Letter to Respond to a Complaint about a Colleague’s Behavior

Employees of different mindsets and natures work under one room in the business environment. It is then natural for conflicts and issues to arise. Also, the attitudes of certain employee/employees can affect others. In such a case, there is no better choice but to reach the employer in private to report about the issue one is facing.

Usually, junior employees do not dare to complain about their colleagues especially if they are seniors since there are possibilities that their experience in using clever tactics will win them the suit, and the complainer will be left in disgust. Also, because employers do not entertain complaints from junior members with much attention and interest, they tend to remain quiet.

Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that all the employees are working with satisfaction and enjoying full rights. For this, it is necessary that the complaints of employees are responded to in time and properly no matter they are juniors or seniors. This sample letter can be used to respond to an employee’s complaint about a colleague’s behavior.

Letter -1

Dear Mr./Ms. [name],

I [title] [name] from [department name] department am writing to you in response to your complaint regarding the incident that took place on [date] at [time]. The working atmosphere at our esteemed company is very important to us. The company policy is very clear in this regard. There is to be zero tolerance for harassment, foul language, and misbehavior of any sort. Thank you for stepping forward and bringing the [HR department/ your supervising officer] in the loop.

We have made a disciplinary committee which will thoroughly investigate your complaint. After interviewing all the relevant people and the other party, the committee will decide what action needs to be taken. Rest assured that we are investigating the issue thoroughly and from all angles and would get back to you very soon. No one can get away with this sort of thing in our company.

Yours sincerely,


Letter -2

Dear [recipient’s name],

First of all, I would like to appreciate your courage in reaching me directly to resolve your problem. I always suggest employees bring their issues now to my office instead of stirring the hodgepodge of rumors and misunderstandings at the workplace. You have made a good choice by doing so.

Dear [enter employee name], I have read your complaint twice. I believe you are right in your say. Mr. [enter employee name] should not insult you for the mistakes you make since you are a new employee and because he has no right to do so. Even the company suggests that employees be informed of their mistakes privately and properly.

I received the same complaint from some other employees earlier this year, therefore, I now feel this is the time to take action. I will indeed talk to Mr. [enter colleague name] about this and I hope that you will not be treated this way in the future. Thank you for bringing the matter to my knowledge.

Letter to Respond to Complaint on Manager’s Attitude

Employees do not usually reach employers with their complaints. However, when they do, it is the employer who is responsible for responding to the complaints. When a response to a complaint is written that has been made by an employee it should be made sure that;

  • The employee is not criticized for taking his complaint to the employer.
  • He responded with a tone of appreciation and a clear impression that his complaint is valued.
  • Ensure the employee that his name will not be disclosed especially if the complaint is about senior members.
  • Ensure the employee that his complaint is read, and appreciated and prompt action will follow this appreciation as well.

This letter can be written in order to respond to an employee’s complaint about the manager’s attitude.


I am [title] [name] from the [department name] from [company name]. We received a complaint from you on [date] regarding the incident that took place in our [name] store on [date] at [time]. We have looked into the issue and after investigating the issue in full, we have come to the conclusion that Mr [name], the manager on duty was rude to you and he didn’t handle his professional responsibilities properly.

We apologize to you on behalf of the [company]. We have a very clear policy regarding customer service. Our customers always come first and their queries regarding any product are to be entertained politely, in detail, and till the customer is satisfied. The attitude of Mr. [name] is not acceptable and he has been severely reprimanded.

As a token of our regret and to recompense you somewhat for the inconvenience you faced, we are sending you a gift card worth [number]. You can claim it at any of our branches and purchase anything you fancy. We apologize to you once again and look forward to your kind patronage in the future too.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr. [name]

I [title] [name] from [company name] am writing to you in response to your complaint regarding Mr. [name], our [name of store] manager. We have looked into the issue. We understand that you had made a payment for [product name] in [month’s name] and were promised that it would be available by [date] but when you came to collect it, it had still not arrived. This led to an argument with the manager on duty.

We would like to clarify that the [product] delivery was late due to reasons beyond the control of either the manager or the [company name]. In this pandemic, things are a lot more unpredictable and shipping and delivery is one area that has been affected a lot. Having said that, the way the manager behaved is not allowed or tolerated in our [company].

It was his duty to explain the situation properly to you and address all your concerns very politely and professionally. We would like to apologize to you on his behalf and assure you that he has been reprimanded and you would never face this kind of attitude again at any of our outlets.

To show our remorse for this incident and appreciation for your patronage, we are sending you a complimentary [gifted accessory name] worth [number] which will greatly enhance your experience when you use your [ordered product].

In the end, we would once again apologize to you for this unpleasant incident and the delay you had to face. Also, we would like to thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this issue to our knowledge, this helps us improve the customer service experience you get when you visit our outlets. We look forward to your kind benefaction in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Letter -3

Dear [recipient’s name],

I am writing this letter to you to inform you that I have received your complaint letter and I have read it carefully, twice. Mr. [enter name], I am sorry that you had to face such kind of attitude from our manager Mr. [enter manager’s name]. He is a good man and I am disappointed to hear such a complaint about him. You mentioned that he [enter complaint].

I would like to ensure you that your complaint is valued and I will discuss this matter with him. I also want to ensure you that your name will not be used anywhere in the discussion. Your concern for resolving the issues of workplace matters very much and I encourage your decision of taking your complaint directly to my office. I will try not to disappoint you. Thank you!

Lost Luggage Complaint Letter to Airline

Nowadays, the fastest transport is an airplane. It is giving benefit to trillion of people living in far off places from their families. In the case of any emergency, they can reach their beloved ones as soon as possible. All countries have now provided this facility to their nation. People along with things can benefit from this means of transport. The facility of the airplane is availed through the airline service.

An airline is an organization that provides air transportation for passengers and freight. The luggage is a matter of concern for the passengers. When buying a ticket the amount of luggage that can be carried is mentioned. For extra luggage, the additional charges are paid. Sometimes, people face the issue of lost luggage. In such cases, they need to put up a complaint to the airline office to find out their lost luggage.


I am writing to you in a lot of stress, as my entire luggage was lost by your airline on [date] as I traveled to UAE from Pakistan on flight number [number] which left from [name of city] airport at [time]. Before the flight, the entire luggage was checked in at [time] and I was given the receipt for receiving it on landing.

When we went to the luggage collection point at [airport name], we waited for three hours but our luggage didn’t arrive. I went to the checkout desk agent but he said that the issue must have been at the airport where the luggage was loaded onto the plane and if the luggage had been on the plane, it would have come out on the conveyer belt. He advised me to talk to the airline representative. He tried for half an hour then guided me to write to you so that you can look into the matter.

It is very upsetting as I am traveling with young kids and they need their warm clothes and stuff. Please resolve this issue swiftly as our trip has been spoiled and we are really worried about our luggage. Also, we have to leave UAE for Turkey in a few days but if we do not find our luggage, we would not be able to proceed with our travel plans.

Looking forward to swift action from your side.


I [name] am writing to register my complaint regarding my lost luggage. I took flight number [number] from [city] to [city] on [date] on your airlines. On arrival, however, I had to go through the agony of waiting for a considerable time at the luggage conveyor belt but could not find my luggage.

I immediately approached the concerned official Mr. [name] who after some inquiries informed me that my luggage had been erroneously forwarded to the next destination [name of city] as this was a connecting flight. He assured us that someone will be in touch with me shortly and give an exact time/date of retrieval of my luggage.

After having waited for 12 hours, I have not been contacted by anybody. I have made several calls to the airline’s helpline, each time re-directing me to the concerned department. However, I am yet to receive a definite answer as to when I can have my luggage back.

Not only is the lack of clarity reflective of an unprofessional treatment of passengers, but it is also a matter of extreme discomfort for a passenger without his personal belongings in an alien city. I request you to personally look into the matter and expedite the recovery of my luggage at the earliest.

Looking forward to a professional and expeditious response.


Donald Marvin
Block 45C, Sun Set Avenue, California.


Mr. James Cameron
Complaint Officer
Sky Top Airways.
12 St, Tenth Port Avenue, California.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I have freshly returned to California from Canada via Washington on flights AR 203 and AR 209. I had reached California on 13th July 20XX. My journey was safe and sound from Canada to Washington. My luggage was also all cleared at Washington airport. But, at the Washington Airport, the flight was delayed due to some technical issue.

After I reached my destination, I found out that one of my bags with tag number XX-00223 is missing. I went to the lost luggage counter immediately and gave them the details. The Person Mr. Rex told that they will contact me within 24 hours after tracing and resolving my issue. It is the 5th day I have had no response. It sounds much unprofessional.

I am much disappointed that a well-known airline in the state cannot resolve this little issue within the premises. Nowadays, technology has brought a lot of advancement that everything can be traced in a pie of a second. My baggage had valuable assets inside, I cannot afford to lose it. My number is (310)-467-8923. I hope that my bag will be located soon and returned.

I look forward to updates and compensation as well.


Donald Marvin

Illegal Construction Complaint Letter

Construction of buildings, roads, schools, restaurants, hotels, bridges, shopping malls, etc takes place everywhere every time. The key to successful construction is their management. Management is always good with experience. And education is also an important factor.

The construction manager has many responsibilities. He has to look over the workers each and every time. His job is much stressful and hectic. He serves as a mediator between the owner and his workers. In addition, he has to manage the cost and budget allocation effectively. The construction site matters a lot on being legal or not. When the construction of some site has to start the construction manager should check the legality from the owner.

In the case of being illegal, the construction manager is also considered guilty along with the owner. Rules and laws are strict in this regard. And illegal construction results in demolishing of the building etc. In the case of any building or road etc constructed illegal, a complaint is sent to the mayor of the area to take necessary actions.


I am writing on behalf of all the residents of the apartments located on [address]. This is already a very crowded area as it is surrounded by a commercial zone. Especially in the daytime, it is very difficult to find parking or even cross the street. In addition, there is a school at the end of the street. The resulting traffic is outrageous. The noise and pollution are hurting the mental and physical health of the residents and we have been protesting the authorities for allowing the construction of schools in such a crowded neighborhood.

For the last two weeks, we have noticed that digging has started in the small parking area next to the apartments. Now we have come to know that a plaza is being constructed in this space. This is intolerable and not acceptable at all, as constructing a commercial building in this small area would aggravate the issues already being faced by the residents.

Since your organization deals with building plan approval, we want to register our complaint with you. Please look into this matter as it is causing a lot of stress in our community and is not acceptable to us at all. We intend to fight for this matter and take it as far as possible but we would not let some profiteers benefit at the cost of all the residents of this area.

Looking forward to your swift and positive response.


I am writing to you to register a complaint regarding an illegal construction activity in our housing society. The [name of the park] park is situated in the middle of our society, being part of the original development plan and the reason for almost all of the society members opting to live here. Being a recreational center of the community, the park is an essential and permanent feature of community life in this housing society for all and sundry.

However recently, construction activity has been observed in a portion of the park. On inquiry, the workers have revealed that a commercial plaza has been planned for construction inside the park. Infact, that particular portion of the park has reportedly been re-designated as a commercial area.

The development has been received with considerable concern by residents of the community. It is equally surprising that the administration is unaware of the ongoing illegal construction, as the person behind the official contact number of your head office expressed complete ignorance of the fact. You are requested to immediately intervene and cease the illegal construction and also inquire into the reasons behind this development.

We the residents of [name of society] housing society express serious concern and expect swift and decisive action against this illegal construction that has turned the only attraction in our society into an eyesore.

Looking forward to urgent action.


Millcreek Mall
Richard H. Thompson
13 St. Park View Avenue, Oklahoma.


Mr. Warren Foster
Police Commissioner
EVT Central Office
10 Grand Street, Diamond Avenue, Oklahoma.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am Richard H. Thompson. I wanted to inform you that I have just noticed illegal construction in the parking area of my shopping mall. The parking area for my shopping mall is under my custody. I have all the legal documents with me.

The parking area of my shopping mall is a big plot adjacent to the shopping mall. As my shopping mall also has a supermarket within, so I recently bought this plot 3 months ago to facilitate the people visiting both the mall and supermarket. I have tried a lot to contact the group that is doing the illegal construction but I am unable to trace and contact them. Please consider my case and take the necessary actions. I am much worried about the situation. My contact number is [#]. Please feel free to contact and inquire about any details of my property.

I keenly look forward to resolving my issue.


Richard H.Thompson.

The Owner, Millcreek Mall.

Illegal Parking Complaint Letter

Illegal activities are always highlighted everywhere. The people in all concerns try to avoid illegal actions. Illegal activities are strongly condemned by the general public. There are various activities that are considered illegal like smuggling, corruption, software piracy, narcotics and illegal parking, etc.

The government of all countries has strong rules and policies against all kinds of illegal activities. People who never follow the proper rules and laws are always punished. Strict and strong action on illegal issues results in the reduction of crimes. In the issue of parking, it is a general courtesy to park properly in the right area. One should not park the car in those areas where no parking board is available.

People should also not park in reserved areas. When illegal parking is done, a complaint is sent to the traffic police or owner of the locality to resolve the issue. The complaint letter must specify the details related to illegal parking to analyze and resolve the issue for prompt responses.


I am a resident of [address] and your marquee is located right next to our housing society. Every other day people attending the events in your marquee park their cars in front of our houses and the main road especially rendering it difficult to access the main entrance. This illegal parking is a nuisance, as in case of any emergency, it becomes a hurdle for the ambulance, police, or the fire department to reach the affected area.

It is very inconvenient and the problem is increasing day by day due to the wedding season starting. We are registering our complaint with you but in case of in-action, we intend to take this issue to the authorities as this is very troublesome for all the residents and not tolerable at all.  Please arrange appropriate parking for your marquee and stop letting it out until the arrangements have been made for an alternate more suitable parking.

Looking forward to a swift and positive response from your side.


I am registering my complaint against the illegal parking due to the new plaza built in our housing society. It is built in the middle of the residential area and all the visitors leave their cars on the road in front of our houses blocking our entrances and making it very difficult for us to enter or leave our homes. These visitors also litter the space outside our homes.

The situation is really getting out of hand and we find it intolerable as our everyday routines are affected and this invasion of our privacy is disturbing us.

This is leading to arguments between the residents and the visitors and might turn into a bigger issue if not handled satisfactorily. Please look into this issue and stop this illegal parking as it is against our rights. We have a right to our privacy and a right to the space in front of our houses.

This is one of the most exclusive housing societies of the city and we have paid highly for the comfort and privacy it offers but after the construction of this plaza, we have lost our peace of mind. It is impossible to go out for a walk due to the rowdy crowds gathered outside and our guests constantly complain about the congested streets making it impossible to park their cars within a reasonable distance. I am attaching pictures of the area on a typical weekday.

I hope you understand the gravity of the situation and address this problem. We would really appreciate if you closed the plaza until appropriate parking arrangements have been made.

Looking forward to swift action from your side.


Bolete Restaurant
David Wheelock
45 St. square Bridge Avenue, Los Angeles.


Mr. Nicholas Butler
Mayor Office South.
10 South St, Round Bridge Avenue, Los Angeles.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am David Wheelock owner of Bolete Restaurant. I have a complaint about illegal parking at Ocean View Apartments. The building is adjacent to my restaurant. The residents of the building have started parking their cars in front of my restaurant. It has been more than a month; I am having this issue. I have reserved parking for my restaurant.

My customers are having much difficulty in parking. I am receiving a lot of complaints on daily basis. This issue is deeply affecting the popularity of my restaurant. I had sent the complaint letter to the owner of Ocean View Apartments twice, but nil response. Today I am writing to you to resolve my issue. As you are the Mayor of Cape Town, I hope you will resolve my issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your kind cooperation.


David Wheelock.

The Owner, Bolete Restaurant

Complaint Letter for Spoiled Food

The most important factor that contributes to happiness is health. When we have good health, we can enjoy life to the fullest. Good health is attributed mainly to our diet. And our diet is associated with the quality and type of food we eat. The good quality of food keeps us away from major illnesses and diseases.

Nowadays, various grocers are deceiving the customers on the quality of food. They are selling rotten food by using various chemicals. One should check the expiry date before buying. And one should also check the quality before buying.

Many times, expired, rotten, or spoiled food is found after being opened. It results in dissatisfaction of the customer and then they opt for other ones. Overall, it is the basic responsibility of the groceries store to keep proper checks and balances on the quality of food they are selling. When a customer finds rotten or spoiled food, he must write a complaint letter to the store owner.


I want to register my complaint regarding the food I bought from your bakery on [date]. we were going on a picnic, so we ordered some burgers and a pizza from you. When we reached the picnic spot we opened the food and we were very disappointed to find it spoiled. We had reached that spot after hiking for two hours and there was no other food available apart from the fruit we were carrying.

Since these are winters we cannot blame the weather for spoiled food. The only explanation for the food being spoilt is that it was rotten when we bought it. We are very upset as we did not expect a reputable bakery like yours to sell food past its expiry. We are very old customers and we always shop for any bakery items we need, from you. You have let us down in front of our friends who were accompanying us and we had praised you a lot in front of them.

Please look into this issue and look for the reasons behind it so that this issue does not come up again.

Looking forward to your positive response.


We always get our vegetables and meat from your store as your rates and the quality of your wares is always up to the mark. We usually order our weekly groceries online. However, we had a very bad experience this weekend when we ordered our vegetables and meat from you online. When our order was delivered, we were shocked to see that the meat had gone bad and most of the vegetables were rotten.

This is the first time that this has happened. We called customer service immediately and they told us to send in a written complaint to get a refund. I am attaching the pictures of the receipt and the order we received. Please look into this matter as such incidents cause one to lose trust.

Looking forward to swift and firm action from your side.


Charcoal Restaurant
Eric Landon
43 St. Red Pearl Avenue, Florida.


Mr. Lucas Jayden
Crystal Star Supermarket
23 St. Diamond Avenue, Florida.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am Eric Landon, owner of Charcoal Restaurant. I am writing to make a complaint about the quality of food at your supermarket. Yesterday; I purchased fruits, vegetables, and all dry items for my restaurant. The iceberg was full of insects. And same was with the raspberries and blueberries; they were fully covered with insect layers. In addition, the cream cheese and cheddar cheese were expired. I am very much dissatisfied.

My breakfast restaurant is much popular in the town. I have strong customer satisfaction in the town regarding the quality of the menu. It was my first experience at your supermarket. I found it much near to my restaurant and was deciding to become a regular customer of it. But this dissatisfaction is changing my mind. I request you to keep a superior check on your food quality. I would appreciate a refund for all these items. These all items were worth $450. And it is simply a loss if not refunded.

I thank you for your consideration.


Eric Landon

The Owner, Charcoal Restaurant

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Complaint Letter for not Getting Promotion

It is a general responsibility of the CEO of the company to keep motivated the men under him. In this way, he can retain experienced people and lead a successful life keeping the company name higher. Keeping the motivation level high is a challenging task but two basic needs are required to be updated all the time. One is annual salary increments and the second is the promotion. These two are the main remedial actions to keep the people devoted to their company. Otherwise, as soon as people will get experience, they will opt for better designation and better salary in any other company.

So the best idea is to keep hold of your men through better salary and timely promotions. On the other hand, an employee can also follow the procedure to approach his boss for his timely promotion in the company. Therefore, a letter with supporting documents may be written to the CEO to highlight the promotion-related issue.


I want to register my complaint against the unfair treatment I have received. My junior who joined on [date], two years later than me has been promoted. Apart from my seniority, I also have the honor of having three major projects to my credit. All this was ignored and I was denied promotion which is extremely unfair and demoralizing.

I have been burning the midnight oil and putting all my efforts into upgrading the database of the company which is the latest project assigned to me but now I feel extremely dispirited as all my efforts seem to be in vain. I feel that my hard work is not seen or recognized and I am wasting my talent by working in an organization that does not recognize or reward diligence.

I am attaching the excellence certificates I have received over the years and the feedback on my submitted projects. Please look into this matter as only by treating all employees equally and giving promotions on merit can an organization promote a culture of loyalty resulting in increased productivity.

Looking forward to your kind consideration.


I joined this school back in [date] as a junior teacher. I have worked very hard and have been improving my skills by attending the in-house teacher training workshops and courses as well as using the resources available on the internet. I have been teaching mathematics to the outgoing batch of O-level students for the past five years and their outstanding result is proof of my hard work and diligence.

Despite all this, I was very disappointed when I was not selected as a coordinator for the senior branch, and a junior who has much less experience in teaching and handling students was promoted instead. Madam promotion on merit ensures that the employees work hard and give their best to the job assigned. When an employee feels appreciated they work more diligently. Also, the security that one would be compensated fairly for the time and effort they are putting in, is a great motivator.

Please look into this matter and resolve this issue as it is causing unrest and dissatisfaction in the faculty.

Looking forward to your kind consideration and swift action.


Smith Wordsworth
12 St Hill Top Avenue, Chicago


Mr. Peter Chuckles
Abrocome Corporation
Block 32D, Race Course Avenue, California.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well. I have been working in your company for last eight years and I had been last promoted to the designation of chargeman four years ago. As per the terms and conditions signed by the employee he will get a promotion after every three years subject to disciplinary action during this time.

It is prudent to highlight that I have got a good annual report during my tenure and won the best worker award last year. There is no disciplinary action against me and I had qualified for the board exams for the next designation. But it has been more than one year that my promotion is still not confirmed. I have discussed with the deputy manager several times to raise my case for promotion but every time I am being dictated a new story regarding terms and conditions. Therefore, it is my humble request to take my case and I should be promoted on an urgent basis.

Looking forward to your kind concerns.


Chargehand, Abrocome Corporation.

Complaint Letter for Smoking

Smoking is becoming very common. Especially, young boys are adopting it as a fashion. They start the experiment from their school time and then they become addicted gradually. The youngster’s company also matters a lot. This habit develops much faster when one is having the company of addicted smokers. Smoking is dangerous for health. It simply damages the health and, addiction leads to mental illness also. The people in the surrounding chain smokers become passive smokers. They also get the dangerous effects of smoking even though they are not smoking.

In schools, colleges, universities, offices it is strictly prohibited. As well as in big malls, kids’ playland, and cinemas it is prohibited. The media also plays a good role in telling the negative effects of smoking. When someone tries to break the rule of prohibition in specific places, a complaint should be done against them. And, strict actions should be taken against them.


I want to register my complaint against what I experienced on [date] when I visited your laboratory to get some tests done. I had to travel abroad and the airline in accordance with the government policies required a Covid test done twenty-four hours before the flight. When I reached the laboratory it was pretty crowded. There were people of all ages from the elderly to young kids. I was shocked to see the security guard and some of the visitors smoking openly.

This is highly condemnable as being a health care facility your staff should be aware of the disadvantages of passive smoking better than anyone. There were pregnant ladies present there as well and as you know that if the mother is exposed to secondhand smoke, the unborn baby also gets affected. In children, passive smoking increases the risk of respiratory illnesses, including asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

While I do not expect the security guard and all visitors to understand the aforementioned aspects of public smoking, the fact that a reputable health service provider fails to supervise and check such irresponsible behavior is even more shocking. Accordingly, I have also forwarded the same complaint along with pictures of the security guard smoking in your health lab to the district public health office. I am sure you will investigate the matter at the earliest and check such irresponsible behavior at your outlets.


I visited your restaurant with my friends on [date]. We were there for your Hi-tea buffet and were looking for a calm and relaxing evening to catch up but what greeted us was disgusting cigarette smoke by some visitors. It spoiled the mood and we requested the manager on duty to stop these men which he blatantly refused to do. His reasoning was that they were customers and he could not offend them. We were left with no choice but to leave with a bad taste.

This is a very important issue and it requires your immediate action. The dangers of passive smoking are known to all and in a public space like a restaurant where the visitors include pregnant ladies, children, and elderly people, it is very important that such activities must be banned as they put everyone’s health at risk. Also, it destroys the ambiance of the place as everyone apart from the smokers gets irritated and disgusted by the cigarette smoke.

Please direct your staff to stop anyone smoking in the main hall if necessary, separate seating area for smokers can be provided but to put everyone’s health at risk just to please a few customers is not a wise move.

Looking forward to positive action from your side.


Robert Jackson
Block 37C, Crown Avenue, Los Angeles.


Mr. Evan Brandon
General Secretary
Creek Club
36 St. Fifth Sun Rise Avenue, Los Angeles.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well. I am a member of your club for five years. I come along with my family every fifth day. We are greatly satisfied with the kid’s swimming suite, gymnasium and tennis court. In addition, we take dinner here on weekly basis. Two days ago, I found a serious problem. I found two persons smoking in the kid’s swimming suit.

I was amazed when I saw it for the first time. I tried to talk to them and inform them that it is strictly prohibited. But, they replied much arrogantly and rudely. I need you to take strict action against them. Smoking is just a disaster to the person as well as to the passive smokers.

It looks so inappropriate and awkward to do such things in the areas specified for kids. It is not only an issue for my kids solely, dozens of kids are suffering. As a member, it is my responsibility to inform you timely. Please take quick and strict action against them.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Robert Jackson

Complaint Letter to an Airline

In the modern era, the development of technology has improved the lifestyle. The world has become a global village where everything is in access. Traveling has been improved and time has been reduced to travel all over the world.

The ticketing mechanism is very easy and tickets of any airline can be booked online while paying the money with a credit card. Online status can be confirmed an even number of empty seats can be viewed through this facility. If any airline is delayed or postponed that is informed through a short message or call on a cell phone.

Similarly, a complaint box is available on the website of the particular airline where you can launch your complaint about the airline or its facility.

Moreover, if you write them separately, their email id is given to send any suggestions. You are issued with the complaint number of your complaint so that you can track it. Therefore, it is always recommended to launch a complaint and record its number to track it to avoid any inconvenience.


I am writing to register my complaint about the horrible experience I had flying in [X] airline. I had booked a flight from [city] to [city] on [date]. When I reached the airport, I discovered that the flight was an hour late. After an hour check-in started, which was very chaotic and mishandled by your airport staff. Again at the time of boarding, there was glaring mismanagement by your staff which caused a lot of inconvenience to everyone.

Finally, after boarding, we were made to wait for half an hour due to some internal issue about which the passengers were not given much information. This is highly unprofessional as any internal issues should have been solved in advance.

The departure time was delayed by almost two hours in the end. The negligence of your staff continued even after the flight had taken off. There was no turbulence warning issued, resulting in an elderly man and a lady falling down in the aisle due to sudden movement. When asked for water, the air hostess was very rude and came back after half an hour and after multiple reminders.

Overall my experience with your airline has not been ideal and I would like to suggest the following improvements. Punctuality is very important and any delays in the departure time should be communicated well in advance so that passengers do not have to wait unnecessarily at the airport.

Train your airport staff to be more courteous and helpful to the passengers. By training the airport staff and in-flight crew, small inconveniences which make traveling tiresome can be avoided, and the overall experience can be improved.

Looking forward to your positive response.


I regret to inform you that although I had heard very good reviews about your airline, my experience has been very bad. I travelled from [city] to [city] on [date] on flight number [number]. The problem started as soon as boarding started.

I had especially requested and paid for a window seat but when I reached my seat, someone else was sitting there. When I explained that it was my seat, they started arguing and being rude.

When I called the air hostess and explained the situation she was no help and after requesting the other person once, started advising me to take the other seat and not create a scene.

After much hue and cry, I finally got my seat but I was surprised to see the litter spread underneath. When I complained to the steward he said that this was a connecting flight and it was coming from [city] hence the plane was not clean. This is highly unprofessional and totally against regulations as all flights are supposed to maintain a minimum standard of cleanliness.

Another sore point is the food served, I was charged extra for a hot meal but the food served was not just cold and stale. When the steward was informed, they merely informed me that there was nothing else but they could reheat the same stale food.

My advice to you would be to train your staff in public dealing as their unprofessional and negligent attitude would cause you embarrassment and loss in business.

Secondly, ensure that even during connecting flights at least the litter gets picked. And thirdly deliver what you promise. If hot meals are not available, say so and always ensure that the food being served is fresh.

Looking forward to your positive response.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I am sad to inform you that the services of your airline are getting worse day by day. I am a regular traveler of your airline and travel most of the time through [ABC airways]. But I am feeling great distress to book a ticket on this airline.

This is the second time in a week; the flight is canceled without any prior information or an alternate schedule. I was given no information about canceling of flight in due course of time and came to know when I reached the airport.

I tried to reschedule my booking but it was also not entertained free of cost rather I had to pay extra charges for reservation on next day flight. If the situation prevails like the same then you would lose a lot of your valuable customers. I hope you would resolve the problem of customer’s services.

Best regards,

Kimberly Lee Parker

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