Email to Employees to Come Office on Time


I hope everybody will be fine and enjoying the best of health. This email is being sent to you in response to your manager’s complaint in which he reported that most of you are in a bad habit of coming late to the office. Also, none of you is taking notice of those warnings which are being issued in response to your lateness.

Being the CEO of this company, I reserve full rights to ask you to come to the office on time. You must remember that in a professional and worthy organization like ours, there is no space for habitual latecomers. Management has taken serious notice of your continued lateness. It has also been declared as an unacceptable habit as per the rules and regulations of the company.

We strive hard to provide a healthy and fair work environment for our employees. If you do not follow timings, it means that you are not only breaching the performance standards we have set for our employees but also disturbing your colleagues because they have to manage your work in case you get late.

Office timing has been set so as to meet our business goals in an efficient way and to provide our customers with the best of our services. You are a team working in collaboration with each other. Every one of you must try hard to play an effective role in organizational success. If even a single person gets late, it does mean that he is trying to disturb the office decorum and it is also unfair for those employees who remain punctual.

All the employees must take this email seriously and they are advised to come to the office on time. Any further breach will lead to disciplinary action. I hope this email will be acknowledged by all of you and you all comply with the directions given in it.

Yours sincerely,

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Subject: Office time punctuality

Dear all,

This email is being sent to all employees working in this office. On [date], during my surprise visit to this office, almost 90 percent of you were found coming late to the office by 15 to 20 minutes. This email aims to inform all of you that such kind of malpractice of coming late to the office is not acceptable at all and that all of you must adhere to the office timings.

Good habits of an employee play a key role in the creation of a healthy workplace environment. One such good habit is termed as punctuality. Employees who are punctual, follow office timings firmly, and abide by all the rules, they will prove themselves as beneficial assets of the company because they have been bestowed with a remarkable habit. On the other hand, those who do not follow the office timings in a true sense, are involved in wastage of precious time, and consequently, they prove themselves harmful for the company.

Management, therefore, directs all the employees to come to the office on time. If an employee is found violating the time policy, severe disciplinary action would be taken against him. However, if an employee gets late from the office due to urgent work, he must inform his H.O.D. before time.

I hope you all have understood what you are being required. I am waiting for a positive response from all of you.

Yours sincerely,

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