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Letter to Respond to Complaint on Manager's Attitude 0

Letter to Respond to Complaint on Manager’s Attitude

Employees do not usually reach employers with their complaints. However, when they do, it is the employer who is responsible for responding to the complaints. When a response to a complaint is written that has been made by an employee it should be made sure that; The employee is not criticized for taking his complaint to the employer. He is responded with a tone of appreciation and a clear impression...

Letter to Respond to a Complaint about a Colleague's Behavior 0

Letter to Respond to a Complaint about a Colleague’s Behavior

Employees of different mindsets and natures work under one room in the business environment. It is then natural for conflicts and issues to arise. Also, the attitudes of certain employee/employees can affect others. In such a case, there is no better choice but to reach the employer in private to report about the issue one is facing. Usually, junior employees do not dare to complain about their colleagues especially if...