Job Refusal Letter to Company

When you are not accepting a job offered by a company for any reason, writing a rejection letter is the right thing to do. Declining the job offer verbally is not a practical act and it is good to write a letter.

The purpose of writing the letter is to let the reader know that you are turning down the job offered by them. The letter should be short and no important information should be missing from it. The conciseness and the briefness of the letter should be maintained.

A job refusal letter should be written immediately after you have made the decision of rejecting the job so that the employee can hire someone else. There is no specific format to be followed in the letter, however; the letter should be written in such a way that professional touch can be seen in it. The tone of the letter should be positive and it should reflect that you are not being rude or arrogant.

The letter should be polite so that the doors for future opportunities remain open for you even after rejection.

Job Refusal Letter to a Company

Thank you so much for offering me the job for the post of assistant manager in your company. I regret that I am declining your offer. Although there are many opportunities for me in your company to grow and prosper, I have chosen another company to work in because they offer me a better job related to my skills and a better salary package.

I really enjoyed meeting you and your team. You had been very kind to me in the interview and I wish that I could work with you.

Best wishes for your company’s success.

Declining an offer

Thank you for your offer of employment as a senior financial analyst in the Accounting Department of [Company Name].

I am honored to have received the offer; I was very impressed with the company and everyone I dealt with during the interview process. However, I regret to inform you that I have decided not to accept the job offer.

[I have instead decided to return to school to seek a graduate degree in business administration; I believe this will qualify me for a management position, which is my goal.] -optional detail

I wish you the best of luck in filling the position. Please pass along my thanks to the search committee.

[I hope (Company Name) will once again consider me a top candidate for employment after I receive an M.B.A two years from now] -optional detail


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