Complaint Letter for Apartment Maintenance

Different situations arise when there is no maintenance in an apartment. The apartment must be well maintained because people come to live and stay there. The salinity fitting must be managed properly because it has a chance to be corroded. The water supply must be on time because it is a basic need of every person and every home.

Electricity is a basic problem which is used for office works, and other online surfing so there must be no electrical problem in a maintained apartment. Garbage collection is another serious issue and it must be done regularly because it harms people with its worst effects.

So, a well-maintained apartment should have these facilities, and if it doesn’t people write a complaint letter against apartment maintenance.


I [name] rented your apartment [address] on [date]. At that time you had promised to resolve all the maintenance issues in the property but it has been seven months since we moved in and you still have not done anything.

The kitchen sink has leaky plumbing which is very inconvenient and messy. The cupboards under the sink are totally unusable due to this issue. The living area has a seepage issue which is very unsightly and every guest is bound to remark on it. No matter how much we decorate our living space, the walls are an eyesore due to the seepage. The door handles of the bedrooms are shaky and locks are broken in two of the bedrooms.

All these issues were communicated to you repeatedly but you have taken no action. Please resolve these issues within this month or else we would get all the repairs done from the rent and pay you the balance (if any).

We regret any unpleasantness this might cause but living with these issues is very inconvenient for us and we have been patient for all these months. We hope that you would understand our situation and look into this matter at your earliest or else allow us to get the repairs done from the next month’s rent.

Looking forward to a positive response.


I [name] am your tenet and am currently residing in your apartment in [address]. When we rented this apartment we were charged a higher rate than the surrounding apartments because you promised to get all the flooring redone and kitchen remodeled within two months. It has been six months since we shifted into this place and we have been paying the higher rent but you still have not started any of the promised maintenance.

We understand that there can be delays and that this is not a small task but now it has been long enough. Please get the maintenance work started at your earliest. Another reason for our insistence is that we intend to wed our daughter off after three months and we want the apartment to get a makeover before that. It is very inconvenient for us to invite our guests over when the house is in this state.

Please fulfill your promise and do the needful. Looking forward to your positive response.


The Kings Apartments
Brent Charles
Block 13A, Dolphin Avenue, New York.

September 4th, 20XX

Mr. Mark Bruno
The Kings Apartments
Block 4A, Dolphin Avenue, New York.

Dear Mr. Mark Bruno,

I hope you are doing great. I am here to inform you about your apartment maintenance situation. Your apartment manager is not doing his work at all. The apartment has become worse because of dirt and no cleanliness at all. The salinity fittings of the apartment are corroded and it leaks in the houses.

People have written many complaint letters to the apartment manager, but he does not show his responsibility and ignores all the complaints. The water supply is not on time and people must wait for water for many hours because it is the basic need of every person’s life.

The gas pressure is always low and people face many problems because the stove does not work properly and cooking takes a lot of time. You have neglected to replace the broken showerhead, fix the leaking ceiling, or repair the large cracks in the wall. If you cannot resolve these issues in the next month, I would like to end the residential contract before time so I can seek out a better living situation.

I am waiting for a prompt resolution of the problems.


Brent Charles.


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