Holiday Bonus Letter to Employees


Re. Announcement of Holiday Bonus in Recognition of the Services Rendered by Our Dedicated Team

Dear employees, the subject of the letter manifests and expresses the intention of writing this letter. This letter has been drafted to announce a bonus with the holidays on Christmas in the recognition of the tireless services rendered by our dedicated and hardworking team. We understand the value of recognition and appreciation to the praiseworthy characteristics and attributes demonstrated by the strong teamwork and competent agencies of our employees’ tireless efforts.

Thus, the board of governors with the recommendation of the S&GA Committee has announced to give a bonus with the news of ten holidays to commemorate the feastings and celebrations of the day.

The company produced a 12% more margin in the financial obtainments than the previous year of 20XX-20XX. It is delightful to state that the company’s profit was volumed by an amount of 12% despite business shutdown and lockdown implications in the area.

Most of the employees worked from home for several days and everything was disturbed due to afflicted maladjustment effectuated by the abrupt changes in the working policies at several layers.

Therefore, it has been decided to give the employees bonus to recognize their efforts and galvanize the motivation for work even harder and better.

Thus, the employees and all the workforces are thereby benefitted from the bonus along with their salaries. Strong teamwork is one of the most important building blocks for the construction of staunch pillars of integration and professionalism. Commitment is another tool to complement the already ongoing hard work and teamwork. We are proud to say that our employees possess all the essential qualities to take a business sky-high. Please expect your bonuses into your salary accounts till 15th December 20XX. For any queries, please contact Human Resources. Thank you.


Cornel West
General Manager
SIGMA Strait of USA, Orlando
Florida USA

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Re. Clearing the Bonus/Incentive with Holidays for the Remarkable Performance in International Conference on Marketing Influence and social media Strategic Promotion held in California

Dear all,

With reference to the above-cited subject, this letter means to substantiate and affirm the provision of the bonus to all the employees of the company on the account of excellent performance at the International Conference on Marketing Influence and social media Strategic Promotion which was held in the city of Boston in California on 25th July 20XX.

I, on behalf of Mr. David Marker, the Director-General of the company, announce a considerable grant of amount (bonuses) to be distributed to of the employees on the account of achieving the excellent project of DERMA and OPUS through single proposal presentation. It was one of the most awaited moments in the career of this company to market and business with the Hi-Tech Groups.

Hi-Tech Groups are one of the most eminent and recognized groups of stakeholders and quality manufacturing. They run hundreds of their projects worldwide and the shareholders not only get international recognition, but it allures a lot of mindful projects and business coordination.

Hence, it is never a single person behind such a big achievement, therefore, the authorities of the company confess the accomplishment and credit this achievement to the whole team of the company.

The announcement rejoices all of you two-fold by notifying a two-day off from work i.e., from [DATE] to [DATE] as a solid token of gratitude for serving in the company in such a professional, dedicated, and tireless way. We expect that these endeavors of all of us will take the business to the limits of the sky. We thank you again for your cooperation and constant hard work to get this assignment done.

Thank You.


Jennifer Mat
Assistant Director
Tex and Texture,
P-90, Columbus Circle 3, 99009
State of Florida, USA

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