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Letter responding positively to a suggestion follow up 0

Letter Responding Positively to a Suggestion Follows Up

This letter is written when you have accepted someone’s suggestion and now you want to inform them about it. It is the right of the reader to know whether the suggestion proposed by him has been accepted or rejected. The most important aspect of the letter is to communicate with the reader in such a way that he can understand what you try to express through the letter. One of...

letter responding negatively to a suggestion 0

Letter Responding Negatively to a Suggestion

The letter is written when someone receives suggestion about anything and wants the sender to know that his/her suggestion is not acceptable. It is the right of the reader to get informed about the status of suggestion and he should also be told that why his suggestion in being rejected. The letter should include the polite and soft subject in it. This type of letter should not be too long....

Letter to Suggest a Payment Scheme to a Supplier 0

Letter to Suggest a Payment Scheme to a Supplier

No buying and selling take place without the mutual consensus of the seller and the buyer. The seller sells and the buyer buys it because he agrees to pay the demanded price. Since the prices or the buying and selling rules are not fixed always, some concessions and alterations can be made depending on the circumstances especially in the case of large contracts. It can be difficult for the supplier...