Letter Announcing Action(s) Against a Client Due to Non-Payment

Payments are to be made in time. In businesses, where everything is properly planned and documented, payment of dues should especially be made in time. But sometimes, businesses have to deal with the clients who are least responsible with regard to their payments. If a company serves a client for a project and provides other kinds of services or good but the client does not come up with due payment in due time, a letter announcing an action against him can be written. Though according to business norms, a letter of warning should be written prior to sending the letter for the announcement of an action.

Letter Announcing Action(s) Against a Client Due to Non-Payment

[Company name]

[Letter Date]

[Recipients Name]

[Subject: Subject of Letter] -Optional-

[Client’s Name],

We are very sorry and disappointed to write this letter to you. Since we were having good business terms with you, we did not expect that we’ll have to write to you for nonpayment. [Enter amount] is due on you for [enter project/goods/services]. You have already been sent many letters informing you to pay the pending dues by the given deadlines but no response was made from your side neither was you available on phone calls. After trying every solution, we are now informing you that we have decided to not have business relations of any type with you in future and regarding the payments that you still have to make, we are left with no choice now but to knock the court’s door so that the legal action could be taken. Our team will now meet you there.

[Company Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter Announcing Action against a client due to non paymentLetter Announcing Action(s) Against a Client Due to Non-Payment

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