Complaint Letter to Principal

Complaint Letter to Principal about Student Behavior

I hope you are doing well. XYZ School is known for its excellent academic performance and well-groomed students but, some of the students are not following the moral and ethical code of our school.

I am writing this letter to inform you about an unfortunate incident that happened in my class yesterday. XYZ is the student of A grade who created fuss in my class. He bullies other students, and often beats them. He is also habitual of snatching the lunch from his classmates.

Yesterday, when I tried to advise him on this matter, in return, he used derogatory remarks against me, and when I warned him, he threatened me with the name of his MPA father.

I request you to please investigate this matter immediately and take an action so that no one may do such a thing again. Looking for your quick response.


Complaint Letter to Principal about Library

Respectfully, I am studying in class XYZ under roll no. [X]. I am writing this letter to inform you about the condition of our library. I am a student of science subjects. Yesterday, I went to the library to get some books, but I did not find anything according to my syllabus.

However, the books that are available there, were also of the old edition. Therefore, there is not even a single book about science in the library. My exams are near, and I have to cover my syllabus for which I need a few books.

I have told the librarian about my requirements for the course books, but no action can be taken without your approval. Kindly, resolve all the hurdles and difficulties as soon as possible so that I can prepare for my exams well. Thank you.


Complaint Letter to Principal about Teacher Behavior

Respectfully, XYZ School is known for its excellent academic performance and well-mannered faculty. Before I begin to share my issue, I would like to say that I respect all my teachers and I really appreciate their efforts for us. However, there is a teacher who is trying to devalue this honorable profession.

On behalf of my class, it is to inform you that Mr. XYZ, the teacher of grade [X] is misbehaving with his students. The way he teaches is great, but because of his unethical behavior students are afraid of him.

Kindly, take some action against him so that you may set an example for others. Looking for your positive and quick response. Thank you.


Complaint Letter to Principal about School Canteen

With due respect, XYZ School is considered as best in terms of healthy and hygienic food. Unfortunately, the food becomes unhealthy due to the usage of rotten and expired items.

I am writing this letter to bring your attention to the condition of our school canteen. The food that is being prepared in the canteen is unhygienic, which is seriously affecting the health of students.

Yesterday, I ordered a burger from the canteen but, it tasted so bad, and the smell was pungent too. Basically, it was made from low-quality ingredients. Like me, many other students experienced food poisoning after eating food from the cafeteria.

I request you to investigate this matter on urgent basis because health matters a lot. Thank you.


Complaint Letter to Principal about Teacher

I am writing this letter to inform you about the irregularity of Mr. XYZ who is the teacher of grade [X]. He teaches us science subjects. He did not attend the class on time. Also, he always takes two classes instead of five in a whole week. Our exams are near, but the syllabus has not been covered yet.

If he ever goes to a class, he is always busy with his phone. He spends all the time in class talking nonsense and lame jokes. We learn nothing productive in his class despite the subject being practical. He does not teach us anything but takes constant tests. He punishes us if we refuse to take the test.

Kindly take serious action against him because our future is at stake. Waiting for your positive response. Thank you!


Complaint Letter to Principal about School Bus Driver

With due respect, I am a student of class XYZ in your school. I am writing this letter to inform the serious issues that we are facing for the last two months. This issue is about our school bus driver. His name is Mr. XYZ, driver of bus number 2 with [X] route number. His behavior is very bad with students as well as with the parents.

Driving the bus at high speed has become his daily routine. Due to his high speed and rash driving, all the teachers and students are afraid to get on the bus. Other than students of our class, I am highly concerned about the students of Montessori. He always takes us to school before school hours. We took many steps against him but, I am so sorry to tell you that all was in vain.

I request you to look into this matter and resolve this issue quickly. I am waiting for quick response. Thank you.


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