Letter Accepting an Invitation to Business Meeting

There is some etiquette to telling someone that you have accepted his/her invitation. The best way to let them know is by writing the acceptance letter. The letter should be sent as soon as possible after receiving the invitation so that the person who has invited you gets it before the actual day of the business meeting.

The letter should be written in a very gracious tone and you should reflect that you are very thankful for being invited to the meeting. Try to keep it brief. You can repeat the important details related to the meeting such as time, date, place, etc. Make the reader know in clear words that you have accepted the invitation and will be available for the meeting. Also, write the date when you received the invitation from the sender of invitation am really eager to know whether you have received the invitation or not or when will you receive it.


Attending the meeting and speaking with you and other attendees of the meeting is the biggest opportunity for me to promote my product and my abilities. I appreciate that you took the time and sent me an invitation to the meeting. I expect to meet you on the day as requested in the meeting.

I hope that with this meeting, I will be able to make you review the products of my company and the bond between my company and you will also be strengthened. I am eagerly looking ahead to the meeting. Many thanks.


I am pleased to inform you about the acceptance of your business meeting invitation. It will be a great honor for me to meet with you and your marketing team. By virtue of this meeting, we shall not only discuss our business management plans but also introduce our product lines. I believe that the ideas we share during our meeting will help us increase our clientele in the market.

You have suggested an ideal meeting date and I shall surely show my presence at your site on said date. I would like to appreciate your business ethics as well. You sent me an invitation two weeks prior to the meeting so that I could check my schedule. Fortunately, I do not have any meetings scheduled on that date. So, we will have much time to discuss our business ideas and recent developments we made in our respective areas.

We have gradually developed our company and I have a lot of exciting things to tell you about our advancement. At the same time, I would like to learn new marketing techniques from you. For the above reasons, I am anxiously waiting for this exciting opportunity to meet you and your knowledgeable staff. It will be an honor for me to talk face to face with you people.

Recently, we made some advancements to develop a new product line. I want to show and demonstrate to you how our new products can help you meet your business demands. I believe we are going to speed up our projects by means of this coalition as we have much more to discuss. If feasible, please send me a brief agenda of this meeting for sake of convenience.

I am looking forward to a long-term association with your company.



Thank you for your interest in our company. Before I wrote you this letter, I reviewed a couple of things regarding your invitation. Now, I am pleased to accept your invitation to a business meeting which has been scheduled for [date]. Fortunately, I have no other meetings on that particular day and it will be easy for me to come to your place. I am interested to meet you and discuss various strategies to make the business successful. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to working with you as a combined entity, if possible.

In my last meeting, I discussed with you my business problems and asked you for a possible solution. I want to say thank you for taking my problem seriously and giving me a chance to discuss it with you.

To me, this meeting is a perfect fit, and I am making it a point to attend. It is also in my professional realm. While I will be catching up with you on [date], I am hopeful that we can put together a program that will suit our respective companies’ needs. In our meeting, we can proceed together to discuss factors about program development, it’s scheduling, implementation, and cost. By that time, I am hopeful to devise some workable strategies and programs that will provide us with the ground for discussion.  

I am looking forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with you.



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