Complaint Letter for Hostile Work Environment

Peace of mind is very important for every walk of life. The tired and exhaust mind cannot perform its job, unlike fresh mind. This is the responsibility of managerial staff also to keep calm the men under them and should not put an extra burden on them. Because work pressures itself is enough for a person to bear it. In this way, they can increase the output of person which eventually enhances the production rate of the company while keeping good office environment. A hostile environment is not recommended in any department because it ruins the mental health of the person. Sometimes, higher authority of the company is unaware of the fact about office routine and office environment. Therefore, instead of bearing the hostile environment and suffering from intense mental tension, it is always a wise decision to inform the higher authority about the office environment and complaint about it.

Complaint Letter for Hostile Work Environment


Micro Macro Company.
Austin Thomas.
25 St. Diamond Avenue, California.

June 28th, 2017

Mr. Kevin Conner
Head of Department Productions
Micro Macro Company
23 St. Hill Avenue, Las Vegas.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are fine and enjoying your health. It is submitted that production enhancement procedures and high self-esteem were discussed in the last open forum but only a few comments were passed in this regard. However, I feel necessary to highlight the issue of hostile office environment now a day. In my opinion, this is the major reason for downstream of the production. As people in the office are mentally disturbed and are unable to focus on work because of the bad office environment. Mentally retarded management is constantly involving the office colleagues in their personal work and in the case of a decline in obeying the order, severe harassment is the resultant. The office workers are busy in fulfilling the wish list of their superior which has no concern with the production rate of the company. This is not only damaging the structure of the company but also pushing the workers to search for the other job. If the situation prevails the same, then I am afraid that not even a single worker will stay in this company.


Austin Thomas.

Productions Manager, Micro Macro Company.


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Complaint Letter for Hostile Work EnvironmentComplaint Letter for Hostile Work Environment

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