Overdue Payment Collection Reminder Letter

A recovery letter is a formal reminder to the client for the recovery of payment. This letter should contain all the details including the outstanding amount and any interest charged on the outstanding balance. Further actions to be in event of not paying the outstanding amount should also be included in the letter.

  • The overdue payment collection reminder letter should include the date on which the amount is overdue and should have been paid.
  • Whether interest is payable or not on the overdue amount.
  • What is the amount of interest payable?
  • What will further actions be taken if the amount remains overdue even after the overdue reminder letter has been sent?


I am writing about the payment for the home renovation project our firm (name) did for you on (dates) which is still pending. You have an outstanding payment of (amount) and the last date for depositing it was (date). It is overdue by (number) months.

This is highly unethical and very unprofessional. The contract signed at the time of assigning this task clearly mentioned that late or overdue payments would be fined at the rate of (number %) per day after the due date. By this rule, your payment has already increased by (amount) and every day that you delay the payment, you are adding an amount of (number) to your bill. We have the right to take you to the court in case of prolonged non-payment.

Please clear your dues by (date) or we would be forced to consider legal action. In case of any queries please get in touch with Mr {name} at {phone number} or {email address}.

Looking forward to a swift and positive response from your side.


We are writing to remind you that your payment is overdue by (number) months. You bought a consignment of our imported fabric on [date] and paid {amount} as a down payment and the remaining amount was to be paid in installments of [amount] over a period of [number of months]. Now this time has passed and we still have not received any installment.

According to the contract you signed with us, in case of delayed payment you would have to pay us a fine of [number] per month. So your outstanding payment till the time of writing this letter on [date], stands at [amount].

Please transfer the remaining amount before {date}, as after that we would be forced to take legal action. For clarity and confirmation of any of the aforementioned points, you can contact Mr. [name] on {phone number} or {email address}. We are also attaching all the receipts of payment received so far.

We would also like to inform you that the company has a policy of blacklisting the buyers who do not pay their dues on time and all our sister firms share these blacklists with each other to protect our businesses from loss. So you might find yourself with no suppliers if you continue this unethical and unprofessional approach.

Looking forward to an immediate and encouraging response from your side.


Dear Sir,

We are writing to inform you that you placed an order with us for [products/services]. The invoice for this order was sent to you who had to be paid on [date]. Unfortunately, we did not receive the payment yet. We just thought to give you a polite reminder in case you forgot to make the payment.

Your outstanding balance is [amount] against the invoice [number]. We are looking forward to receiving the payment in the next 10 days. You can contact us on [number] and advise us as to when should we expect to receive your payment. You also discuss with us, if you wish to make other financial arrangements.

We are accepting payments from debit as well as credit cards also.

If you have already sent your payment and we have not received it yet, we would like to thank you and accept our apologies for any inconvenience this letter may have caused.


[Manager Name]

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Annual Benefits Reminder Letter Templates


Re. Reminding a Promised Annual Reminder w.r.t. Lesley DenJey Project

Dear sir, I am Matilda Forks, the Assistant Research Associate in the Department of Research and Development. I have been working in this organization since 20XX and almost seven years have been elapsed. I have given all my dedication and honesty to this organization. I have worked from dawn to dusk for several projects, as when I had joined the company, it was on the venture of beginning projects and developing the research team for association with other companies and respective contracts.

Benefits and proposed bonuses are some of the tokens of motivation and liveliness for an employee. We are benefitted from the company in every aspect i.e., from health insurance to legal protection. Contextualizing with all this and writing on behalf of the team of Research and Development, I remind you of the promised annual benefit that was approved in May 20XX to be given to the Department of Research and Development on getting the Lesley DenJey project for technological additions and research assistance. Lesley DenJey has approved the project and taken up a ten-years contract based on the Legal Extensive Tenureship Policy of NVH.

The employees from the department of Research and Development were promised to be granted annual benefit on the approval of Lesley DenJey’s project till the contract expires. I believe, it is high time to grant the annual benefit as the company has its new session starting from September. I request you to advise the department of Accounting and Auditing to release our annual benefits along with our salary for the month of August. We shall be highly grateful for your kind fulfillment of promised annual benefit.

If there is any reconsideration or change in the plan, please inform me at [email] or call me at [call]. Thank you.


Assistant Research Associate
Department of Research and Development
Tesla Group of Manufacturers and Equipment
B-126, Denver Heights, JK Avenue San Diego

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Re. Annual Benefit Reminder for Tech Services Contract w.r.t. Contract #3409

Dear Noah,

I am Silvera Stone from Michael Dew Services. I am writing with the hope that everything shall be great at your end. I want to remind you of the annual benefit that Michael Dew Services are liable to get from you at the end of each session. With reference to contract # 3409 and IGH # C-949084A9, it is stated that we owe an amount of $80,000 as an annual benefit from your company for the tech services provided through the contract.

On 23-09-20, an agreement was signed between the two companies, according to which, Michael Dew Services would provide the IT and other services related to technology round the year and shall get the benefit from it annually. It was promised that our first-year benefits will be $80,000 whereas from next sessions, the benefit will be dependent on the corporation and potential profit of the company.

With reference to Financial Report of 20XX-XX, compiled by the research team of your company, it has been revealed that the tech services provided by the Michael Dew Services have proved themselves to be very reliable and it has incremented the potential of the company in its wing of information technology. Advanced technology has optimized the potentials of research in the company accrediting Michael Dew Services.

We are glad to know the incorporation of Michael Dew Services in your annual profile along with remarkably positive feedback. We appreciate the recognition and acknowledgment. We foresee a bright cooperative and amicable relationship between the two companies. We also assure you of providing the same quality in future.


Michael Dew Services
(IT Professionals and Service Providers)
Y-11 Street 23, Sector Silver-7, Nelson Ave

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