Appreciation Letter for Project Completion

Sample -1

I am writing this letter to appreciate your sincere efforts which you have put in the completion of the project “emerald”. On behalf of the whole management, I would like to recognize that apart from set working hours, you people worked extra hours to complete this project within the specified time frame. By means of your professional attitude, this project has been completed one month before the deadline and management really appreciates your efforts.

By virtue of the creativity of your team members, emerald products are expected to be recognized as one of the best products of their own kind in the market.

While this project was in the formative phase, management was keeping an eye on every step because it had its own prestige and the company had put a lot at stake with this project. Since you all have been seen working beyond your capacity, it can be said that your dedication, professionalism, focused attitude, and way of dealing with different hurdles made the successful completion of this project possible.

Moreover, you were committed and zealous towards the completion of your task and this can be considered as the reason behind your incredible performance.

Impressed by your tremendous performance, management has been pleased to announce for all the project team, one-month of basic pay in lieu of a bonus. This is in recognition of your hardworking attitude which led to the successful completion of this project. It is also expected that all other employees of the company will also follow you and try to give their maximum for the company.

Since the company has been impressed by your performance, its management has decided to allow you more projects in near future and it is expected from you that you will show the best results again and set the benchmark for yourself and all others in the company. Thank you once again for your brilliant performance.



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Sample -2

Subject: Appreciation for project completion

Dear Manager,

I am feeling extreme pleasure and happiness while writing you on the successful completion of our assigned project and therefore, I want to say some words of thanks and appreciation through this letter.

This project was about the bulk production of PPEs for the staff of various companies and owing to its importance, we had to seek help from your experienced staff to complete this project on time. I would like to appreciate the sincere efforts of all your team members for their assistance in completing this project on time.

Without their dedication and professional attitude, this project could never be completed on time due to an outbreak of the pandemic. They all showed professionalism coupled with perfection to deal with all those challenges which arose during various phases of the project.

Our team members were amazed at working with your assistance team. They all showed a high level of innovation, dedication, and professionalism. It was all due to their sincere efforts which made us able to search for our potential clients throughout the country.

Your assistance has incorporated an excellent level of finishing in our product and now we are expecting good sales of it. Also, our potential customer number is also expected to be increased up to manifolds.  

Our company’s management has also been impressed by your high level of professionalism and hence it has decided to hire your team for future projects as well.

You will be invited through a separate formal letter in this regard. Moreover, in recognition of your efforts, you are being requested to celebrate this success on [date], at [venue]. Please bring with you all the project team members as well. Thank you.



Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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