Announcement Letter of Return of Former Employee


Re. Return of Mr. Noah Back to the Office as Assistant Finance Manager

Dear Employees, this letter has been written to inform the return of Mr. Noah back to the office. According to the recent announcement by the Human Resource Management, it has been told that Mr. Noah shall get back to the company as an Assistant Finance Manager from [DATE].

Noah was laid off from the office on a temporary basis due to a wreck created in the business due to coronavirus. His layoff period expires on 25th August 20XX and thus we are taking him back but as an Assistant Finance Manager.

Mr. Noah is one of the most competent and responsible workers we have found. He is dedicated and honest. His work is his foremost priority while leaving all others as secondary. Mr. Noah was working as General Auditor in the company but as the designation has been dissolved, we are taking him as an Assistant Finance Manager.

To make the layoffs became one of the most saddening implications for the company on the account of unavoidable circumstances. The circumstances created by a coronavirus and other imperatives halted the company’s work in its most grievous forms and thus it became almost impossible for us to accommodate all the employees. Therefore, the board of governors decided to make the layoff, and unfortunately, Mr. Noah was included in the list as auditing was one of the least workable sectors at that time.

Aspiring to the industriousness and professionalism of Mr. Noah, we made his layoff temporary as we were confirmed to call him back after a certain time.

We expect you to welcome Mr. Noah back in the best of your spirits while signifying his employment in the office. He will be joining back on [DATE]. Moreover, it is requested to the Department of Finance Management take appropriate measures and reset the office of Assistant Finance Manager customizing its titles accordingly. Thank you.


General Manager
GHK Group of Companies
Vale Road, Graham Square, Boston

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Re. announcing the return of Ms. Emily to the Office after Completion of her One-year Study Leave

Dear Employees and Clients,

I am penning this draft on behalf of the General Administration. With reference to the above-cited subject, this letter is intended to indicate the return of Ms. Emily back to the office on [DATE].

Ms. Emily was on study leave for one year as she had to pursue her higher education in France. To get to France and complete her studies, she got the leave approved from the board of governors and the team of general administration. This leave was granted to her on account of her extraordinary services to this company and seniority.

Her study leave expires on [DATE] and she has already completed her degree in General Accounting and Business Trade from one of the prestigious universities of France. She has confirmed her back-to-office schedule, hence, we request you to make important measures for her return to the office. Planning and Development are required to make sure the availability of office documents and files under her consideration in the office so that she can resume her work without any halt or resistance.

Moreover, members of the research team and Planning and Development are required to meet the HR Manager in person tomorrow at 3:30 PM in the meeting hall no. 03 so that further discussion on the postponed work can be made. Thank you.


David Greene
Assistant HR Manager
Urban Planning Community Office (UPCO)
T-120 floor 13th, Halley Tower, Orlando

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