During all that time Nurse [Nurse’s name] took care of me. By that time, I was all awake and, in my consciousness, so I know how hard she worked to take care of me. When I had sleepless nights, she used to stay up with me all night. Her kind words and loving gestures cured half of my pain.

Nurse [nurse’s name] is the kind of person who will always leave the warmth of love and kindness wherever she goes. I wish her the best in everything and I hope this will help her. Thank you very much.


To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this reference letter for Sister Elsa, who has worked with us as a senior staff nurse for seven years. I endorse her as your next senior staff nurse for your family care hospital. I have worked as her supervisor and that’s why I assure you that she is a dedicated lady and has been bestowed with a great sense of responsibility. She is moving with her family and I think she must go nowhere else but to join your prestigious hospital. She was one of my best staff nurses and her professionalism will be missed.

As her supervisor, I was amazed by her communication skills with doctors, patients, and colleagues. She can handle emergencies and I found her working confidently under such stressful circumstances. She has always been eager to learn new things which can be used to provide the best care to patients.

By means of her professionalism, she affected her patients in a positive way. Everybody respected and liked her by virtue of her helpful attitude. For most difficult cases, she was also used as a resource person by doctors on various occasions.

She has an excellent ability to adapt to new situations very quickly. I witnessed it last year when our hospital faced a sudden and relatively large influx of patients after a natural disaster. She organized all the work efficiently with a small number of available nurses at that time.

After that incident, I consider her a reliable lady who knows how to perform her duties in an efficient way while treating each person with respect. We enjoyed working with her. Even though she is going to be missed, I strongly refer her to you. 

There will be a big gap in our hospital without her. I believe that Sister Elsa’s professionalism and relevant experience will help her find a worthy nursing position at your hospital. If you have any queries about Elsa, feel free to contact me through email.



To Whom It May Concern

I feel proud to write a reference letter for Sister Anna, who has worked with us as a senior staff nurse from March 2016 to July 20XX. If asked, I would define her in terms of an individual who is always eager to learn new things. Her ability to adapt to new and sudden situations made her one of the most respected staff members of our hospital.

Even during the most stressful conditions during the peak phase of the pandemic, she always remained calm and demonstrated her excellent nursing skills. Owing to her professionalism and great skills, I would refer Sister Anna as your next staff nurse for your hospital.

She has many abilities to her credit. For example, she is a talented, professional, organized, well-mannered, and dedicated lady. She is a kindhearted lady and has always been sympathetic with her patients. Throughout her tenure, she recognized herself as an outstanding nurse among the whole staff.

She always remained a step ahead of what was supposed to be performed by her. She provided compassionate care to patients and helped them recover as soon as possible.  Anna was seldom absent from her duty and in this way, she made a strong working relationship with doctors and other staff members working in collaboration with her.

Apart from all the traits, Anna can work independently and knows how to get the work done as per requirements. Moreover, she is flexible and willing to deal with any kind of patient. It was witnessed during the peak phase of COVID-19. She offered her services to those patients voluntarily and worked heartedly in collaboration with doctors.  

Briefly, I assure you that Anna would be a tremendous addition to your hospital, and I highly recommend her for the position of senior staff nurse. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries about her.


Letter to Endorse or Nominate a Candidate for Award

I am writing a letter to inform you that you, Mr. XYZ have been nominated as the best employee of our company. It is our company’s tradition that we nominate employees every year. So, this year our company has decided to nominate your name because of your hardworking and dedication to the company.

Our XYZ Company’s criteria for the award are not that easy. It is a must to complete all the assigned tasks within the time. All the projects and deadlines should be completed at a time. Our company sets some targets for the employees and it is very important to meet these targets every month. The more you put effort into the progress of the Company the more you will get a chance to receive the award. 

We are proudly able to say that you have completed all your tasks very efficiently. You always meet your target on a time and submit your projects. You did a lot of effort and hard work into the progress and the betterment of the company.

Your hard work and dedication set a great example for other employees of the company. You always come to the office regularly and the special thing which the company’s management more like about is you never skip your working day without any reason.

I am very happy for you that you are nominated for this award and I hope that you will win this award. I wish you the best of luck from the core of my heart. Good Luck Thank you for your precious time. Best wishes.

I am a director from XYZ association. I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been nominated as the best screen player of the year. I know that you already won many awards in the previous year and I proudly announce that this year you are again nominated for the best screenplay award.

You had started your Career in 20xx and you did a great job in these years. As we know that making a name for yourself in this industry is not an easy task but, in a few years, you proved yourself that nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication. Not everyone can afford to be so famous at such a young age. Your hard work and efforts toward acting set a great example for the junior actors. 

Our XYZ association’s criteria only depend upon fans’ following and public demand. The more people appreciate your work and personality the more you will have a chance to win the award. There is no place for favoritism in our association all the screen players are equal to us. This is the result of your hard work that you always win the heart of your fans.

I hope you again win this award this year. I am wishing you the best of luck with the award. Good luck. Thank you for the time. Best wishes.

There are many organizations that give awards or recognition in the form of endorsement letters. The letter contains the information about the achievements of the candidate on the basis of which he is being awarded and also his personal information such as a qualification.

The award for which the candidate has been nominated should be mentioned in the letter. The reasons on the basis of which the candidate has been nominated for the award should be clearly mentioned in the letter. In this part of the letter, the details of all the achievements of the candidate are written.

At the end of the letter, once again emphasize the purpose of the endorsement letter and then close the letter by offering the reader to contact you in the case of any query.

Letter -3: Short form

It is a great pleasure for us to endorse you for this award. You have been nominated for this award after a detailed and very careful review of all your records and achievements of yours throughout the year. We firmly believe that you are the eligible candidate for this award.

You are very good in conduct and a hardworking man. You have always been a firm person in any kind of tough time through which the company has gone. You never hesitate in taking any challenge. You are also an inspiration for the other people working with you. I am extremely happy for endorsing you for this award because of your qualities and exceptional achievements.

Letter Announcing Surplus Budget to Upgrade Equipment

This letter is written to announce the good announcement of granting the surplus budget to perform the successful up-gradation of the equipment. The details regarding the budget should be clearly explained in the letter. Mention the amount of money clearly which has been granted as a surplus budget. You should also tell in the letter that your company will use this budget and what techniques will be adapted to consume the budget positively.

Another important piece of information is to tell how the company will access the budget. The main objective of writing this letter is to inform the reader that you are granting the surplus budget to the company and the reader should also be informed that this budget is only for the company and nobody else can use it. If you have imposed any other restrictions on this budget, you can mention all of them in the letter.


We are glad to inform you that our company has a surplus budget this year. The higher authorities of the company will inform shortly about the amount of budget which has been allocated to each department of the company. Although the funds are very limited yet I believe that they can bring a positive change in the progress of the company.

The surplus budget is the best way by which we can solve many problems which are encountered by our staff. All the ideas related to the use of the budget will be available by the end of this month and will be taken into consideration.


I am extremely thankful to all departmental heads for their careful planning. I am pleased to announce that we are left with a modest amount in our account. It is happening for the first time when we have a budget surplus. Although this budget is unrestricted, we want our managers to use it for upgrading or replacement of office machinery and equipment.

This is the way through which we can manage the burden of work and shorten the requirements to get work done. Within a week, all heads will receive a notification about the availability of amounts for them.

Please let this office know by the 15th of August which equipment should be upgraded or replaced first on a priority basis. If we don’t use this surplus budget by the 30th of August, it will be lost. So, you all are requested to prepare your proposals and put these on my table as soon as possible. In this way, I would be able to evaluate your needs and make the necessary purchases well before the deadline.

Please note that unused funds will be carried forward to next year’s budget. Since we don’t have plenty much time, prepare your proposals wisely keeping in mind your departmental needs. This is the golden time, and we cannot predict when this unique opportunity will be available to us again. Please take your time and let my office know if you need to replace or upgrade your office equipment. Your proposal must be accompanied by an application and justification for up-gradation.

Feel free to contact my office assistant if you need any help regarding the allocation of funds or the preparation of proposals.

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



Over the period of the last six months, market prices fluctuated, and we have seen a significant decrease in prices. Due to this sudden downfall in market prices, we have a surplus budget in our equipment purchase and upgrade account. It clearly indicates the availability of extra money for our use. After a long and detailed meeting with senior management, we have decided to use this money to purchase the latest models of computers, photocopiers, and printers.

All concerned departmental heads are directed to assess their needs for upgrading their existing computers to faster ones. Note that surplus money will only be spent on buying hardware items, not software. So, if you need to upgrade your equipment or buy a new one, prepare your proposal wisely and send it to the office of the undersigned by the 31st of August. All such proposals must be accompanied by brief details as to how you will use the particular equipment.

We are excited because the working efficiency of our company is going to be expanded with new and upgraded equipment. We are also thankful to our managers, whose diligent efforts helped us stay within defined limits of the budget. Consequently, you have a budget surplus that can be used at your discretion.

The deadline for using the budget surplus is the 1st of September. Thereafter, unused funds will be carried forward to next year’s budget. You are therefore directed to prepare and submit your proposals well before the deadline so that your requests could be evaluated with ease.  


Letter to Suggest a Solution to a Company’s Problem

Letter -1

It is to inform you that our [x] Company has been going from a great loss for the last three months. This is much unexpected for us. Our Company has been working in import and export for the last fifteen years.

This is the first time that we take so much loss in the past few months. Our company’s CEO works very hard for the betterment of the company but due to this constant loss our CEO is in great shock and unfortunately, his condition is also not good for taking stress. We all have to work together to resolve this problem as soon as we can. 

I have some suggestions for the loss. I assure you that we can regain the amount of the loss.

  1. Our XYZ Company should cancel the big projects with other states and start working with the small market with affordable prices.
  2. We should buy things according to our budget and sell them with two percent profit.
  3. We should give sales on our bigger products. From doing this we can earn more profit.
  4. Also, we can sell our company’s extra furniture for the payment.

If we can work together on this plan, we surely go through this hard time, but we will have to stay united and patient. 

I hope that you like my suggestions and ideas. If you like it then we will arrange a meeting and inform all the employees about it. For further queries, you can contact me on [X]. Moreover, you can also send your message via email at [X]. I hope you will like my idea. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you for your precious time. Best wishes.

Size: 25 KB

Letter -2

I am writing this letter to inform you about the present situation of our X Boutique. Our X Boutique is the most famous in the city, but we are at a loss for the last two months due to Covid-19. Our new stock is still the same, not a single product has been sold out. If our boutique will work in such a state, it will completely shut down after months and our hard work will be wasted. We will have to do something to make a solution to this problem.

I have some ideas and suggestions for this loss.

  1. We should sell our new products with fifteen percent off.
  2. We should take more orders at an affordable price.
  3. We should launch a new product that will attract the attention of the public.
  4. We should give sale on our high products. It will increase the publicity. Moreover, we can work from door to door with cheap and affordable home delivery charges.
  5. We should hire quality staff to work home to home for the marketing of our product. Also, we can use different social media platforms for online marketing purposes. 

I hope you like my opinion and give respect to my suggestion and idea. If you like my idea we can freely arrange a meeting and discuss all the scenarios with our other colleagues. For further information, you can contact me on [X]. I am waiting for your positive response. Thank you for your time. Good luck. 

When you are working in a company or you are an old customer of a company, you may find the company facing several problems during its working. Giving the solution to the company’s management is a tricky task. The suggestion should be given in a respectable tone and the letter should be very precise. Try to explain the situation where you saw the problem arising and the letter should be convincing so that the reader can pay attention to it.

Also, suggest calling the meeting in order to elaborate on your suggestion in more detail. There should not be any criticizing words in the letter rather it should reflect the concern of the writer. The solution along with some specific details should be given in the letter. You can also ask for feedback from the reader in order to know if your suggestion has been accepted or not.

Letter -3: Short format

I am a little concerned about my sales team. The company gives two months of training to the employees and there is only one month of work which puts the company at the loss. The hiring process of the company should not be based on two months of training.

I suggest that there should be some changes in the hiring process of the company. The employees should be bound to work with the company for at least one year. Hiring new employees frequently affects the performance of the company. I hope that you will take my suggestions into consideration and will provide the opportunity to solve the problem.

Letter to Request for Permanent Position

In order to get a job in a permanent position, you have to write a letter to the head of the company requesting the transfer of a temporary job position to a permanent position. You have to prove in the letter that you deserve a permanent position in the company on the basis of your qualification or experience.

You can prove it by writing all your achievements during your job when you were in the temporary position. Give your personal details such as your qualification, past experience, and skills level.

Also, tell your position in which you have been working in the company. Write what you have learned throughout your career. Since the letter is the requesting letter, the tone of the letter should be positive and gracious. Also, state that you are thankful for being given the job in the temporary position in the company and will be more thankful for the permanent position.


I was hired as a sales manager in the company for a temporary job in November 2035. I had a great experience working in your company. There was a huge impact on the sales of the company when I joined it. I worked hard day and night for boosting the sales of the company.

Therefore, I believe that I should be given an opportunity to serve the company permanently. I assure you that I will never disappoint the company management with respect to my responsibilities.

I am now interested in working for the same job position on a permanent basis. I want you to have a look at my resume and consideration.


As you know I have been working as a contract employee in your company for the last two years. I have been given a great opportunity to work with your company and now I am looking forward to continuing it for a longer period. I am writing you today because I am interested in the full-time position of marketing research officer which has recently been advertised on the company’s website.

I personally request you to have a look over my performance during the contract period and promote me to a permanent position. I believe this is the right time because the position you advertised purely fits my qualification. You know very well that my marketing strategies helped the company to increase its revenue by 70 percent. Finally, we have been able to see our listing as the number one construction company.  

Since the first day of my appointment, I have performed to my full potential and made the best use of my abilities. I know that I will have to undergo some standard procedures to secure a permanent position.

I express my willingness to go through that screening process either in the form of an interview or a screening test. I have learned a lot while staying here as a contract employee. I believe that the commitment I showed to achieving the company’s goals would make me a suitable candidate.  

I would appreciate it if you spared some time out of your busy schedule to consider my application. I am looking forward to getting a positive and timely response from you.

Thanking you in anticipation.



You know I have been a part of this company for more than five years. The time I spent here was full of new experiences and great learning opportunities. I was given opportunities to polish the skills that I needed to become an efficient worker. This is the right time when I am feeling that I need to become a permanent part of your company.

I believe that my performance was consistent throughout my job period and I performed at my best in the sales department where I was assigned a target to increase sales by fifty percent. I designed various unique campaigns that proved beneficial for the company.

Consequently, these strategies led to the highest ever increase in sales. The best campaign which I spearheaded was that of new-year sales last year. It acted as a primary catalyst towards achieving the highest ever sales target. Apart from my performance in the field, I have a spotless office record to my credit which will act as a testimony of my loyalty to this company.

Due to the above-mentioned facts, I hereby forward my request to offer me a permanent position in the marketing department. I would like to get all those benefits which the company offers to its permanent employees. I believe my performance has not been less than theirs.

I am comfortable that my tenure has given me a lot more opportunities to acquire knowledge about how a company works. In addition, I have polished my skills to become an effective leader. If you regularize my services, I have many ideas to share with you regarding the expansion of the company’s sales.

I hope you will spare some time to review my humble request. I would appreciate the opportunity to sit and discuss with you this matter further. I am waiting for your positive response in this regard.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Letter of Apology for Stealing

The main objective of writing the apology letter is to ask for forgiveness. Apology letters are not common these days and they are not considered to be the mode of communication anymore. But still, most people prefer writing a letter for apologizing.

Writing a letter to apologize for stealing is a unique thing. If you have committed the mistake of stealing, then you can write a letter without any hesitation and ask for forgiveness by expressing that you are feeling sorry for it.

The language that you use in the letter should be polite since you are asking for forgiveness and it should be formal as well. Include the statements in the letter that can justify the reasons for stealing. At the end of the letter, apologize and also promise that you will not do it again.

Sample -1: Letter of Apology for Stealing

Stealing is a shameful act and I am very much ashamed of my action because of which I am writing this letter to you. I know this is the worst experience of my life but I have learned from it a lot.

I have understood that stealing is not a moral act and it never ends up in anything useful. Now I have realized that it was my biggest mistake of mine and I will never try to go through the same act again.

I want to apologize for stealing the [market stock] from [your shop]. I would like to say thanks to you for not getting me arrested by the police or taking any other legal action. I promise that I will not repeat any such shameful act ever again.


I want you to know that I am sorry for my shameful and heinous act of stealing your cell phone. I can only imagine your feelings after this incident. I know that any explanation cannot defend my immoral behavior. I am feeling extremely sorry while writing you this letter. Please accept my heartiest apology for the inconvenience you faced. I also value your patience with my act. You could have taken legal action against me but you didn’t.

Since that day, I am under a lot of stress and hesitating to meet you face to face. If I had thought about the consequences even for a single moment I would never have done such an act. I know I have made my head down in front of my colleague and management.

I have not even a single word to say in my defense. I know how bad it feels when you come to know that your best friend has stolen from you and that too when he has been the most trusted one. I truly regret my action which has caused me to steal from your drawer.

I cannot forget the support and care you provided me when I was new to this office. But, despite your support and true friendship, I went astray and performed this unlawful act. I regret my action and would like to say sorry. Please forgive me for considering it the first and last mistake of my life. I assure you this would never happen again and I shall be loyal to you throughout my life.

I hope you still have some space in your heart to forgive me.



With the deepest regret, I am writing you this letter and would like to say you sorry for the unlawful act of stealing from your office. I can only have an idea of how uncomfortable you must have been feeling at that time. I know that I have made myself liable for legal action after my unlawful act.

After listening to my colleagues, I came to know that you were upset because one of your most important documents was stolen by me. I remember you have been considering me as one of your trusted employees and helped me through thick and thin. On many occasions, you quoted my name as an example of an honest employee in front of the whole team. Now, it gives me a lot of trouble that I have caused your trust to break.  

I forgot while stealing that you were the person who guided me in the right direction. You have been among those persons who influenced my life in a positive way and I want to win your trust once again. I am taking full responsibility for my act without saying any word in my defense.

I understand that you take your importance seriously and was surprised when it was revealed through CCTV footage that it was I who stole your documents. I am enclosing your documents with this letter.

Please receive the deepest apology from my side. Please let me know anything else I can do to regain your trust. I assure you this will never happen again.

Thank you in anticipation for accepting my apology.


Letter of Congratulations on Restaurant’s Anniversary

A congratulations letter is written with a positive tone. The letter should include some details about the restaurant and it should also reflect how frequently you were in interaction with the restaurant. Explain in the letter that you had a good relationship with the restaurant. The tone of the letter should be personal and informal. Try not to focus on the working or the business of the restaurant.

In the end, add the best wishes for the good progress of the restaurant. You can write the statements in the letter congratulating the owner of the restaurant on the anniversary. If you have found anything unique and different in the restaurant, then compliment it.

Highlight all the achievements of the restaurant. The letter should have a good and positive complimentary closing. You can also give your introduction in the letter but It should be brief. Remember that the main purpose of writing the letter is to congratulate and the letter should be stayed focused on it.

Letter -1

We are glad to read in the local newspaper that you are going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of your restaurant. I would like to congratulate you have made big progress. You have contributed a lot by providing quality services to your customers. Your restaurant is more than a super dining foundation.

The overall look of the restaurant shows that it is a perfect place for gathering. We are very pleased after every interaction with you and we want to give you our warmest wishes on this very important occasion.


I was just informed that you are going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of your restaurant on the 1st of September. Accept my sincere congratulations on this happy occasion. You can definitely feel proud of the growth you have achieved throughout these years. I have been dining at your restaurant with my family regularly. You have been providing your customers with the best food and restaurant services.

That’s why you have made your good reputation in the community and your restaurant is the best in the market. This is a great milestone you have achieved through your consistency and hard-working attitude.

Apart from food services, your restaurant is regarded as the best place by the business community. I still remember how you started as a small setup and now it’s flourished. When you started your restaurant there were many in the town.

But you earned your name by virtue of your unique and best services and quality food items. You invested your energies in the newborn business and since the day you started your business, you kept backing your laborers and employees up through thick and thin.

My dear, this is not a child’s play to run a food business successfully while hanging among other restaurants. It needs proper attention. Being your friend, I have witnessed ups and downs with your business. Those days were hectic and it was hard to survive in those circumstances. You took every challenge and did not take into consideration any hurdle in the way of your success.

All credit goes to your tireless efforts and inputs into your business. In recognition of your success, I have arranged a tea party for you. I hope you will come with your staff on 5th September at 5.00 P.M. to celebrate this tremendous achievement.

Once again accept the best wishes and prayers from the core of my heart.

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I was pleased to read an announcement of your business anniversary on social media. I want to extend my sincere congratulations on the twentieth anniversary of your restaurant. I have dined many times with my family at your restaurant. It can be said with confidence that you have earned your name in society by means of high-quality food and excellent restaurant services.

Your success story is a source of motivation for all those who are reluctant to start a business on a small scale. I still remember the day when you started your restaurant in presence of big competitors in the market. Now comes the day when you have opened more than 20 branches throughout the country. Your hardworking attitude has brought you such great success and you are able to achieve this milestone.

All of your staff members serve the customers efficiently. My dear, it’s a proven fact that no business can flourish without proper attention. Undoubtedly, your success is a result of the combined efforts of you and your staff. Your appearance in the town was no less than a blessing for the community. Restaurants were there but their owners were busy with the filthy practices of using rotten food items in dishes.

Customers were being dealt with poor services. You just became a trend-setter in the market by means of top-class services and quality food items.

Without any exaggeration, you will see continued growth and success during the next decade. Best wishes for you during the forthcoming years.

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